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Andrea Elizabeth, KRMT

Reiki Training

Reiki Training Classes

Reiki Level I Practitioner $200

Reiki Level II Practitioner $250

Reiki Level III/Master $300

Reiki Master Teacher $1200

Karuna Reiki Training:

Karuna Reiki Level I Practitioner $325

Karuna Reiki Level II Practitioner $350

Karuna Reiki Master Teacher $400


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Soul Catharsis Program

Soul Catharsis Program

One day as I was channeling, I was given a suggestion by Aristotle to create a program to assist the souls that are stuck. I was then told the following: 

"I am the assistant between god and man and I am able to allow you the authenticity of becoming even more godlike".

These courses can be take alone or together as each module has its own particular cadence. The cadence or frequency each module contains is a valuable part of your own transformation as the higher you vibrate, the more your spiritual resonance becomes a fluidity of energy. In turn, your life begins to vibrate and attract what is only best for you at that higher cadence or vibration. Having a clear space and a clear core helps to re-identify your light and combines or entrains you as a spiritual frequency living a human existence. Knowing this is key for a bright and successful vibratory future.

What we do together:

Each month we clear what is ready to be moved your of your space, be it grief, trauma, despair, illness, whatever is ready will be alleviated out of your space, allowing for you to rise up and to vibrate higher, but to also allow you a personal spiritual liberation as well as a spiritual freedom from whatever the cause was that was holding you back.

You do not do this alone. I hold space for you along with our higher ascended selves, the angels, ascended masters, helpers from the other side and any and all parts of the cosmos. As we know, we are not alone here, and this work allows for us to access all helpers who you once made a contract with before you came here to assist you in your ascension processes. This work fills that empty void you have been carrying around and allows for you to fill up and to flow with only the highest of frequency and energy coming in from the realms of most high.

Our Monthly Sessions:

Each time we meet new levels are presented to you and you gain the spiritual confidence to go higher and higher. If your calling is to attain the most high of spiritual levels of consciousness or Christ consciousness, then give this course a try. Your guides are waiting to assist you.

The Soul Catharsis Process:

We meet 2 times a month and have a telephone follow-up check in if you like.

The 1st meeting I prepare you for change/healing and you receive a session handout and we begin.

The 2nd meeting is a Reiki Session and Attunement and whatever else your higher self brings.

*Fee must be paid within the 30 day period before our next meeting.


Each module has a numbered course/handouts specific to each schedule meeting. The most profound thing I have found is that each person has their own journey, and no two people who come are ever the same so each person that signs up has their own universal guided module. I like to call it a cadence of the universe session as each time your frequency clears and gets higher and higher and higher then at the next meeting we begin from that higher place and just keep going up.

How we will begin:

I will first evaluate your person using my natural Seer abilities as well as my planetary Spiritual Medium Sight and Reiki Teacher Training. With this sight and training, I am able to see into the depths of your soul and literally hear your soul cry for help and assist in the clearing and healing those broken parts of you. Those parts and pieces of your soul you didn’t even now existed. We will step into your matrix of life and take a look around at your past lives and journeys that still create confusion in your life today.

I am not sure that people are aware that our energy never dies and because of this, our past lives and the problems, and hurts and even the opulence are carried forward to this life and sometimes these parts are what are creating havoc in our life today. Who knew? We will take a look at your timeline where there are wrinkles and smooth them out so that you become re-aligned with your soul purpose.

In this process it will be truthful and sometimes difficult, but the outcome will be amazing. You will never be the same. Using my abilities to see the pain, suffering, medical problems, past live issues, as well as the spirits hanging around you, I can assist you into a self-transformation that you would have never dreamed possible.

Soul Health Management Plan:

After the initial evaluation I will work with your guides to create a personal spiritual soul health management plan.

This will include: 3, 6, or 9 months of:

*Daily Spiritual Work or Processes

*Monthly Reiki Treatments

*Monthly Reiki Attunements

*Monthly Reiki Training (6 and 9 Month Package)

*Monthly Karuna Reiki Training (9 Month Package)

*Monthly Spiritual Sessions Cleansing of your Soul

*Monthly Spiritual Principles in which to live and follow

*Metaphysical Journey into the Universal Matrix Work (1 Year Package)

**New Varied Monthly Renditions Channeled Especially for YOU

(Note: **Although, I have a preset program, whatever is needed in your life WILL be REVEALED and we get to work with that. As soon as you sign up, the universe is notified that you are ready to step up and into your higher self for learning and experiencing greatness. What this energetically means is that your frequency just took a step up and lit the proverbial stick of dynamite. This will be just the beginning of your exciting adventure. Your spirit guides, animals, past lovers, universal beings, are all here waiting for you to step up and into your Power.)

All of these are included in my personal transformational packages ready and waiting for you. If you want to live a total and completely healed life, contact me today. My guides and I are waiting to assist you. See the Soul Catharsis Program Tab or click below to be taken to my Patreon Site:

Clairvoyant Training 

Clairvoyant Training Classes 6 Months/1 Year

This Clairvoyant Training Series consists of 12 to 24 classes. Depending on where you are spiritually and emotionally. Together with spirit, we will find the course that is right for you. This is a commitment of both your time and your space, so choose wisely.

