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Training Class and Program  Prices

**Payment Plans Available - Just Ask!

Reiki Training Classes

Reiki Level I Practitioner

Beginning Reiki Training


Reiki Level II Practitioner

Reiki Level II Training


Reiki Level III- Master Training

Reiki Level III/Master Training


Karuna Reiki Level I Practitioner

Karuna Reiki Level I Practitioner


Karuna Reiki Level II Practitioner

Karuna Reiki Level II Practitioner


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Soul Catharsis Program                                 $133

Prices vary per Plan 

This Soul Catharsis Program was channeled to me by Aristotle. It was brought in to allow those parts of your soul that are hidden to be uncovered and brought to its brilliance. 

Clairvoyant Training Classes                $77/$111 

Prices vary per Plan

I have a 6 month and 1 year Clairvoyant Training Programs

Animal Reiki Training​ - beginning at $250

Prices vary per Training Level Plan

Reiki Training to learn for Animal Communication

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