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Animal Communication Training with Reiki

Communicating with animals is simple with Reiki. Animals are already on a higher plane of existence, so becoming Attuned to the Universal Life Force that is Reiki, enables you the undivided intuitive concept of becoming able to listen and to hear what your pets are saying. This is not an anomaly, as all things speak. The anomaly is that people rarely pay attention.

This Animal Communication Class will Attune you to Reiki, and allow for you to begin tapping into your unsuspected inner resources and create an open communication for yourself and your animals or livestock. You may or may not already do this with your animals, I believe Reiki may just give you the courage to say so.

I recently had a session with a client who had a family pet pass away, and the dog was so excited to come in. This dog did not come in as a pet, she actually came in as a teacher. She showed herself as creation energy, and began shapeshifting to give us the idea, that we are so much more than what type of persona we hold on the planet. If you do not already know, our pets are here to being in the most pure unconditional love and allow for us to both give and receive it.

If you are ready to begin communication with your animals, please click on the link below to sign up for classes and sessions.

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