Meeting Schedule for the Classes:

1 Year Class Schedule

Will meet every week to practice running energy and eventually clairvoyant readings.

2 of the 4 weeks will include a training class.

Reiki Levels I/II/III and Karuna Reiki Levels I/II are taught.


6 Month Beginner Clairvoyant Training Class Schedule

Will meet 3 weeks a month to practice running energy and practice clairvoyant readings.

1 of the 3 weeks will include a training class. You must already have an established spiritual practice to be eligible for this class as a Spiritual Evaluation will be done prior to sign up.


6 Month Advanced Clairvoyant Training Class schedule

Will meet 2 times a month to practice running energy and working on class handouts

1 week will be a class handout and 1 week will be class mastery work


6 Month Master Clairvoyant Training Class Schedule

Will meet 2 times a month to practice with the Universe as our teacher and working deeply within our soul

1 week will be a class handout and 1 week will be class mastery with the Universe.

Clairvoyant Class Patreon Link for sign up:

Creating Wealth Course

In this Creating Wealth Course, you will have 3 -1.5 hour sessions with Andrea Elizabeth where she will Attune you to Reiki and work in the higher realms of existence to remove the blocks to your Wealth and show you how to not call the blocks back into your life.

An example of the work we will be doing is:

We will clear between the limitation lines of existence, be that timelines, family ideas, ancestry pain and grief stored in our DNA, whatever the passive blocks are needing to first be cleared in order for this limitless load of goodness to come in.

Together, we will will step into timelines and remove, dissect, blow up and blocks still present with you.

This could also be a time period or family lineage where one was so poor, that the stated, we are never going to have abundance, and it blocked every single generation going forward. This energy of your ancestors words are sill literally in your cells and DNA.


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Finding Your Magic/Medicine Course

In this Creating Magic/Medicine Course you will have 3 -1.5 hour sessions with Andrea Elizabeth where she will hold space and allow you to open up a door to your magic or medicine or the actual truth of who you are or who you were supposed to be before something when off the rails in your life and this will bring back who you were supposed to be.

What to Expect:

In a loving space we will openly and easily provide a giving loving and exciting spiritual adventure for all who wish to join in.

Each magical session or time together will be a new co-creative wonder of magic and delight. In this magical space of timelines and lifetimes our space coincides within your cohesive knowing space deep within your soul. Together we take a deeper look at what is or has been hiding. We will take advantage of the open space and create and use it to  provided in ways never thought of before.

We will use a spiritual algorithm to define where your miscalculated time - space or timeline resonated off the charts somewhere a long time ago. We will centrifically define the parameters in which you were algorithmicly defined. In doing so we will magnify the losses of the past to see the space and time algorithm and then undefine it, then remain teaching and assessing in the correct algorithmic space.

From this space we will unilaterally allow in your own soul, or soul space to comprehend what has happened, why it went off course and how to precisely fix the coordinates.

Each and every coordinated or calculated endeavor up to now, has been a sort to of spin off of miscalculated misinformed part of you.

In using and forgiving this miscalculation, wrongdoing, or mishap we can together figure out a new algorithmic calculation and formula where your Magic and Medicine and or gifts are returned to your soul. 


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Reiki Master  Teacher Training

Karuna Reiki Master Teacher 

9 Month Reiki Teacher Training

$1200/or $133 per month

This is an advanced study class consisting of Reiki Master Teacher Class Training and the Sacred Reiki Attunement Processes. Reiki Master Teacher is undertaken by those students who are called to the path of working with the Highest levels of Reiki and who are willing to undertake the responsibility of teaching others.

The Master Teacher training is 9 Months with the  Cost is $1200. It may be paid in monthly installments and/or arrangements may be discussed with me prior to the beginning of the training.

Classes are professionally taught at the Reiki Studio. Each class is limited in size, because it is the policy that each student be able to receive as much attention as possible. You will receive group and individual work with plenty of time for questions and discussions.

This class includes a Teacher's Guide and Workbook, a copy of the attunements for Level I, Level II and Master Therapist as well as a Certificate of Completion.


For those interested in becoming a Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, there is an additional $400 cost.

To take this Training, you only have to be a Reiki Master, not a Reiki Master Teacher. But you can only attune Reiki Masters to Karuna, not Reiki Levels.

Karuna Reiki Master Teacher is limited to those ready to take an Alternative Plunge and to go deeper into a more fascinating realm of Healing, Creating and disseminating the truth from the false.  Karuna Reiki Master Teacher Level dives deeper into the creative subconsciousness for a higher sight, a higher understanding of what reality really is, and it enjoins you to the sight of the unknown. 

Varied levels of the mind open and allow for your vision to peak and begin understanding the reality of this planetary existence. We literally crack the Code of life, DNA, and Universe. The higher you are wiling to go, the higher I will assist. This Teaching is for those with the current wisdom of the gods, if you will.  You eyes are peeled back to allow in an almost Universe/God Sight or Seeing. 


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