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Andrea Elizabeth

Spiritual Seer


Messages from Matthew Covid

Posted on April 12, 2021 at 11:15 AM

Vaccines, other covid-related issues; energy; lightworkers

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Of most concern to many of you is covid vaccines, so let us begin by addressing your questions and comments about them. Vaccines cannot separate you from Source or prevent personal ascension, the evolvement in conscious and spiritual awareness that continues until the immortal soul returns to its Beginnings within the pure love essence of Creator Source.


What does affect that journey is the energy of thoughts, feelings and intentions. When those are fear, greed, brutality, betrayal, dishonesty or any other low-vibratory sensation or intent of an action, the energy generated decreases light within the body. Light is bodies’ life force. It is what transforms carbon-based cells into the crystalline structure that strengthens immune systems and enables physical viability in the higher vibrations of fourth and fifth density planes where Earth is heading.


The society has been conditioned to believe vaccines prevent diseases. They don’t—what they do is introduce diseases into individuals with weakened immunity, damage bodies’ healing mechanisms, and cause autism-like symptoms in young children. Nevertheless, time and time again medical “experts” say Get him/her/yourself vaccinated!


Thus, solutions containing the virus that was laboratory-designed to cause the influenza called covid-19, nanochips programmed to track and control individuals, and foreign tissue that can change bodies’ DNA are claimed to be vaccines. Medical establishment members who are urging everyone to get vaccinated don’t mention it actually is experimental gene therapy with potentially dire effects that won’t be apparent for a year or two or more, and manufacturers bear no liability whatsoever for death or other harmful reactions.


Crystalline cells don’t interact with incompatible substances, and they leave via bodies’ elimination systems. However, even though scientists in extraterrestrial special forces reduced potency of the virus and decreased viability of the genetic material, bodies with weakened immunity and/or carbon cellular structure have much less ability to resist foreign substances. That is why some persons die after being inoculated and others develop serious health issues or their existing conditions worsen.


Those scientists also erased the chips’ programming, but it isn’t the chips that cause death and medical problems. They are in the solution for a different sinister reason and the rapid rollout of 5G is part of it. By intent, the devices’ emissions damage bodies’ electrical systems, but it is the technology itself that is of more importance to those who conceived the idea to inject bodies with programmed nanochips.


Not only can they transmit to a designated source individuals’ location, communication, purchases—almost nothing one does can be withheld—but they can send signals to the brain to perform whatever task is specified. We hasten to assure you none of that ever will come to pass because the programming was eliminated. The scientists also reduced 5D emissions’ impact on bodies.


The purpose of the virus itself and the substances in the solution is two-fold: decrease the population by billions and technologically control survivors and subsequent generations. The diabolical minds behind this crime against humanity failed to achieve the intended death toll, and they will fail in the other goal, too.


Light keeps intensifying throughout the planet and cells of people who are absorbing light are becoming crystalline, thereby gaining resistance capability, and many souls now incarnating came in with crystalline structure. Eventually all of Earth’s peoples will be of that makeup.


Foreign substances injected into a body do not affect the soul. The soul is love-light energy, which is indestructible and impervious to issues that affect physical bodies. The etheric body—the “light body” in which a person transitions from physical lifetime to a spirit world—is affected because the two bodies are attached until death of the physical.


Each person’s unique frequency relays notice of imminent transition and health condition to the recordkeeping section of Nirvana. Individuals with damaged etheric bodies or traumatized psyches are met by a medical team at special portals where they receive immediate treatment and constant attendance until health in body and mind has been fully restored. Then they join the realm’s other residents and embark upon an active life in Earth’s glorious spirit world.


It is by intention that vastly bloated covid statistics and claims that only worldwide vaccinations can end the “pandemic” have been front and center of daily “news” throughout the past year. The individuals who planned and devised the “pandemic” control mainstream media, where information is fabricated, factual happenings are distorted or omitted, and fearful information is emphasized because they know fear weakens immune systems. They control the Internet, where truthful information about all happenings is taken down as soon as it is discovered. They know how the universal law of attraction works, that thoughts and feelings about something bring back more of the same. They know nothing can last without energy to sustain it.


Energy is what everything is about, and attention focused on covid-related issues produces it in abundance. Fear about contracting the disease. Bitterness about forced separation from loved ones and grief about those who died. Stress about masks and depression about isolation. Anxiety about loss of income. Anger about closed businesses. Resentment about the proposal that authorization to travel and enter specific areas requires a “vaccination passport.”


Let us say a bit more about the passport. The concept came from the dark ones who caused the “pandemic” and profit handsomely from the sale of vaccines, but only governments can mandate the requirement. While it is possible that some may do that, in this moment the concept doesn’t have enough momentum to become probable; however, that can change abruptly if sufficient energy is directed into what now is only consideration.


The passport and other aforementioned situations are factual. Not everything related to the “pandemic” is, but they are gathering energy from your thoughts and feelings about them. That tests for covid contain fibers of morgellons disease is but a dark concoction to cause worrying. The baseless claim that people who have been vaccinated will “shed” the disease and infect people who haven’t been inoculated adds to the worrisome mix. Another of those claims is, the virus is mutating, vaccinated people aren’t protected from new strains, and waves of the disease could go on for years.


Some scientists now contend that covid did after all come from an infected bat. The implication is that humans have no way to prevent pandemics because they start by means that are uncontrollable. The coronavirus-19 is patented—how did a sick bat manage to do that?


Many people are rebelling by refusing to wear masks and not staying six feet away from everyone else, and the numbers who are vehemently denouncing “the shot” are growing. But millions are eager to get it. They are relieved and grateful when it is their turn, and with that comes the satisfying feeling of being a good citizen by fulfilling what they have been told is their “public safety responsibility.”


And last, if we knew when the truth about the “pandemic” will come forth and when it will meet its end, we would shout it with such exuberance that you might even hear us. What we can tell you is, the end is assured—rising vibrations will see to it.


Dear ones, the energy of the mind-boggling number of reactions, positive and negative, to everything related to the “pandemic” is what keeps it going. You are divine sovereign beings and need not be subservient to this heinously-contrived scourge. Now that we have answered your questions about it, make it more quickly run out its course by switching your thoughts and feelings to what you do want for yourself, for persons dear to you and for your world. Visualizing Earth in golden-white light, remembering to breathe deeply, living from your heart, and asking for protection from all darkness also will add immeasurably to your wellbeing and the world’s.


Now let us send encouragement’s high vibrations to all of you who are feeling disillusioned because days are passing with no indication of action. When what would have been a dramatic public demonstration was preempted by a slower, safer course, actions that would have come incrementally during an extended period following that demonstration now are integral parts of “Plan B.”


Happenings out of the public eye include arrests of individuals in numerous countries, preparation for tribunal trials and prosecution of principals involved in the fraudulent United States presidential election, planning sessions to establish that nation as a republic, rescue of captives in underground tunnels followed by the tunnels’ destruction, seizure of gold, plans to end impoverishment by redistributing the Illuminati’s ill-gotten fortunes, and high-level negotiations on environmental restoration. Those and other international efforts are major steps forward in the monumental undertaking of transforming life on Earth.


While you await public acknowledgement of various steps, be assured that everything is unfolding in divine order and timing under the watchful eye of universal family members in advisory and action capacities, both off-planet and in your midst. Dear brothers and sisters, the patience, indomitable spirit, and knowing the light already has won that have served you well will continue to do so.


All light beings in this universe honor you for staying the course during this tumultuous era on Earth and support you with the power of unconditional love.





Suzanne Ward

[email protected]

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