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Andrea Elizabeth, RMT

Spiritual Medium and Spiritual Alchemist

Student and Client Testimonials

Thank you Andrea! - Alexandria B.

"Andrea is an amazing healer. She is very open and easy to talk to. I feel comfortable telling her pretty much anything which I think is important to the healing process. Andrea is very gentle but gets to the root of whatever issue you are dealing with. My sessions with her have made me feel relaxed, clear and ready to take on things that before seemed scary or impossible. She really teaches you to tap into your own inner guidance and healer to empower you to be who you were truly meant to be".  


Thank you so much Andrea". - Cathryn Perry

"Andrea is truly gifted. Her impact on my life was not only transformative during my sessions and my class but has continued to positivley affect my life everyday, even months after. The messages she recieved for me and her insight and intuition has given me much to strive for, reflect upon, and still helps me as I walk my path to my highest self. Her sessions have helped me physically, emotionally and spiritually and I am so grateful the universe lead me to meeting her. I intend to keep in contact with her and return to her for more sessions as long as I am in the area, she has been an invaluable tool in my personal growth. 


Jena W.-

"From Reiki sessions/meetups to the healing workshops she offers, I am so grateful to have found Andrea! She is no doubt the best Reiki Teacher I have come across. Her healing powers are tremendous and every time I walk out of a session I feel like a breath of fresh air, as if a huge weight has been lifted. Her intuitive insights and reiki healing have no doubt helped me in dealing with my anxiety and gaining greater clarity on my past, present and future. It is obvious she has the best interest of her clients and their greatest good. She is kind, caring, and extremely trustworthy. I highly recommend her to anyone who could use some healing and guidance in their lives"


Brenda S. -

After the loss of my dad to a horrible sickness, I suffered tremendous grief for several months. I came to Andrea for help.

She channeled messages from my dad to me. The messages she relayed were accurate to things I was experiencing in my life and true to things my dad would actually say. These messages were reassuring and helped me accept his death and be at peace.


Mimi A.-

This is a long one*

Before I met Andrea, I was constantly having SEVERE anxiety attacks and depression. I felt hopeless and had no idea what was going on with me. This all started in May of 2013 when I lived in Hawaii. My attacks were so bad, I was admitted into the hospital 3 times in ONE week and doctors could not figure out what was wrong with me; they did blood work, a cat scan, ecg, spinal tap (horrible) and kept monitoring me.

Nothing was ever figured out and this only made my anxiety worse. I figured I needed to be with my family and moved back to California August of 2013. The move helped a little, but I was struggling with anxiety and depression every day. I was always exhausted, even without exerting much energy; trying to keep my anxiety and depression in check was draining all my energy. Personal relationships were being affected, everyday life felt too hard. I felt like this could not be the life I was meant to live and there had to be a way to be able to enjoy life again.

I met Andrea in July of 2014 and since then, my life has changed. My brother told me about reiki healing and chakras (which I knewnothing about) and suggest maybe I should see a reiki healer. I did a bunch of research online and read the bios of a bunch of reiki healers and Andrea's resonated with me the most. It just felt right to contact her. I left a voicemail and she called me back later that night. She was very kind and understanding, just talking to her put me at ease. We scheduled an appointment and I met with her.

Andrea was able to sense/feel/see things I would have never expected her to know. I won't go into too much detail about the experience bc I don't want to influence anyone else's experience or give people expectations. Everyone's experiences are different and special in their own way.

After the healing, I felt rejuvenated, happy, calm, energized....just AMAZING. Like everything, all my worries, fears, weight that I was carrying, etc was just cleansed from my being and I felt very light, no longer weighed down by the negativity. It was much more clear to me why I had gone through all the pain, anxiety, depression, etc. Things in my life began to fall into place and my anxiety became less and less each day. I began to really live again...without fear and anxiety dictating my every move.

Since meeting Andrea, my brother and I became one of her first many students and are now certified reiki practitioners. Whenever my chakras or energy centers feel off or blocked, I go to see Andrea or contact her for guidance. I also always recommend her to everyone I know. She is always so willing to help and send love, light, guidance and healing energy. I know I was meant to meet Andrea. I cannot thank her enough for what she hasdone and continues to do for me, my family and my friends.


Christine .V.-

"I am pretty convinced that Andrea is a guardian angel. I first me her when a close friend invited me to one of her workshops. Andrea always sends follow-up emails with her insights and prayers for each of us, and it was in reading that follow-up email that I had a very strong sense of 'I really need to study Reiki with this woman, and now.' The energy felt so right. I could even feel it through emails. Since then, Andrea has helped me in ways that words do not do justice. She has definitely earned my trust. I have significantly less physical and emotional pain since starting healing sessions with her, and even more than that, she has empowered me to pay attention to the ways that I can tap into my own ability to heal myself and contribute to the healing of my friends and Earth in its magnificence.

‚ÄčI have a much more stable and prevalent sense of awe about my place in the universe and all that is in store for us. There is a lot of grace in this work. Andrea has such a genuine and kind soul. I'm truly grateful for her compassion."