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Andrea Elizabeth

Spiritual Seer


Resistance - Victimhood - EGO acknowledgement and release

Posted on November 26, 2013 at 12:06 PM
The resistance has been tough, the ego does not want me to be god, it wants me to be a victim, or have pain or be sad.
 Ego says you suck and do notdeserve anything that is good.  And I say oh contrar mon friar, today I am god.  Iam truly the epitome of god’s love grace feeling and power.  I have the power of god. 
When the ego says you have no worth  know that you do not have to take on thet ruths of others, you are the truth, instead of following many paths, be the path, this is so profound.  You are no longer the victim. 
Until you have the inner knowing of the truth that is not attached to love approval or acceptance of anyone else do not take on others beliefs. Know that you are everything else than what you say to yourself.  Know that your being is love, approval. Andacceptance.  From this place see themagical synchronous world you have created as depictions of you.  Step out of the story to be a witness to this life.  Accept your inheritance and innateconnection as reality.  From the place of witness, admire the creating in all its magnificence.  Acknowledge every detail that has been put in place.  Accept your divinity as right inthe story of creation.  When you lift your own veils of disillusionment, fear, and falsehood, you “will” what is real into your world.  Dissolve the stores and just be present, be the present and know that you are the present that has beengiven to this experience. getting to the root of who we are is the answers.  Knowing there is magic in the midst and thatthere is no separation, is the best news in the world.  Taking advantage of the beautiful magic is the key.  Falling into the resonant melody of life being your love song, love story and a romance of the soul is extraordinary.  Get away from the shadow of the victim and step into the light. Break the self created veils. Because self knows I am everything, the vastness of space.  I am complete in my ability to create everything I desire.  See you light, knowyour magnificence, represent!  Never settle.

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