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Andrea Elizabeth, RMT

Spiritual Medium and Spiritual Alchemist

Millennial Mentorship $55 MONTH

I have created these courses using the template of my Spiritual Mastership Course and fine tuned them to fit our younger generation and lowered the fee to assist you.

Each can be take alone or together as each module has its own particular cadence. The cadence or frequency each module contains is a valuable part of your own transformation as the higher your vibrate, your spiritual resonance becomes a fluidity of energy, in turn your life begins to vibrate and attract what is only best for you at that higher sound vibration.

Having a clear space and a clear core helps to re-identify your light and combines or entrains you as a spiritual frequency living a human existence. Knowing this is key for a bright and successful vibratory future.

Each of these courses are split into monthly fees, so feel free to join in one or more and allow me to assist you to a higher level of existence and cadence which is defined as a modulation or inflection of the voice. You frequency will become a god send to so many as your light will serve as heaven for those who are unable to attain such frequency. We meet 2 times a month and have a telephone followup check in.

The 1 meeting I prepare you for change/healing and you receive a session handout and we begin.

The 2 meeting is a Reiki Session and Attunement and whatever else your higher self brings.

The 3 Telephone follow up is a quick check in to review your progress.

*Fee must be paid within the 30 day period before our next meeting.

Each module has a numbered course/handouts specific to each schedule meeting. The most profound thing I have found is that each person has their own journey, and no two people who come are ever the same so each person that signs up has their own universal guided module. I like to call it a cadence of the universe session as each time your frequency clears and gets higher and higher and higher then at the next meeting we begin from that higher place and just keep going up.

These Monthly Sessions can be paid for through my Patreon site:

Here is feedback from Christine V.

"I’ve benefited so much from having Andrea in my life. She is exceedingly honest and has been spot-on with helping me navigate several challenging situations. I definitely feel more skilled, grounded, and empowered after working with her. Additionally, I feel truly seen and my purpose acknowledged and celebrated. Andrea is great at helping people, and especially the younger generations, feel confident and aware of finding their place in the world.”

Feedback from Jena W.

"My name is Jena. I am currently in my mid 20s and consider myself a free spirit and nomad trying to find my way through a society they emphasizes money and power over well being and mental health. A society that I ultimately have never felt aligned with.

I feel so fortunate to have crossed paths with Andrea as she has helped me in opening up a path for myself in the midst of the chaos. With her guidance, I was able to get attuned in reiki and thru this, a better understanding of self and the world.

Meditation and reiki are two practices I find myself turning to on a daily basis because they allow me to ground myself and feel the natural, beautiful life force energy that is reminder of who I am.

In an age of the all consuming social media and constant stimulation of ads, tech, etc. being thrown in our faces there is no better time then to get back to your roots and reconnect with what is real. Andrea reminds us time and time again that we hold all of the power, we are a reflection of the divine and we are pure love and light. These teachings and the helpful practices that follow are needed more than ever right now.

Shoutout to Andrea for always being there and for being a literal angel in my life".

Be Your Own Religion Website:

Be Your Own Religion brings to light the struggle the Millennials have within your own profound intelligence and I believe this website brings some understanding and enlightenment on what to do next for humanity.

Be Your Own Religion