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Andrea Elizabeth, RMT

Spiritual Medium and Spiritual Alchemist


This series consists of 12 to 24 classes. Depending on where you are spiritually and emotionally. Together with spirit, we will find the course that is right for you. This is a commitment of both your time and your space, so choose wisely.

Meeting Schedule for the Classes:

1 Year Class Schedule

Will meet every week to practice running energy and eventually clairvoyant readings.

2 of the 4 weeks will include a training class.

Reiki Levels I/II/III and Karuna Reiki Levels I/II are taught.

9 Month Class Schedule

Will Meet every week to practice running energy.

2 of the 4 weeks will include a training class.

Reiki Levels I/II/III are taught.

6 Month Class Schedule

Will meet 3 weeks a month to practice running energy and practice clairvoyant readings

1 of the 3 weeks will include a training class. You must already have an established spiritual practice to be eligible for this class as a Spiritual Evaluation will be done prior to sign up.


Each class has an entrained curriculum that will enhance your abilities and sort of easily allow you to surpass your highest expectations of where you seek to be and what you seek to know. Each course is designed to formally invite your higher self to the literal party.

These Classes are designed for anyone who is Sensitive, Empathic, a Healer, an Intuitive, or anyone looking for a Higher Intelligence or Sight.

Have you ever wondered if you have clairvoyant, psychic or healing abilities?

Are you a Reiki practitioner, massage therapist, nurse, or other personal care professional?

Have you shut down your empathic, clairvoyant or psychic abilities because you don't feel you have powerful tools or knowledge to use them effectively?

Do you seek simply seek to have peace?

The tools taught in this Clairvoyant Training are predominantly tools I have been given to create and successfully use in my day to day life as well as teach these tools in my Spiritual Mastership Training. What I believe makes me different from others is that 80% of my classes are channeled from higher spiritual realms. The reason I have brought this forward now is that my higher realm of spiritual guides have given me a gigantic push to do it and with great fear about it, I gave in, and I put it out there. And low and behold people were interested.

So why is this Clairvoyant Training so special?

I believe that this training is special because even though I have pre-channeled classes to use as a template, at any time, our higher realm spiritual guides could interact and bring in new information. Although each course is set as scheduled, there is always a higher teaching ready for whom ever is present in the class. I am not saying I will go completely off course of what is presented, I am just stating that, it has been my experience, that whoever signs up and begins my classes always receives so much more within than expected.

My job as a Clairvoyant Teacher is to attest to the fact that once you step up and over that threshold of your current 3D life/existence, all bets are off. The more willing and open you are the more you will receive. This course will require you to do practice and do the self work as I cannot do your work for you. So now, you must ask yourself:

Am I ready to do the work necessary to take my life to an entirely new threshold of sight?

If the answer is yes, click here to get started.

If the answer is yes, click here to get started.