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What is reiki?

Reiki is a rediscovered Japanese healing technique used for self healing and the healing of others.

Reiki In my own words

During a Reiki class, you receive attunements that open up and align your entire space to be able to receive the life force energy in and through your body. I believe it is just a reawakening of what we already knew existed and that we have somehow been cut off from our own real true existence. Not our 3D existence here on earth, but our universal existence which to me is a Oneness of life or our own true nature. In fact, we are already aligned with all that is all the time. We just don’t know it or some how we got turned off to the illumination of the universe. I believe Reiki reawakens or turns on our old knowledge and enables us to communicate fully with our own higher self as well as the universe. Reiki in so many words is a phenomena of Oneness where the universe says hello to itself. As we are essentially the universe in human form.

Reiki also allows you to begin to use your higher senses other than just the 5 we use currently. We begin to know things in a different manner. We begin to feel things in a different manner and we begin to see things from a higher perspective. I believe it to be a 5D perspective rather than just this 3D sight here on earth.

The benefit to of all of this is that you can essentially bring in a higher vibration into your space, and attract what you wish to attract and repel the unwanted. Your higher sight gives you the advantage in such ways of a different perspective or different view of your life in general. Instead of just seeing your life from your two eyes, you will begin to literally rise above the human sight into the higher realm and begin to receive information from your higher self on issues you could never before solve yourself. This view works on many things in your life as it gives your brain the capacity to expand and exponentially derive information from the universe because you are attuned and alighted with it. This is nothing new as we are stardust, coming from stardust, and will return to stardust. We are just re-tuning into our old selves to receive information we already knew before we got to earth.

If this sounds interesting, contact me and we can talk about your future with Reiki.

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