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Andrea Elizabeth

Spiritual Seer

My Spiritual Protection Products

These are the Spiritual Products I use everyday in my Spiritual Work for protection.  

Take a look around and ask if these are for you. Each piece is relevant to the extension of your Higher Ascended Self and will eventually become a relevant part of your existence. 

These Spiritual Products are for Highly Sensitive people who need Protection and Healing from the Universe. Wearing them will make a huge different in your energy. Wearing any of these products keeps you in constant contact with the Universe as the Universe speaks in Symbolism.

 As soon as you put on one of these necklaces, you inform the Universe to continually send you Perfection and/or Harmony. This in turn elevates you above the 3D world and you will begin to be in this world, but not OF it.  As your body will begin to vibrate at a higher rate just by wearing these symbols.

The Selenite Wands are to clear any energy you may have collected during the day when you are out in public. These Wands are self cleansing and do not need to be washed off.

Finally, all my products from the Mt. Shasta Area, and I believe that they vibrate that specific energy. I wear and use these daily as a source of protection and balance.   

I thank you for stopping by.

Andrea Elizabeth