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Reiki Master Teacher Training

9 Month Reiki Teacher Training

This is an advanced study class consisting of Reiki Master Teacher Class Training and Reiki Attunement Processes. Reiki Master Teacher is undertaken by those students who are called to the path of working with the Highest levels of Reiki and who are willing to undertake the responsibility of teaching others.

The Master Teacher training is for one year. Cost is $1200. It may be paid in monthly installments. Other arrangements may be discussed with me prior to the beginning of the training.

Classes are professionally taught at the Reiki Studio. Each class is limited in size, because it is the policy that each student be able to receive as much attention as possible. You will receive group and individual work with plenty of time for questions and discussions.

This class includes a Teacher's Guide and workbook, a copy of the attunements for Level I, Level II and Master Therapist as well as a Certificate of Completion.