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Andrea Elizabeth, RMT

Spiritual Medium and Spiritual Alchemist


Hawaii and The Little Boy In Blue with Autism

Posted on April 25, 2017 at 7:33 PM

As I have been writing about autism and children with disabilities, or I have been  receiving information and channeling, I wanted to share about the little boy in blue. Yesterday as I sat on my balcony here in Hawaii, I noticed a little boy across the way, acting agitated, walking back  and forth and moving his hands, and doing the same thing over and over, I had noticed him prior but did not quite put two and  two together. So as I sat her a couple floors higher and he was across the pool or courtyard, I began to speak to his higher self. I could feel his agitation, and even his shatteredness, which  I had wrote about before, but didn’t know why. I gently asked if he would appreciate Reiki and he said yes. It was his higher self of course, I didnt yell across the way at him, and as I did it, I began to notice he calmed a bit, then he paced a little slower, then he stopped for a minute, then I turned away for a bit, and then he was gone.

He is not there today, so I thought I would share this memory as well as affirm the information I had received last month, as a high five to my guides who gave me this specific information about how their shatteredness keeps them hidden and unable to communicate fully as well as keeps them agitated as they cannot fully grasp the whole of reality here on earth.
Godspeed little boy in blue.

Categories: Children 2017

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