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Andrea Elizabeth, RMT

Spiritual Medium and Spiritual Alchemist


The Ascended Masters are all energetic masters who have at one time lived on our planet. There are many masters and the list goes on as to their incarnations of whom, what and when, etc. I did not know about the Ascended Masters until I had my awakening. During that time, I began to get names of various Ascended Masters who would begin to assist me in my daily channeling and automatic writing. I would get a name or ask who is present and write their name and their message. I became so enamored with this and loved what their messages were and how much they assisted me in my daily life, that I began to do some research.

In my research I began to see that most of the Ascended Masters, were reincarnates of themselves at specific times on this planet. Primarily here to do work in assisting others to ascend and align with God. I began writing names of Masters who I have never heard of but received great assistance. Finally, I just gave in and began to use them in my daily channelings and writings and they soon became my teachers.

​These Masters were bringing to me various ways in which I could ascend and I could clear mind body and soul. How I could clear my soul space and live from deep within my caol space. A place deep within my creation. They allowed me the dignity of going at my own pace, trusting in what I was hearing and allowing me to take that scary step and begin to teach this work to others. And guess what? it worked.

I held my first workshop based on only what I have channeled and it was a success. I had 8 people which to me is success. I got the courage, put the word out there, and went for it. I have to tell you they help me when no one else really can.

​This is why I felt I needed to share with you. There is higher assistance for each and every one of us. ​The following is a list of who assists me on any given day. Not by my choice, but it is whatever I could be struggling with or denying my truth about, then one of these Ascended Masters will always step in as say, hey, try this, or that and when I practice with they suggest, low and behold it works.​ Enjoy!


The Acturians

Adversaries of the Great White Brotherhood

Alpha Centurians

Angelic Realm


The Annuanki




The Atlanteans


Master Buddah






The Elohim

Our Founding U.S Fathers

Master Jesus

Muhammad the Prophet

King David

King Solomon


Kwan yin


Sir Lanto

King Arthur

Knights of the Round Table

Knights Templar

The Martians

Martin Luther King

The Moon Man

Mother Mary







Seth from Egypt

Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Thomas Bacon

The Sirians

St. Germaine

St. Peter

St. Paul

The Sun Goddess


Sylvia brown

Toth from Eqypt

The Whales



What I love the most about working with the Masters is that, I never know what is going to come up in our conversations. I mostly type out what is said so that I can use it a later time.

​Together we have created:

​Beautiful Healings


​Soul Cleansings

Heart Space Healings

PTSD Healings

Past Life Healings

​Future Life Healings

Childhood Healings

​Pre-Creation Healings

Time Line healings

​Co-creation or Cohesiveness Healing

​DNA Healings

Body Equation Healings

This list could go on and on.


I must mention the Master Mathematicians that come to assist. I am doing my best to understand what they bring because some of it is so far over my head and I have to research more each time.

Einstein brought in and explaining to the that when the atom splits, there is another existing substance, and this substance is called the God Plasma. It has its own consciousness and works with us as well.

​Pythagoras kept showing me musical notes dropping into a bowl on top of my head and then they turned to colors. He then did his best to explain his Pythagorean Theorem and it's uses. I knew that colors also corresponded to musical notes and he then did his best to explain how when one string of a guitar is plucked and a second string is plucked, there is another sound formed. A third entity if you will. He said that when the body is ill it vibrates at slow rate, and using vibration and colors and healing sounds, one can heal from their illness.

Sir Isaac Newton pops in once in awhile and gives me healings of the Christ nature. He always knows when I have stepped off the path of Christ and he comes in to remind me.

He is a great philosopher and has great antics for those days when I seem to be at my lowest. He also gave me the secret to healing one's body space using equations.

​As everyone has their own numerical equation. He explained to me that when I look at someone and see their inequivalences, move it off their space and see it equal again. The body will almost reprogram itself automatically, once the inequivalence is gone. I have to tell you, I tried it, and yes it worked.