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Clairvoyant Training Classes

This Clairvoyant Training Series consists of 12 to 24 classes. Depending on where you are spiritually and emotionally. Together with spirit, we will find the course that is right for you. This is a commitment of both your time and your space, so choose wisely.

Meeting Schedule for the Classes:

1 Year Class Schedule

Will meet every week to practice running energy and eventually clairvoyant readings.

2 of the 4 weeks will include a training class.

Reiki Levels I/II/III and Karuna Reiki Levels I/II are taught.

6 Month Class Schedule

Will meet 3 weeks a month to practice running energy and practice clairvoyant readings.

1 of the 3 weeks will include a training class. You must already have an established spiritual practice to be eligible for this class as a Spiritual Evaluation will be done prior to sign up.

Clairvoyant Class Patreon Link for sign up: