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Andrea Elizabeth

Spiritual Seer


Sanada- Christ Consciousness Message

Posted on December 24, 2015 at 10:29 AM Comments comments (0)

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I bring you greetings from the entire Company of Heaven this Holiday Season. Of course, many of you know that my birthday was actually in the spring, but it doesn't matter. We all celebrate at this time of year. These celebrations go back far beyond the time when I came to Earth during the Jesus lifetime. We like to think of it as a time to celebrate the rising of Christ Consciousness on Planet Earth.

Christ Consciousness Is the Will, Mind and Love of God
For those who have been trained by their religion to think of the name "Christ" as mine alone, let me explain. The Christ Consciousness is the expression and realization of the mind, will, and heart of God. It is the knowing within oneself that we are here to represent God's Love. I came in that lifetime with my wife Mary Magdalene, who carried the Christ Consciousness as I did, and we were surrounded by our loving family who all supported and carried the Mission to uplift and inspire the people of Earth to Ascend. It was our hope that the great effort at that time would usher in a wave of compassion, good will and a deeper connection with God.

It was the hope of the Company of Heaven that we would begin the rise in consciousness that would usher in the New Golden Age at that time. Unfortunately, the backlash against our teachings by the ones who coveted their power over others led to the distortion and falsification of the simple and direct message of Love we brought.

And so, in the time since that life, we have all continued to incarnate at various times, with the same intention of bringing Peace to Earth and all her people. Yes, all of you reading this message have been a part of the Mission in one capacity or another, and we are here again to finish the job we started during those days in the Holy Land. This time, we have the help of so many of our Galactic friends, and the dedication once again of the entire Company of Heaven. We are wiser to the ways of the dark ones, and have worked steadily to remove their influence as 4 th dimensional overseers who would have interfered once again to stop us.

This Time Nothing Will Stop Us
Today, December 22, 2015 is the beginning of a new era. It will herald in the New Golden Age you have so longed for in a very... well, obvious way. The programs we have all worked so hard to bring to fruition will seem to "suddenly" come into view in your daily lives. The next few days will bring changes that will enter the consciousness of humanity in a gradual, quiet way at first, with little fanfare. You who have been with us through the building and creation of new economic, political and social systems behind the scenes will not be overwhelmed, nor will you see the changes as something to fear.

You, Beloved Brothers and Sisters, will be the ones who will soothe and comfort those who are just now awakening. It will be a new phase of our Mission together to bring through the Light of the New Earth, to teach and to raise up our fellow humans to be able to accept the goodness and the freedom we are now introducing. Yes, it will be frightening to some, because they have staunchly held to the belief that one must always prepare for the worst, and it has made them suspicious of the best life has to offer them.

Bringing in the New Day through Gifts of Kindness
It may be surprising to you who have worked so hard and held your faith foremost in your minds and hearts to find that you fellow humans are somewhat reluctant to accept the great blessings we bring forth now. It is natural for them to be suspicious and frightened of change, even if that change brings them abundance and freedom from all that has enslaved them in the past. It is now our work to help them learn to acclimate to the good times. What a pleasure it will be to surprise your friends and neighbors with gifts from your heart, true gestures of kindness, just because it feels right, and it expands your own vision to see others find relief and freedom.

Do not be daunted by those who would question or diminish the Light of your generosity. It is to be expected that there will be some who cannot immediately understand the goodness of what we bring. It will take compassion and a deep sense of the long-range goal we all hold: to uplift all of humankind to Ascend to a higher dimensional life together. Above all, Beloved Partners, be patient, move gently, spread your Light with equal parts of Joy and Forgiveness, for not all will understand our Mission in the first days of our great celebration.

Some will not believe or trust that the blessings we bring come truly from Mother and Father God. It will seem impossible to them that such a monumental shift in their day to day lives could come because of Heavenly intervention, since they have lived so many days in the grip of darkness, slavery and pain. We must show them by our Light and our presence that such grace is not only possible, but is now the natural result of their own deep longing for freedom and for Peace on Earth. This great upsurge of Light is not a mystery, nor is it a surprise for those who understand the science behind quantum energy.

We Are One Joyful Family
We have created this, Dear Ones, by the combined energy of our hearts and our will. We have proven the simple rules of physics - the simple Laws of Energy and Matter. We cannot be created, except by the loving will of our Creator. We can join our energies in a way that creates as our beloved Creator intended. We cannot be denied, and the result is a magnificent, Cosmic realization of Truth: We are One, and we endure. We are the Children of God, and we prevail because we are the Light.

This day, join with me and the rest of your family in the Company of Heaven Beloved Ones, as we meet together as One, builders of the Rainbow Bridge, the ones who will herald this new day, and who will create the most beautiful celebration our dear Planet Earth has ever seen. We will laugh and cry and embrace one another, and we will never forget the Joy of this precious time we have shared together.

I am your brother, Sananda. I love you eternally.

CHRISTmas message from our guides

Posted on December 24, 2015 at 10:25 AM Comments comments (0)
Beloved Ones, 

It is with great love that we come to you this day to share our wishes of good tidings of great joy to you in this season that is ultimately about peace and prosperity for all. That is what is your birthright. That is what the Christ child incarnated to share with all of you. That is what every great spiritual master has wished for you - to know that no one can keep you from peace. Peace is within you and it is for you to cultivate and sustain. And abundance is yours as a divine child of Creator, you have been given the gift of co-creation. Imagine peace and prosperity for all. 

We remind you of this with the heartfelt intention that you keep peace in your heart as you navigate your way through this season that means many different things to many different people. Keep in mind that there are those among you who feel no joy at this time, only heartbreak and great loss. There are those who have lost loved ones at this time who have constant reminders that their loved one is no longer with them and therefore are filled with grief. There are those of you who have loved ones that are slipping away as we speak. We do not share this to infringe on your joy, but to help you keep things in perspective - to help you open your hearts to those who may be alone, lonely, angry, sick, forlorn, forgotten, unable to be present and be merry, unable to hold the same joy that you might, disconnected from family or friends or lovers through time, distance, death, misunderstanding, and so many other reasons. So many feel unfulfilled and do not know how to fill themselves. 

Dear ones, this is a plea to share yourselves, your tables, your time, your love, your presence with others who may not have what you have, may be lacking a loving home to go to to appreciate what you may take for granted. We are not necessarily talking about making a donation to the food pantry or some other cause, although that is not unappreciated. We are talking about stretching yourselves to be more like the man from Galilee during this season. What way can you help someone or perhaps many, that may take you out of your comfort zone in some way and be a stretch for you but will definitely make a big difference in the lives of others, and therefore in yours as well?

Can you organize round the clock care for an elder whose deepest desire is to be able to spend the holiday with their family? Can you provide a sumptuous meal for those whose only other option is to go to a church or soup kitchen, eat alone, or have Meals on Wheels delivered to them? Can you provide a place of rest and support for someone who is going through a difficult time? Can you be the love you wish to see in the world? Can you show up for friends, loved ones, or strangers in ways they would never ask for or expect? Can you invite someone to your family meal and truly welcome them as part of your family? Are you one who lives abundantly and does not realize how blessed you are? Do you give thanks for your blessings? Are you able to understand that you who live abundantly created that reality for yourselves and you can help others by showing them that Love Is. Some people forget or never knew that Love Is. Love Is everywhere, all the time, throughout eternity. 

When anyone loses sight of Love, it has not gone anywhere. It is still there as always. People simply lose their ability to see, feel, hear, say, touch, hug, whisper, smile, kiss, embrace, wink, clap, sing, and play Love. That does not mean it is gone. It is an abundant river that never dries up - except in peoples' hearts and minds. Be a water bearer of Love to all who need it as you are able, as you see the need for it, as you see, hear, feel, touch those who are withered and dry. Show them the abundance of love that is everywhere for those who see and believe. Whatever vehicle allows them to remember the magic of Love, take them there - through the story of the Magi, Santa Claus, Immaculate Conception and Birth, the magic of equal time of light and dark of the Solstice, or simply the magic of a heartfelt invitation to join you and your family and experience the love you have for each other. 

Know that this time has been sacred to all peoples of the Earth for long before one called Christ came into embodiment. Dwell on what is true throughout the ages, for all cultures as the divine truth uncorrupted by the special interests of certain groups throughout the ages. Look to nature and her beauty and bounty to find the oneness of all beings. Look to the majestic evergreen trees that are now cut down with little thought of what their significance is other than to put presents under. Look to the beauty of the red cardinals that are so much more noticeable at this time of year as deciduous trees have stripped their leaves and Mother Earth goes into her barren time. See the bright red holly berries on their dark green bushes. These are the original colors of the season. For those of the Jewish faith, blue and white are not only the holiday colors, but colors that hold significance throughout the year - to remind all of the blue of the heavens and the seas. White is a universal color of purity. Think about the sacrifices made both literally and symbolically throughout nature and throughout many cultures' legends of this time of year to prepare for new life - new birth of spring. And think about how most religious rites, symbols, and celebrations have their origin in Nature from well before the word 'religion' was coined. 

Think about this time in terms of what you want for yourselves at a deep level that you are willing to go within to dwell on, to nurture with your life force and measure its worthiness to bring to fruition by holding the intention throughout the winter and making sure it is worthy to plant that seed come spring and water it with your love and attention and intention. If you do not live your life in this way, you are depriving yourselves of the magic and ability to manifest that is within and all around you. Think well on this, dear ones, to create the life and the world you wish to live in, to experience, to be. Know that even the seemingly smallest daydreams can lead to powerful realities. If you are without family or in want of anything to celebrate, imagine your life is exactly how you want it. If there is someone in your life who diminishes you in any way and you know that this person or group is not healthy for you, simply imagine your life without them.  See yourselves only with people, who love, nurture, support, cherish, and value you in all the ways you desire and deserve. 

Families come in all different shapes and sizes and it is never too late to adopt more loved ones. If you feel unwelcome, unwanted, disconnected, or unable to relate to your birth family, create your own. You don't have to wait to be welcomed or adopted into someone else's family. If you have nothing to do this Christmas and no one to celebrate with, spend your time in very constructive imagining of exactly what you want next Christmas to be like for you. Continue to nurture this vision, dream, desire, into reality through the New Year so that again, by spring, there will be something that you can 'plant' and continue to nurture throughout the seasons so next year will be much more fruitful and abundant for you in whatever way you desire. 

We are loving you powerfully, dear ones. Hold onto the magic of this season, believe in it, and pass it on. If you do not believe in magic, you do not truly believe in manifestation, in healing, in the power of thought and intention, in creativity, and you discredit Mother Earth and the elements and all of nature. What would your life be like without the coming and going of the sun, moon, stars, seasons, birds, love, life, birth, death, healing, rejuvenation, reaching goals, art, music, play, and so many other things you have access to that are born of and perpetuated because Magic is. If you equate Love and Magic, you are not far wrong, dear ones. 

You are on the cusp of greater and greater magic. The more who believe in the magic of Love, the more it will manifest for each and every one of you. We wish you good tidings of great joy and the open-heartedness to see, feel, hear, experience, and share all of this and more. Embrace the joys, the carols, the festivities, the tales, the aromas, and the creativity (magic) of making gifts. Relish in the sights and sounds of this season with gratitude and the heartfelt prayer that all can appreciate the magic with the wonder of children and envision that reality becoming true for everyone. And let there be peace within your hearts and all over the Earth. 

And so it is. 

Your loving family of the stars and beyond,

The Collective of Guides

the eviction notice

Posted on December 17, 2015 at 11:52 AM Comments comments (0)
The Eviction Notice
15 December 2015 - 1:32pm |  R D Miller
Teal Swan
Your pain has convinced you that you are alone here; that there is no way out of the well of the wound that has swallowed you.  I am a teacher.  I sit on a throne of certainty and ease, as if it were never tested; or so it now appears.  Now that I am showing others how to live a life of ease.  But this throne has not been mine forever.  And my place upon it is tested every single day.  There are many gates that one can pass through to reach awakening.  The gate of oneness, the gate of nothingness, the gate of the present or the gate that I came through…  The gate of suffering.  I do understand pain.  The smile you see on my lips has been pieced together from the crumbs of a shattered life I once led.  I have left myself behind so many times.  I have left myself to drown in the acrid blood I spilt myself.  I have died again and again.  I have made a hobby of dying in this life.  It is as if I were an onion, whose layers have been peeled off one by one by pain.

It is a decision we get to make and re-make every day… To stop resisting the way that life strips you clean…  To let it take bone and blood and sinew.  To let it take all that you think you are.  The moment you can’t fight back anymore and you let go is the moment life stops stripping you clean and instead begins to dress you.  It dresses you in the image of transcendence.  It cradles you in the support that was there all along.  It carries you to the very thing you desire.  But I do understand how hard it is to allow.  It is just that I also understand how much harder it is to stay where you are.  In a resistant state of being, trying to keep it all together, doing what you’ve been doing all your life.

When we outgrow our current life, our life does not wait for us to be ready to move on to a new life.  It simply begins the process of evicting us.  We have to let the life we are currently so identified with, die.  But to let something we are identified with die is to let a part of ourselves die.  And for most of us, we are only willing to do that when we discover first hand that there are worse things than dying.  It is only when you let yourself die to what you have outgrown that you find yourself born again; and in an instant.  I wish you the freedom that is inherent in being stripped clean of yourself like an onion, layer by layer and one by one.

The theme of this entire trip to San Francisco for every one of us that has come here has been shedding.  Allowing what was to die.  And taking the actions required in order to step into a new life.  We are no exception.  The common theme for people at this time on earth is the feeling of being stuck in transition.  At times like this, you end up torn between the idea of allowing and the idea of taking action. They seem (at face value) to be contradictory states of being when they are not.  To be in a state of “allowing”, means to deliberately choose thoughts, words and actions that allow your desires to manifest in your reality.   In order for you to allow your desires to manifest, your thoughts, words and actions must line up with your desires.  For example, you can’t desire money and simultaneously think the thought “there isn’t enough money” and have money manifest in your experience because the thought of money and the thought of there isn’t enough money aren’t a vibrational match; they aren’t in alignment.  We cannot be thinking a thought that feels emotionally negative to us and be in a state of allowing.  We cannot take an action that feels emotionally negative to take and be in a state of allowing.  And no amount of action that we ever take can make up for what we lack in thought.  But is action a contradiction to allowing, or is action a key ingredient to allowing?

Most of us have the same picture in our minds when we think of allowing.  For most of us, the picture we have is a person who is blissed out and meditating in a state of complete, passive surrender to the universe.  We picture in our minds, a state of inactivity.  We imagine that allowing means letting the universe live out our lives for us.  We treat our lives as if we were chess pieces here to be played by the universe according to a pre determined game and we call it “destiny” or “purpose”.  But this picture of allowing is a misunderstanding.  The state of allowing is not a state of inaction; it is not a state of spiritual laziness and surrender.  It is a state of deliberate focus and inspired action.

You could think of the state of allowing as the state of total non-resistance.  And the state of total non-resistance is not stagnant energy; it is forward moving energy.  There is a saying in the spiritual community, “whatever happens is meant to happen”.  And it is true that the way you know if something should be happening is if it is happening.  But we, in the spiritual community use this saying to cop out of the responsibility of being the creators of our own lives.  When we feel utterly powerless to our own lives, the thought “whatever happens is meant to happen” is a comfort to us.  It helps us to release resistance, but that there is the problem.  Those of us, who live our lives according to this belief, often feel deep down that we are powerless to our own lives.  We live our lives at the mercy of the universe, which is to forget that we are extensions of this universe.  In essence, we use the passive surrender statement of “whatever happens is meant to happen” when we have given up.  We have created so much resistance relative to our lives and we distrust our ability to create what we want to such a degree that giving up and turning it over to the universe feels like relief.

The entire reason you are here is because the universe at large knew that it would benefit by projecting itself, in the form of you into the physical dimension, which is the leading edge of expansion.  “Leading edge” means that you are the one leading the universe, not the other way around.  You are the one telling the universe which direction you want your life to go, not the other way around.  The universe is merely arranging your reality so that it is an exact mirror and match to your current thoughts.  Whether you are thinking something negative or positive, you are telling the universe what to become and thus what your reality is to become.  The universe is no more God than you are God.  The universe is learning through your perspective and your desire what is right for you.  The universe is not playing us like a chess game full of inanimate chess pieces.  Instead, we are like animated chess pieces that tell the player (the universe) which direction we want to move and through that, the player (the universe) learns about itself.   The chess player learns about itself through the chess pieces because the chess pieces are just a projection of itself.  The chess pieces and the chess player are different manifestations of the exact same being.

You did not come here so the universe could live your life for you.  In fact, that would be the sure fire way to stop the expansion of this universe.  When you spend your whole life turning your life over to the universe, there is no real point to living.  It is as if there is a lull in the game because the universe can’t play the game when you don’t play the game.  The universe keeps waiting for your move because it’s your turn and you keep waiting for its move because you think it is the universe’s turn.  You wind up stuck.  You are not giving the universe the energy or momentum to direct.  It is important to remember something; you have to throw the ball for the universe to throw it back.  Another important thing to remember is, the more balls you throw, the more chances that one of those is going to be a home run.  When we are attached to the idea of needing one specific thing to pan out so we can meet our desire, we develop a lot of resistance because we fear that if it does not pan out, we will not achieve our desire.  And so, we can’t stop worrying about it.  Worry is resistance.  And so, if we can instead throw energy towards many options, we will have less resistance and therefore we will be in a state of allowing towards our desire and thus, it will manifest much faster and easier.

On a practical level, we can see this issue playing out amongst the demographic of people who play the lottery.  If we become convinced that the only way we are going to make millions is if we win the lottery, we put all of our energy towards the lottery.  But we also care so much about winning the lottery that we worry about the potential of not winning the lottery.  And thus, we resist the very thing we desire; and because of it, we do not allow ourselves to create a situation in our lives where we do win the lottery.  And what’s more than that, we disallow all other potential avenues for financial abundance to come into our experience.  Via our beliefs, we have told the universe that the only way that money can come is via the lottery, which is the very venue that due to our worry, we are in resistance to.  We cannot allow our own abundance when we are doing that.  Instead, we limit ourselves.  We are not throwing multiple balls to the universe, we are throwing one ball to the universe; and because of our own resistance we are throwing it poorly.  It is sort of like throwing a ball into a gale force wind.  And thus, the chance of that ball becoming a home run is very low.

Spiritual living and allowing does not mean a state of blissed out laziness.  That very idea is a direct opposition to the truth that you are the creator of your reality.  Action feels good; it feels good because you manifested physically specifically to act.  The sweetness of the experience of taking action as the result of an inspiration is the reason we choose to come into the physical dimension again and again.  And so, it must be said that sometimes the highest form of allowing is taking action.  Passive surrender is not always the most allowing state.  Passive surrender can be the result of disbelief and distrust in the self.  It is all too often the indication that we are trying to cope with the feeling of being overwhelmed and powerless.  We use the modality of passive surrender to escape the pressure of being in charge of a reality that we feel is out of our control.

The time has come to ask yourself:  Am I trying to let the universe live my life for me, or am I the one living my life?  In order to be the one living your life, you must first deciding what you desire and then use inspiration to take action to move in the direction of that desire.  The most allowing state to be in is not the state of surrender.  The most allowing state to be in is the state of positive focus.  And the second most allowing state to be in is the state of taking inspired action.  To take inspired action, is to take action that is inspired by a positive emotion.  This is opposed to an urged action, which is the byproduct of a negative emotion.  Though urged action may feel like temporary relief, it will not yield positive results because it is caused by a negative emotion.  The law of attraction, which is the most powerful law in the universe dictates that negative emotion can only be a match to negative action, which can only be a match to negative results.  You can see this easily by examining the behavior of a heroin addict.  When I am feeling afraid or powerless, I may feel the urge to shoot up heroin.  The idea and action of shooting up heroin may feel like relief because it is an improvement from the feeling of powerlessness and fear.  But it was still an action that was the result of powerlessness and fear and so, due to the law of attraction, only more powerlessness and fear can be the result of taking that action.  On the other hand, if I was feeling afraid or powerless and I was to deliberately look for better and better feeling thoughts to think, (thoughts that in the thinking of them felt like relief) I would eventually find myself thinking a thought that felt emotionally positive and empowering to me.  Maybe that positive thought would cause me to suddenly feel the inspiration to go on a hike in nature; and because that action was inspired from a positive thought that felt like empowerment, it would yield positive results that would only lead to more empowerment.

Living a spiritual life does not mean taking a back seat to God or a back seat to the universe.  It means allowing yourself to work with the universe instead of against it; to work with yourself instead of against yourself.  What is meant to happen is what you want to have happen!   The universe will arrange all necessary conditions for you to achieve your desires and because the universe doesn’t have resistance, it will arrange those conditions the second you desire them.  If anything other than what you think you want to have happen occurs, it is because of one of two things:

1)   You yourself, are resisting what you desire with something you are thinking, believing or doing.

2)   You are in denial of what you truly desire, while you have been simultaneously subconsciously informing the universe of what you truly desire; and so the universe is responding to the deeper, stronger truth of what you really desire.

In either case, you are the one calling the shots.  You cannot live your life without taking action.  Learning to surrender and just “be” is valuable because it helps you to release resistance and re connect with the truth of who you are as a spiritual being in a quantum universe with no time, where the present moment is all that exists and it is perfect as it is.  But to try to “just be” in the physical dimension is not possible.  It is ended-ness.  It means that you are not allowing yourself to be the creator that you came here to be.  This is your life.  Now live it.

Influence the Entire Holographic Field

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Influence the Entire Holographic Field
Peggy Black and the 'team'

We are here once again to acknowledge and remind you that in truth you are a light being. We are also aware that in the midst of the increased chaos and increased polarizations that are occurring, the idea of being a light being might feel insignificant or even impossible.

How can remembering that you are more than your physical form be important when the events in your 3D reality are intense, evoking strong emotions of fear, judgment, hopelessness and separation.

We are here to remind you once again that you truly are bigger than any of these feelings and experiences. You are a magnificent multidimensional being of light consciousness. You are here to assist and support a new reality to come into form. You could say that you are on assignment and it would be true. Many of you have never felt at home here on the planet Earth and we understand because your divine essence is a part of the cosmic family.

Yet here you are in the midst of these enormous changes and this intense upheaval. All that is appearing upon the screen of reality is being co-signed by the thoughts, words, emotions and actions of the collective. Everyone, we repeat everyone, is a magnificent multidimensional being with the ability to create and call forth what manifests in this dense physical 3D experience.

Unfortunately, from our observation most individuals continue to use their powerful gifts and abilities to create upside down and backwards. They are totally unaware that the very thing they oppose and push against becomes stronger and more solid so to speak. Therefore the creation frequencies of collective consciousness continue to call forth horrific and tragic events that are then energized and made manifest in the global experience.

You are a part of the shift and transformation. You are remembering who you are. You are becoming aware that all that is manifesting as physical reality is co-created by the misunderstood concepts and beliefs held in the matrix.

You are not powerless. You are a being of light. Remember this and continue to bring your true awareness of this fact back into each moment. We realize that this can certainly be a task, especially since you, as well as all others, are empathic and telepathic. Therefore, when the collective energies in the quantum field are generating frequencies of fear, rage, opposition, and separation it is easy as an empath, a sensitive, to match that frequency.

You drop into that emotional quagmire and become a part of the problem rather than a part of the solution or resolution. There is no judgment from us; we are only reminding you of how easily you can become plugged into the very things you came here to transform.

Once again, remind yourself that you are a conscious being of light who can and does affect the outcome of your reality. This is a hologame. This is a holographic reality. And when you reduce any aspect of that holographic reality, that part or aspect carries the entire pattern or frequency of that holographic image of reality.

You carry this holographic pattern in your very DNA, just as everyone on this planet does. So here is your truth and your power. When you consciously begin to shift the patterns and programs of limitation within your personal aspect of the collective hologram/hologame, you influence the entire holographic field. You influence the collective consciousness.

Remember that wherever you stand, live and have your physical experience, you are always connected to the holographic field and frequency. This awareness can and will empower you.

We have continued through our words to remind and acknowledge you and offer our gratitude for the dedication you bring to this 3D experience. You are powerful beyond measure. We invite you to claim this truth and begin to activate your understanding of your ability.

Everything that you witness and observe as misqualified energies of tragic events, no matter how solid, polarized or seemingly unresolvable, are energy frequencies made solid by focus.

Knowing this truth, you can step forward and begin to offer a different emotional frequency of healing, transformation, and life-sustaining resolve for all. These are the times in which you chose to contribute to the ascension of this planet and humanity.

Pull yourself out of the mass consciousness of limitation, separation, fear and judgment. Offer instead a higher vision, a higher frequency of love, forgiveness, oneness and harmony. This is not an impossible task; trust us when we say that this is your job. This is what you are here to anchor. You have many, many experiences on the timeline that have prepared you for this.

This battle of polarities, of good and bad, of love or fear which humanity has anchored and experienced since the beginning of evolution on Earth, has been and continues to be observed by the entire galaxy. The negative frequencies, the misqualified energy and emotions are patterns that are in the process of being transformed.

You are the chalice for this transformation. You are the alchemist for this transmutation. You are the avatar here at this time to anchor the age of enlightenment, of LIGHT, to the life forms on your Earth.

Your planet is spiraling in ever increasing chaos; more and more of your life forms are selecting to exit at this time since the frequencies are not life sustaining. There is a mass extinction occurring. Individuals have forgotten that they are a part of the whole; they are a part of all living things. They have forgotten that the elements of air, water, earth and fire are a part of them. These elements are truly gifts from the death of a star. It is from these star elements that your physical body is created, and is then animated by your divine spirit and divine consciousness. Do not forget this.

We assure you that this path of total extinction and destruction can be shifted at the last second of the last hour, so all is not hopeless. As more individuals awaken and realize that they are a part of this holographic unfoldment and capable of truly making a difference, there will be big shifts occurring.

Reconnect with one another, reconnect with nature, step into your personal power to hold a vision and anchor a new reality. Moment to moment, hour by hour shift your emotional frequency, your attitudes, and your visions for what is possible. We will continue to remind you that you are not powerless.

Know that there is a celestial portal opening which is offering celestial support during these times, strengthening your intentions and offerings as you consciously co-create a new world. You are not alone in the work, service or assignment. Many individuals around the world are doing this work, quietly within their heart with dedicated conscious action. The numbers are continuing to increase.

Partner with others both energetically and physically. Partner with the celestials, the beings of light and love. Partner with nature and the consciousness of nature. Hold your visions and your intentions strong for this is contributing to the positive acceleration for change.

Know in your heart of hearts that every time you bring conscious light to a situation you add to its resolution. Be aware that when you are polarized, opinionated or judgmental you are adding to the very things you desire to heal and transform.

Call upon us and all the celestial and cosmic beings of divine consciousness and together we will truly support the ascension of this planet and humanity. This is the hour. This is the time to step up and remember who you are and why you are here in this timeframe and dimension. We embrace you with our gratitude and love for who you are in your magnificence. the 'team'


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Grounding, an energy healing technique is the connection of our human energy field to Earth, the activity of connecting our bodies - our physical vessels, that which hosts our energy bodies (chakras) to ground through the process called Energy Work – Breathing, Balancing, Cleansing, Centering, Meditation, Grids, etc. This connection allows us to establish a circuit for the smooth flow of energy currents through our system.

The idea here is to reconnect to the potent energies of mother earth thereby strengthening and enhancing our energy field based on the fact that we and everything on the planet constitutes an integral part of the earth. Grounding is also frequently used to get rid of excess/stray energy by pouring it into the earth.  

It is not only useful in healing or magick (twisting energy) but as an exercise for calming oneself during emotional and stressful times. All healers must be very aware of their grounded state, as to heal effectively and in a sustainable way requires the flow of healing energy through a well-balanced energy system. Grounding then as described above is the most appropriate method of carrying out these modalities for the accomplishment of the following aspects: 

Healing: The fundamental objective of our journey through life is healing – resolving energies. 
The facilitation of the smooth flow and assimilation of ascension energies necessary for boosting our light quotient  
– to help raise our frequencies (the upgrading of our running system and the conversion of our bodies from the present carbon structure to a crystalline one). 

Energy Medicine: The clearing/cleansing of toxic energy picked up from stray Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) generated by electrical appliances (radio waves, PC, TV, cell phones, microwave ovens & transmissions, etc), our hostile environment – negative thought forms and from Standing Waves originating from dysfunctional energies (blocked/stray/stagnant/unbalanced energies manifested through miscreations – ego trips: anger, stress, resentment, judgment, unforgiveness, etc). By nature we are permanently grounded due to our connection to earth; although conscious grounding will enhance the process. Nevertheless, most people living in modern societies are not properly grounded; they are separated from Nature, from the Earth. 

Grounding as the term implies is derived from the word ground - connecting to ground; being electrically connected to the Earth. 

The main factor to consider here is the resistivity or rather the conductivity, the value of the resistance to ground and the ground itself; how perfect the ground is in conducting energy/electric currents (ohms is the standard unit for ground measurement). A good percentage of the earth is made up of water thereby rendering it very suitable for grounding; water being a good conductor of electricity. It is interesting to mention that grounding when applied to electrical equipment or building infrastructure serves the same purpose as the grounding we are focusing on here - Energy Work/Ascension 
Energies. The efficient nature of ground conductivity was deployed in early telegraph transmissions were the signals were transported on one wire with the return circuit closed through ground. 

Energy in the Universe 

Quantum physics has now proven beyond all doubt that everything in the Universe is ultimately comprised of Energy. Every subatomic particle of matter (matter is all energy – frozen light) in the Universe is connected to every other particle by a kind of holographic energetic matrix and we can change the behaviour of these quantum particles by directing our attention, feelings and thoughts. Quanta – energy particles are therefore influenced by the mind; thought also being pure energy. With 
proper instruments, scientists can measure the frequency of thought or brain waves. Everything we know as created reality is energy in motion in the form of waves vibrating at a certain frequency – signature tones. 

Emotion is energy in motion. When we move energy, we create effect. If we move enough energy, we create matter. Matter is energy conglomerated, moved around, shoved together. If we manipulate energy long enough in a certain way, we get matter. It is the alchemy of the universe. It is the secret of all life; Einstein mastered the art of extracting energy from matter – the atomic bomb and wiccans are very familiar with the technique of bending or twisting energy to achieve goals.  

The Science of Grounding 

Taking a look at the manner in which Electrical Networks operate – the way these systems and buildings are protected from high current lightning discharges would give us a good idea of the utility and importance of Grounding. All electrical systems – ICT networks must be grounded to ensure proper operation and protection, as well as buildings above a certain height 
to prevent damage from lightning hazards. 

The human framework is designed to accommodate these cosmic energies in a similar fashion to that of the lightning protection network primarily comprising of a lightning arrestor – antenna, conducting wire mesh – circuit or conduit and an excellent Ground to close/complete the circuit. The idea behind a lightning protection system is to rapidly and efficiently conduct heavy currents from lightning discharges to ground without damaging existing equipment or infrastructure. So our bodies also comprise an antenna system – primarily our hair (this is the reason why most Masters/Sages kept long hair), our energy centers - Chakras as conduit and the Earth as our Ground (the reason why we are often advised to stay grounded – meditate outdoors). 

The Universe is proliferated with an infinite field of EMFs primarily from cosmic emissions/radiations, the Earth and those from thought forms generated in all the kingdoms. The earth`s EMF is produced from the Earth`s magnetic field – the magnetosphere; the variation of either the electric or magnetic field component. The human body system as a result of these above mentioned Signals sustains a complex current flow and the human Aura is the appellation ascribed to the electric field associated to the body current flow. 

Meditation and Grounding 

Meditation – relaxation and rhythmic breathing, sitting in a silent awareness – giving back love and joy to Source is the most fundamental method of grounding. Meditation amongst other well know benefits would heal the body through the process of deep rhythmic breathing which favor potent vital currents flow thereby neutralizing negative energy through an inherent process known as Energy Dialysis – a big stream of energy is absorbed for the charging and recycling of our system. 
Meditation helps remove energetic blockages and enhances the energy flow in the system. Regular meditation eases the smooth circulation of these afore mentioned currents thereby facilitation communication between vital elements of our network: lower self → higher self → the superconscious; and for meditation to be effective we need to be well grounded. 

Grounding and Grids 

A Grid – Energy Channel is a network of energy connections meant to supply, transport Light from one point to another; they are indispensable tools used in creating/reinforcing positive energy or neutralizing negative energy as the case may be in conjunction with meditation through grounding. 

Just as the electromagnetic spectrum occupies frequencies from zero to infinity - divided into bands, sub bands and channels; with many free slots, so is the availability of grids for channeling our energy work. 

The activity called prayer is creating a communication grid (channel) to Source; distant healing entails creating a temporal grid to channel the energy to the conditioned Soul. It is very common practice in lightworkers circles to create small personalized closed circuit grids for healing work called EC (energy circles). We will often encounter appellations like planetary grid, mass consciousness grid, human grid, mother earth grid, etc; and `fire the grid` is a synchronized collective channeling of energy into a specific grid to achieve healing (Synergy).

Grounding and Crystals 

`The Light worker`s Companion` 
The use of crystals and gemstones has been recorded in almost every ancient civilization as a form of healing and for modulating consciousness. Crystals – energy catalyst are energy generators and directors efficiently used in the presence of good grounding. Crystals constitute pure/pristine Energy, they can amplify energy - thought, as well as assist in manifestation of thought itself; they constitute an omnipotent power source. In fact, their versatile and endless applications have rendered them indispensable. 

This is the crystalline age…… Just like most homes posses a TV set to connect to the world wide news network, lightworkers also need crystals to get connected to the network of Love. At the demise of Atlantis and Lemuria all the Energies/Consciousness were preserved in crystals in preparation for this present cycle (13Crystal Skulls are now being gradually released and 72 OM crystals were installed in strategic locations all over the globe on 10.10.10 as part of the ascension master plan).
We cannot move from one Band/Dimension to another without the use of crystals - ascension is graduating from 3D to 5D. Crystal technology is the most comprehensive Energy Architecture that has ever existed on this planet. In energy medicine, diseases can be cured by simply using crystals to generate/channel an appropriate frequency of opposing phase to get it dissolved.

Grounding and Ascension

The transformation process lightworkers have been undergoing since the dawn of the Shift has been very demanding/challenging (the recreation of the physical body to calibrate to the faster pulsating energy of the fifth dimension requires that the energy/chakra system is upgraded to handle this shift in energy). Building/harnessing our ascension bodies is fairly intricate and requires regular adjustments to higher frequencies. Mankind has evolved in a society where most religious traditions disfavor spiritual aspects of life there by penalizing the development of our etheric bodies – compromising our energy templates.

One of the most persistent/devastating of the ascension symptoms is the excess weight light workers have put on at this time; and all attempts to shed this fat suit has proven futile. We have literally not been able to expand our energy field so our body has expanded in its place by accumulating a lot of water – grounding water.

Ascension symptoms are an unusual body symptom that does not have a medical cause, which are the effect of greater spiritual light – energy downloads in the body; these symptoms are a result of the blockage of higher energy flow.

Many lightworkers who are deeply emerged in the transformation/ascension process are experiencing these uncomfortable symptoms as a way to quickly transmute the old negative energies within their physical vessel - a burning/releasing of old frequency patterns to allow the higher, more refined crystalline cells of consciousness to infiltrate and take dominion within. Whatever it is we are experiencing shows us where we still have some work to do, something that needs releasing because
it's blocking our being a clear vessel for the higher energy.

Our body elements under normal working life, repeatedly suffer from a variety of dis-ease partially due to the inflicted conditions of the etheric body (unforgiveness, judgment, resentment, stress……); so the passage then of currents associated to these energy shifts depending on the magnitude would further affect our fragile bodies thereby manifesting as symptoms.

This implies that if our physical, astral, mental, etheric bodies were whole, we would be transparent to these symptoms but for the inherent energy anatomy – carbon to crystal metamorphosis and the constant upgrading of our running system/software with an adapted version to accommodate our new template. The way our bodies will respond to these energy shifts, downloads will be determined by the resistance presented, resistance here meaning how much grounding, clearing, cleansing, balancing we have to effectuate.

Grounding and Healing

Standing Waves as earlier mentioned are the basic cause of disease in our bodies.
The human framework is originally designed to accommodate a free and efficient circulation of energy currents; so whenever this process is interfered with, standing waves are generated thereby giving way to a distorted etheric/auric configuration. Nevertheless, we also quite often pick up negative/stray energy from our entourage as is the case with most empaths.

Energy Medicine, the art of curing the body through energy sessions in conjunction with appropriate grounding will help remove energetic blockages and enhances the energy flow in the system. When the energy in the body is balanced and flowing correctly then the innate healing ability of the body heals itself.

Recent research shows that long-term separation from Nature and the Planet, amplified by an increasingly hostile environment saturated with EMFs are having a severe impact on our health on all levels.

Grounding Tips

In closing, we are hereby recommended to implement these grounding tips in our daily lives in order to stay whole and in particular as this cycle draws to a speedy close where the frequency and intensity of these downloads will become rampant:
- We should endeavor to become more aware of our grounded state and take daily steps towards strengthening this connection.
- Step-up the magnitude of our energy practice/work - these energy sessions help remove energetic blockages and enhances the energy flow in the system; let us consider introducing energy baths in our daily routines.
- During our sessions, we should send grounding cords out from the bottom of our feet or spine all the way to the molten core of the Earth. Our primary grounding is most effective with our body directly touching the Earth and bleeding off stray energy.
- A grounding visualization can also be very helpful – we should create and utilize the image of roots growing out from the sole of our feet deep down into the Earth and then drawing up Earth energy.
- We should try as often as possible to be in direct contact with earth; by going outside and planting our feet flat on wet surface (grass, sand or even concrete); even better if we can walk in salty water, like on a beach where the conductivity is much higher. By keeping our feet in full contact with the grass, sand or ground long enough we enhance the free electrons from ground currents to be absorbed upwards into the rest of your body. We should drink lots of water during this critical period in order to facilitate the grounding process – water being a good conductor of electricity would facilitate current circulation analogous to a car radiator – preventing over-

Deep (Soul) Breathing will in turn super charge our accumulators - energy centers - chakras with life energy, Adamantine particles to further reinforce our protection system. We should remember to take care of our energy bodies just like we often do in exercising our physical bodies; otherwise our meridians/nadis would atrophy. And this can be accomplished through Gardening, Auric cleansing,
Reiki, walking outside in a natural setting, hugging a tree, sitting on the ground, etc.

Addendum: We should strive to integrate these energies with ease, peace, balance and harmony at all times thereby promoting clarity within our heart, mind and reality; it is therefore recommended to stay focused on our primary goal – light integration (unconditional love - oneness), practicing total surrender, detachment – the key phrase here is: let go. In so doing we would be able to transform the ascension journey from a scary and detested undertaking into a joyful completion.

This aricle was written for & You are Free to share this, if you include the Source as credit.

Mary Magdalene's Call with Rev. Lea Chapin

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7 December 2015 - 1:06am |  kryon12
Lea Chapin

Greetings Dear One, yes, it is I, Christ. Mary is here as well. We wish to say thank you once again for your devotion and your dedication to holding the light for this planet. We know that so much has shifted and changed in all of your lives, and more change will continue to occur throughout the course of this coming year, for the year of 2016 is a very powerful year and all of you have set and left your imprint for this energy to now begin to manifest into this year 2015. As many of you may understand, my Mary and I left our imprint upon the earth when we both physically left the planet so that this appointed hour the energy of the Divine Feminine Divine Masculine could reemerge upon this planet and peace could truly prevail. The balance of the ying and the yang, the balance of the energy of Father Mother God, the energy of Divine Union, has now been set into motion. And for each of you this template, this energy has now been imprinted within what we call your own solar matrix. Each of you have a template of energy, an imprint that has been imprinted upon this earth plane. And at this time, this template, this imprint is now being set into motion. All of you have worked very diligently and very hard for the Great Creator and you have made your presence known, of your devotion and your love unto me, to my Mary, to my mother, and to our family, and so we thank thee, for it is of great importance that your energy imprint now be etched for future generations, and this is a very powerful time in history.

Just as Mary and I have awakened our energy again upon this planet, when dear Lea went to Mt. Shasta, it was there that the energy of our imprints were then spread, as they say, into the universe. Where the energy of the holy union can now truly be upon this planet. And so dearest children, it is time for each of you to come in to your rightful pathway, and the ownership of the energy of who you truly are. You have laid your foundation and this year 2016 is a very major time now of your lives, so prepare yourselves, and now I will turn this over to Dear Elizabeth, for she will speak about the power of holding the energy of your mission into your template and imprint on this earth plane.

Greetings Dear Ones, yes, it is I, Elizabeth. As many of you know, I am Jeshua’s cousin and Mary Magdalene’s best friend. I was a part of the inner circle, and I worked with Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene to prepare Jeshua for the crucifixion and the resurrection. Today as Jeshua has spoken about the imprints that have been left upon this earth plane, of Mary Magdalene, my beloved Jeshua, I want each of you to understand that I am coming to help prepare you to leave your imprints as well. For in my role at that time, I was known as the task master, I was the one who was deeply organized, and kept everyone on task and focus. I know we have spoken of this many times before, but the crucifixion was a part of what we understand now as the Great Design, it is the Great Design that is now being brought forth onto your planet at this time, for now it is over 2,000 years later and the imprints of Mary Magdalene and my beloved Jeshua are here on this earth plane bringing balance to this planet.

It is very confusing, for you see the chaos, the violence, and the destruction of energies upon this planet, but this is the result of the energies that are being brought forth at this time of balance, and you see, when the scales get tipped, so to speak, then the other side begins to rise. So what has happened is that the energy of the full balance of Divine Union has been brought forth upon this planet. The energy of the Divine Goddess energy, of the Divine Feminine, the beautiful energy of the masculine energy, of the Divine God Essence is here upon this planet, and so those who are not in balance, those who do not hold this powerful frequency inside of them, will become quite imbalanced, and there will be much more chaos.

I know this is very frightening for many of you upon this planet, but we ask you to continue to hold the balance inside of yourselves, to hold the union of the masculine and the feminine, for it is very much of essential nature that each of you hold this powerful imprint, each of you were created in the beautiful lightness of the Great Creator, and you each hold the balance of the masculine and the feminine in your beautiful spirit.

Many of you are fortunate to have met your twin flame, and that other aspect of yourself in your physical life is there holding the balance for you. We have said many times before, those who are not in a physical incarnation with a twin flame at this time, it does not mean that their twin flame is not holding the balance for them, in another dimensional realm. And so dearest children I ask each of you to take a deep breath, and begin to breathe in the energy of the white light of God, to breathe in the energy of peace, begin to breathe in the energy of tranquility, and begin to breathe in the energy of the union inside of yourself. And so, allow me to now begin to help anchor your imprint of your beautiful template of energy, of your beautiful ethereal energy, into this earth plane, holding the frequency onto this earth plane, for this current moment, for balance, peace, love, and tranquility to return back to this planet.

As Mary and I were preparing Jeshua for the crucifixion and the resurrection, and his ascension process, and after he merged into his beautiful crystalline light body after the crucifixion, we held his powerful frequency of this love within our hands and we knew that this powerful energy of love and peace would be emerged and planted into the very vibrational frequency of the earth at that time. We knew that it was a seed that would grow, for this planet, as you know, is the planet of love. And Jeshua was a messenger of love and so dearest children, just as I have held that frequency for Jeshua in my hand, I hold your frequency, I hold your energy in the palm of my end, so that you can grow in the lightness and the beauty of your beautiful, spiritual, ethereal self, so that you may merge into your crystalline light body, living on this earth plane, moving through your life with grace and ease and purpose. For in this year 2016, as it comes rather quickly, you will settle yourself, you will settle your mind, your body, and your spirit, into the true purpose of why you came on this earth plane. Many of you have grand missions, and many of you are simply holding the love and the light and peace for this planet. This is, indeed, very important. For you see, so many light workers and so many beings of light are needed upon this planet, to hold this frequency, to help all ascend into higher frequencies of love and peace, and so as it goes, my Mary, my beautiful Mother Mary helped me to hold and leave my imprint before I left this planet, after I assisted Jeshua and completed my mission with him, once he recovered from his wounds and was able to move forward into his post-resurrection work and ministry, I left the planet.

It was time for me to leave, as I had completed my mission. And Mother Mary helped to hold my imprint, and what I hold at this time is wisdom, knowledge, tenacity, strength, and determination. I ask you dearest children to feel the essence of my strength, to feel the essence of my love, to feel the essence of all that has been imprinted upon this earth. I know that your earth life is difficult, and many of you find yourselves in very precarious situations. But I ask you to hold strength, and I, Elizabeth, stand with you. For as I stood with Christ, and I assisted Mary Magdalene in her journey, I was instructed by the Holy Mother to hold this frequency of love. I hold it for you, I ask at this time to place your feet upon the ground, and to imagine the imprints of your energy, your templates that you are to leave on this earth plane. I ask that you allow me to anchor it in to the energy of Mother Earth, into the very crystalline core, into the unity and peace grid that Kryon has created, to anchor it into the Christ Consciousness of this planet. For that too is needed, the Christ Consciousness of love, peace, balance, light, tranquility, and forgiveness are needed upon this earth plane. And so now bring your special light into fruition, into your consciousness, and anchor the love.

Each of you have had so much that you have given, and it is now your time to receive. As this energy has been anchored into the earth plane, and as I assist you. Never be afraid, never fear, for Dear Ones, you have never been forsaken. Just as our journey was difficult, just as Jeshua’s journey was difficult, we held the faith, the light, the love, the third dimensional reality of living on the earth plane can be arduous , but it can also be filled with joy, peace, love, and tranquility. And so this, at this time, is what I’m helping you to anchor in the earth plane. Peace, love, joy, and tranquility, prosperity, abundance, all the fruits of the spirit are yours. This is not just rhetoric, I am anchoring this into the earth plane. And now, dearest children, all of your intention, all of your dreams, all of your desires are being anchored into the earth. I repeat to you again, all of your dreams, all of your desires, all of your wishes are being anchored into the earth.

There are 17 angels of light, as well as Dear Kryon at this moment re-magnetizing your electrical magnetic field, and if you so choose, they will help you to hold this frequency of your intentions for your mission, leaving your imprint upon the earth plane. Because of Mother Earth’s unrest in the third dimensional frequency, it has been difficult for your dreams, desires, and intentions to be made manifest. Now the shift of ages, as we call it, has occurred, and today is a very important day. On your November 30, 2015, your pathway, your mission, is anchored into the earth. Just as Jeshua’s and Mary’s were anchored into the earth plane. Your energy, your powerful template, is anchored now. And so I ask you to take a deep breath, and breathe the energy of the white light of God. And breathe this energy of peace, and breathe in this energy of power, and breathe in this energy of light. And truly understand, dearest children, that you, your life, will affect, and has affected so many. And so take a deep breath dearest children and awaken to the living light of God within you. Awaken to the living light of God within you. Awaken to the living light of God within you. And may the love surround you, and the power of God protects you, and the presence of God watches over you, wherever you are God is and all is well. May the living light of God protect you.

And at this time Dear Kryon and the 17 angels have anchored your template, your imprint into the earth. And this makes your travel much easier, because this energy has been imprinted into the seventh dimensional frequency of light. No longer are your intentions, your desires held manifest in the third dimensional reality, they are now anchored into the seventh dimensional frequency. What does this mean? It means that your energy is in total alignment to the higher realms of light, knowledge, manifestation, and creation. Many have sought the meaning of what we call the law of attraction and manifestation, and literally today the centering of energy into the law of attraction and manifestation, has been anchored into the seventh dimensional frequency. Your energy has been anchored into the powerful frequency of the seventh dimension, and is held within the heart of Mother Earth. This frequency is not held outside of yourself, it is held in the seventh layer of Mother Earth’s own auric field. Here that creation and manifestation occurs, for this earth, and all of her kingdom.

I know all of you have been struggling to manifest in this limited dimensional reality, and as I have said, the difficulty has been partly because the frequencies on this planet are not harmonious and congruent. There’s so much that’s beyond your understanding and comprehension, but I want you to understand this very important moment in your own historical present. Honor yourself, for all that you have given in service through all your incarnations of time, through thousands of incarnations. Today, as we have said, is the day that your imprint can be anchored into the seventh dimensional frequency of the auric field of Mother Earth. So all creation can be made manifest.

This is a powerful day, dearest children, and it is not for, as we say, the weak-willed. Much is going to change in your lives very rapidly. Because this energy has been anchored. Prepare yourself to hold on to your hats, as they say. Believe, and so shall you receive. But it does not now affect the lower mental frequencies of your thought forms, because the power of your imprint that has been anchored into the seventh dimensional frequency is greater than your mental and emotional thought forms. You may have never heard of this before, but I tell you this is truth. Today, the power of the imprint overrides your mental and emotional thought forms and beliefs. And so accept this, because time is of the essence and I am asking all of you to embrace your divinity, to embrace your life pathway. For this is what I helped Jeshua and my Mary do, and Mother Mary helped me to do this as well. I have been a silent voice, that many do not know, and I have remained behind the scenes until now. And now my voice can be heard and recognized, and understood as part of the inner circle who helped Christ. And so I will begin to work with others to help them to anchor their energies into the template of the seventh dimensional frequency of Mother Earth.

I will work with those beings of light who are ready to anchor their light frequencies, and to anchor their love into the universal light of God’s essence. I can be rather stern, I can be rather serious, but today I am very happy and very joyful for all of you. This is a decision and energy frequency that all of you have made prior to this moment called now. Every one of you who is on this call today has made a decision, I am ready. I am ready to anchor my template, my imprint, my frequency into the beautiful seventh dimensional frequency of Mother Earth. I am ready. And so I applaud you and I thank you for your due diligence and your willingness to serve Mother Earth, humanity, and all of creation.

When I made the decision to leave my earth body after Christ’s recovery, I knew that I had done all that I could to help assist him. For my mission was to serve my beloved Jeshua, and I continue to serve him, I continue to serve the living light of the living presence of Jeshua’s energy. My devotion to the Great Creator and to Mother Earth remains strong until the day that peace can prevail. As many of you know, the underground city of Telos in Mt. Shasta, that beautiful mountain, the beautiful Lemurians, have held the beautiful template of this City of Light underground, and it is my intention that all of life, that are living on the surface of the planet, return to a balanced state of peace and love. And there shall be only harmony and love, without dissension, chaos, war, and violence. And this is why you are all here at this time, dearest children. You are helping humanity raise their frequency, and to help Mother Earth ascend so that peace shall prevail upon this planet.

As you move in to the frequency of the powerful love that you are, the beautiful 17 angels are opening up their heart chakras, they are expanding the energy within your auric field, and all sentient beings will feel this love radiating from you even stronger upon this day. I say to you most firmly, no one or nothing can stop you from your mission. Not even yourself. No one or nothing can stop you from your mission, not even yourself. And so, dearest ones, please accept the gift of love, accept the gift of love that the Great Creator and beautiful Mother Earth are offering you upon this day. The gift of love, to continue your mission far beyond your comprehension, for the rest of your incarnation and through eternity.

I know that many of you have wondered why the delay. But you’ve all been prepared, you’ve laid your foundation. And all nine of you upon the call signify the number of nine, the number of completion. You, and the planet, are in a nine frequency of completion. Completing the mission of the very inception of your spirit. As you may remember, that you were at the Great Conclave, with Dear Jeshua, Lord Sananda, when all of your spirits were invited to come to planet earth, to assist Mother Gaea, and you would forget your oneness and go through the cycle of the soul incarnation to be able to bring your light and your frequency and your love for the appointed hour where you could reawaken, re-remember, and assist this planet in your full sensory, spiritual, physical essence self. Today is that appointed hour, today is the appointed hour. And so dearest children as you accept this beautiful gift, and honor the frequency that you are holding, and carrying, and now embodying in this seventh dimensional frequency, the auric field of Mother Earth, you can complete your mission.

The doors will swing open easily and effortlessly, and as they say, the saints come marching in. You are all saints and sages, and your frequency has brought you through the portals of time, through the dimensions of time and space, and the living god inside of you is rejoicing. You are free, you are free, you are free. You are the living god of light and love. Now allow these beautiful 17 angels and dear Kryon to release the density and the heaviness of your past, your present, and your future. Simply drop all that no longer serves you. Claim the divinity of your truth. And walk in the strength and living light of God. Be still my children and know that you are god. Be still my children and know that you are god, be still my children and know that you are god.

I say this most seriously, but when I come, I make powerful changes. Are you prepared and ready for the changes within your life? For indeed they are for greater good and purpose. They are indeed for greater good and purpose. All those years of preparation for Jeshua’s crucifixion, holding his soul in my hands with Mary Magdalene like a pearl in a net, have paid off. Jeshua survived the crucifixion, he lived to become the beautiful, pearl essence energy of love, in his beautiful crystalline ethereal body. And today dearest children I am doing that for you. I have been holding the space for you through all your trials and tribulations, and today you are set free. I come to you, for you, with my love, my strength, my determination, my wisdom, and my joy. Because mother earth has accepted your energy frequency into the seventh layer of her auric field. There is a peace and a sense of calmness, she is feeling with her own heart, she is grateful. She is grateful that all of you have shifted through the ages, and that you’ve now accepted the living light of God inside of you. And you are at peace. Remember dearest children be still and know that you are God, be still and know that you are God. You are the living light, the true essence of peace. You are the living light, the true essence of peace. And what a glorious glorious day, the powerful frequencies have been anchored, and I come to open the gateway for all of you to be set free.

And so dearest children, as I take my leave, I want to thank you for your beautiful beautiful time and attention. Jeshua will finish, and I thank thee for allowing me to assist you and help you with the awakening of the beautiful manifested light that you are.

Greetings, yes it is I, Christ. My beloved Elizabeth was my anchor, she was my rock of Gibraltar, and she and my Mary held the space of love for me so deeply so profoundly, along with my mother, that in those moments when I thought that I could not physically survive, to complete my mission, it was my Elizabeth who called onto me, onto my soul, and held the space of love for me until I could gather my strength and carry on. She was and is a powerful healer, she helped me to physically recover. The beautiful power of her healing was in her hands and in her thoughts. She had miraculous healing ability and mental powers far beyond what can be explained here. But I tell you dearest children, accept the love, accept the guidance, accept her help, for she was the one that we called the taskmaster that helped us, that helped me to be who I am. And so today as the beautiful strength of Elizabeth comes to speak to you, I ask you to embrace the strength of that which she offers onto you, she will never forsake you, she will always love you, and so call upon her. I know dearest children that there are many many that you call to, but in this moment please call upon Elizabeth for the anchoring of energy of your imprints into the template upon the earth plane. It is more important than you can understand at this moment. All of you are sages, ascended masters, healers, mystics. And you are living on this earth plane just as I did, struggling through your mission. Now is time to resurrect, to live in joy and remembrance of who you are. Today is your resurrection day, today is your ascension day.

I want to thank you dearest children for your time and attention. There is much that will be happening within your lives within the next 24-48 hours. It will be an amazing 2016, and now dearest children, please accept, Elizabeth, my Mary, my mother, my father, and myself as we extend our hand and open the doorway for all of you to move forward into your true passion, as you move forward into the gateway and portal of your own limited self. But now dearest ones you are the living expression of the living god, and nothing or no one can stop you from completing your mission. I want to thank you again for your devotion, your love, your kindness, and your sincerity unto me and my family. But please dearest one accept this as true, the energy has been anchored, and watch and see the manifested creation of your heart, it will come to you easily now. Be prepared for the change and now go in peace. Be still, be still, be still, and know that you are God.

Loving Yourself

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Loving Yourself - A Test
21 November 2015 - 2:42pm |  dhries2222
William LePar - The Council
In this presentation William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, how to know that you love yourself in a godly manner.

Questioner: How do you know if you love yourself? How do you know that you truly love yourself and it is not your ego talking?

The Council: Well, what do you do in life for others? That is a good yardstick of measurement. What is your attitude as you are doing them, these things for others? Understanding there are times when you must be a care giver or a provider that you get disgusted, you think that you are not appreciated. Well, when you begin to feel as though you are not appreciated, then you better take a second look at your feelings inside. Why should you be appreciated for doing good for someone else? That is your privilege, your honor. You should do it with humbleness. You should be grateful. Every time you are responsible for an action that is spiritually beneficial to another individual, that in itself should be all that you need. There are times in doing and giving, you do get tired, you do get disgusted. This is understandable, but if this hangs on too long and begins to cause you to question whether you should continue giving or doing, then you must reexamine yourself because you have not reached the point where you truly love yourself. Again, periods of time where one gets disgusted, even feels like throwing their hands up and walking away, these are all natural emotions and can be expected in a variety of situations. But the person who really loves themselves in a godly way continues through these periods of darkness or trepidation or whatever you choose to call it, and comes out on the other side still carrying the torch of achievement. They have not cowered in the corner as a coward would do.

The one factor that very few times do we talk about and very little is understood. Bad karma has to be worked off and dissipated. Good karma is always with you. This one has said whatever good karma you create is yours forever, for eternity, but most important for everlasting. You cannot use it up, you cannot wear it out, you cannot diminish it. It is always going to be with you. That is why we have said with each lifetime you have enough good karma to accomplish whatever need be accomplished in that given lifetime. Every good deed you do with love is good karma that you are creating. Good karma is the kind of karma you cannot see, you cannot touch, you cannot feel. It is a strength and a conviction that you have. It is the basis of the love that you demonstrate to others.

For more on William LePar and The Council visit

Stop giving your power away

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A Message from Your Guides Nov. 18, 2015

Dear Ones,

There is so much we would like to share about your transformation process. As you become more alive to your inner light, and it becomes more alive in you, you will experience many wonderful awarenesses. These will come in quick succession at times and then there will be lulls during which you may question if your personal and global expansion has stopped or been put on hold for some reason.

We want to make very clear that what you experience will not be all love and light. Your shadow side will come to the forefront at times. That is excellent! That is a divine way to come to awareness of the balance of All. There is light and dark. If one were to be eliminated, think how one-dimensional your life, the world, your experience, and your perception would be. Dark allows you to appreciate Light. Light allows you to penetrate and diminish darkness. Rest assured, Light will overcome Darkness in all cases unless you give more power to Darkness than to Light. The only way to empower Darkness is through your thoughts and beliefs. We ask you right now to review what you believe is dark and why. We ask you to recognize where you disempower Light through your belief in the power of Darkness. Are you knowing and owning that the power of Light can overcome darkness every time in every circumstance? Think about all of the ‘good conquers all’, David vs. Goliath, purity of heart and innocence vs. entrenched evil stories throughout your cultures and ascertain where your beliefs lie around these. If you truly believe Good has the power to overcome evil, you are of good faith and will weather the change and transitions your planet is experiencing much better than those who believe dark forces are more powerful than Light.

It all comes down to your thoughts dear ones. There is no evil, no darkness, no aggression, nothing that is immune to the power of Light expressed through the vibrations of Love. Think of Love as a rainbow of colors - compassion, support, nurturance, humane actions, beauty, joy, innocence, humility, generosity, purity of intention, open-heartedness, and so many other wonderful qualities that exist in great magnitude throughout your realm of experience. Think about your very direct experience of what you perceive as evil. Doesn’t the rainbow take up much more space, memory, experience, possibility, and so much more than the ‘evil?’.

If not, how are you perceiving things - through the lens of victimhood, blame, us vs. them, bigotry, and powerlessness or through the knowing that you truly do create your own reality through your thoughts and beliefs? If your life is one that you are not enjoying, change the channel of your thoughts to one that allows you to perceive, experience, and believe more in Light, in Love, in the power of possibility thinking. There is not one person, entity, force, or power that can control your thoughts IF you do not allow them to. If you are allowing your thoughts to stay focused on other than the rainbow of love, that is your choice. We want to make very clear to you that not one thing can allow your thoughts to be focused on anything but the beautiful colors of the rainbow of Love unless you allow it.

Stop giving your power away. Stop focusing on the shadows outside of the rainbow of Love. Yes, they are there. The shadows exist. Shadows manifest in all sorts of ways within and without you. You can focus on them at times to gain insight and awareness. You can learn of more that exists and is possible through the interplay of light and shadow, light and darkness, absence of light, absence of darkness. And there is no reason in all the universes to stay focused on darkness for any reason. There is no need to fight darkness. Fighting darkness informs the very darkness you want to overcome that it is a worthy and therefore powerful opponent. If you want to experience more light than darkness, simply focus more on Light. That does not mean that darkness does not exist. You may be naive of darkness. That is not a bad thing. It is called innocence. Innocence is precious and rare. Innocents are naturally protected from darkness simply because they don’t perceive it. What you focus your attention on increases. Innocence is the state of being ignorant of darkness. In this understanding, ignorance truly is bliss.

Those who are innocent to evil do not experience evil because they do not perceive evil. Dwell on that, dear ones. Would you rather be old and wise or young and innocent? It is much easier to be pure of heart when you are young and innocent. When you are wise to the ways of the world and men, you become skeptical, cynical, doubtful, and weary. What value does knowledge or riches have if the path of acquisition is joyless or takes you further and further away from innocence, joy, wonder, and delight?

We encourage you as much as possible to let go of those wordly attitudes and possessions that keep you in readiness for battle. It does not matter if the battle is fighting other people, ideas, old age, ill health, environmental destruction, war, drugs, abuse, another team, a political party or candidate, personal or global poverty, hunger, obesity, global warming, a military regime, terrorists, or any other entity or cause. Fighting something empowers it. Your attention on it as a worthy opponent disempowers you and empowers whatever you are fighting against. A much better approach is to focus on what you do want to increase, magnify, or empower rather than what you don’t want. Embrace abundance for yourselves and for all. Share your abundance with others and it increases. Increase your knowing that your body can heal itself by believing it and focusing on things that you know enhance health and well-being and you will experience more wellness. Focus on peace and you will see/feel/experience many examples of peace. Spend time with the people, past-times, activities, and events that you love and things you don’t love will diminish in your awareness.

If you are concerned about going to war, think of peace. You can do this in a number of ways. You can imagine things are harmoniously co-existing between two cultures as they have for many centuries. You can imagine that any current disruptions are small and momentary rips in the larger predominant fabric of peace. And you could also imagine that these very rips will lead to a level of quantum healing that may not have been possible if those rips had not occurred. Are you ready to accept a level of diplomacy and human understanding that will ensure lasting peace? Envision, imagine, co-create whatever outcome you truly want rather than put any time, energy, thought, conversations into what you do not want or the perpetuation of anything that is other than healing love and light being expressed in the world.

We know we are giving you many ideas that those who have established a level of control over you do not want you to think about. Therefore, we invite you to do exactly that - think well on these ideas until they are more than ideas. Empower yourselves to truly be the change you wish to see in the world through your thoughts and choices. You can truly change the world through your choices when you take that into your beingness. It is all about belief. Belief is not some abstract, arbitrary concept.

Belief is real and powerful or none of your isms would exist and you would not feel so passionate about your religions, political parties, social mores, ethics, and so many things you debate and argue about. Think about who instilled many of these ideas in you or your culture and why? Are your allegiances empowering you and your society in general or causing more division, unrest, and darkness to be perpetrated in the world? Are your beliefs aligned with the concept of Oneness or do they take you further from that concept. Think well, dear ones. You are sovereign beings. Nothing outside of you has any power over you unless you allow it. Light, Love, Innocence, Oneness.

We are loving you powerfully.

And so it is.

The Collective of Guides

Messages from Matthew

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Message from Matthew

November 20, 2015

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. As some in the Illuminati ranks are being arrested or ousted from influential positions and others are abandoning ship, the hardliners are digging in their heels where they still have some leverage. Most noticeable is what their international drug trade funds—CIA and Mossad “black ops” activities, which include downing the Russian plane, and ISIS, the source of the recent massacre in Paris.

Because the public at large isn’t aware that the Illuminati even exist, there is no understanding that they act independently of their countries’ governments in planning and carrying out acts of violence. Thus finger-pointing is at the United States, home of the CIA, or Israel, which is thought of as the Zionist homeland. The truth is, a rogue faction of the CIA follows Illuminati orders; and the Zionist movement is the Illuminati’s militant and spy operation that never has served the best interests of Israelis or Jewish people anywhere else. Eventually those distinctions will become widely known, and indeed that is important; however, it cannot ease the sorrow of losing loved ones or other life-changing traumas in any of the tragedies perpetrated by the Illuminati.

The assault on Paris served their aim by causing death, grief and, initially, chaos and fear, but the act was born of growing desperation about fast-waning control and decreasing numbers of minions, and desperate individuals act without thinking rationally about the consequences. They intended to put and keep the world in the grip of fear—they feed on the energy of fear; instead, they united the world in the high vibrations of compassion and resolve to stand strong against terrorism.

Military might has been galvanized, police are pursuing instigators and suspects, and the search for potential terrorists extends across national borders, but finding and fighting terrorist groups wherever they are will not stop them. Only eradicating terrorism’s roots can do that. The hatred that underlies terrorism—and has led to millions in refugee populations—is rooted in one or more circumstances that can be linked to Illuminati activities or teachings: self-serving foreign interference, betrayal, economic exploitation, bigotry. Each generation instills in the next that all who generate such circumstances must be eliminated, and none realizes that all of them are merely puppets in a diabolical play scripted by manipulative individuals who are fast losing ground. As vibratory rates keep rising, minds and hearts on both sides of this heart-wrenching divide in your society will be opening so that empathy, mutual respect and kindness can replace hatred, prejudices, vengeance and fear of differences.

Momentum in Earth’s energy field of potential has been moving ever more forcibly toward the end times of dark controllers as their opposition has grown increasingly formidable and widespread. Along with intensifying light on the planet, the expanding strength of parties collaborating to uproot all of the Illuminati’s malicious tentacles assures that their worldwide network is on its way to permanent dismantlement.

Then the society can proceed full tilt to continue what amounts to a global salvage operation after a massive storm swirled around the world. The first steps were taken when some of Earth’s Golden Age planners met with some of your wisest individuals to determine the best ways to hold the Illuminati accountable for their crimes against humanity; recover their vast fortunes that were illegally and immorally amassed and fairly distribute those monies as well as release technologies they have long suppressed; end polluting and remedy environmental damage; and disclose and halt the various forms of mind control. Along with those efforts underway, truths will come forth about the presence and assistance of other civilizations, the laws that govern life in this universe, and the interconnected consciousness of everything in existence. Energy streamers in those areas and all others where change and enlightenment are needed are gathering power to propel Earth to her destiny: Restoration to her original health and beauty and her humankind living peacefully, cooperatively and in harmony with all of Nature. 

Beloved family, we understand your impatience for that destiny to reach fruition. You don’t remember that by comparison with other civilizations, the passage of Earth’s peoples out of millennia of dark captivity into the light of freedom is occurring almost in the blink of an eye. How we wish you could see your world from our vantage point! Not only would you marvel at the speed and scope of accomplishments, but you would see how greatly your light is contributing to the progress and upliftment of your society.
Now we shall continue answering your insightful questions about the soul. “When souls were breathed/birthed/created by the Creator, did it all happen at once or has it taken place spasmodically over time and is, perhaps, still happening?” The “ingredient” of every soul, which is pure love-light energy, came into being with Creator’s first expression of Itself in what you call “the big bang.” The “birth” of independent, inviolate, eternal soul-selves, which began after that momentous occasion when their “ingredient” was created, has been happening ever since then in your concept of linear time and, as far as we know, will continue until every soul in the cosmos remembers and returns to its Beginnings in Creator.      

“Am I right in thinking that the Creator births us in groups of about 60 souls, about 30 of which become our family soul group? We mostly move through our chosen incarnations playing out different agreed roles within those groups but sharing contracts, occasionally, with souls from other soul groups as the need arises?”  There is no rigidity about the numbers of souls within any group, or cluster; but indeed souls from one group may share contracts with those in another as the need arises. However, during this era when the entire universe is in acceleration mode and countless souls are taking advantage of the unique opportunity to choose concentrated karmic lessons so they can complete them in one lifetime rather than several or even many lifetimes in a third density world, another form of cooperation is much more prevalent. In addition to experiencing their own chosen lessons, many souls are assisting others with theirs. Heretofore this was usually within the cumulative soul group—which can number in the thousands—but now strong souls are sharing the karmic burdens of weaker souls in any group anywhere in the universe. The purpose of this extraordinary assistance that exemplifies unconditional love is to strengthen weak links within the Oneness of All. 

“Does every soul split into a Twin Soul?”  It isn’t that souls “split,” and twin souls, or twin flames, are rare. They are the simultaneously co-created first two personages in a root soul’s long lineage, and because they are endowed with identical qualities, their feelings for each other are the most intense that any soul can feel for another. Twin souls in a physical civilization are irresistibly attracted to each other, and while the sexual aspect is strong, it is their profound feeling of needing to be together that overwhelms all other considerations; often this highly emotional attachment leads to serious disagreements and the souls part ways. In a spirit world, the twins are equally attracted to each other but without physicality’s “smothering” love; and however far apart the two may be in the universe, their bond enables joyous telepathic communication and sublime feelings about a shared beginning in pure love.  

“It sounds as if ‘soul contract flexibility’ means that even if people don’t follow their contracts, they still evolve. How is this fair to people who do live according to their contracts?”  Flexibility doesn’t pertain to conscious decisions that are contrary to contract provisions, but to the ways whereby provisions may be experienced. Say, for example, that the choice is to leave this lifetime suddenly at age 25 in a vehicle crash. Shortly before reaching that age, the person is skiing and gets buried deeply in snow when an avalanche roars down the mountain; or, a few weeks after celebrating the 25thbirthday, the person is hiking in the woods and fatally hit by a hunter’s stray bullet. Either of those possibilities would serve the same purpose as the contract choice. That is a dramatic example, to be sure, but flexibility applies to any provision—perhaps a job, residence location, financial investment or special event—that offers the same karmic lessons and the same growth potential to all souls in the pre-birth agreement.

“Matthew said, ‘a person’s etheric body and lifetime memories enter Nirvana.’ What happens to people with dementia who lost their memory?” Dementia creates layers of forgetfulness around a person’s memory bank, the repository of all memories throughout the lifetime. After personalized healing in Nirvana, where the layers are gently removed, all memory is restored, including the stages of “losing” it.

“When a soul in the tiny orb part of Nirvana accepts the light, is that what Christians call redemption?”  No, at least not knowledgeably. Christian teachings about redemption are akin to a person gaining God’s forgiveness by repenting for having lived wickedly according to religious concepts of sin and Judgment Day. A soul that absorbs enough light to embody and start evolution anew is in accordance with universal laws that people steeped in religious dogma most likely don’t know exist.

“I know a child who fits what I’ve heard about souls ‘born bad.’ Why would a soul choose this?” There is no such thing as a soul “born bad”—the composition of every soul is pure love-light energy. We don’t know about that child’s circumstances, but we can mention possibilities that could apply to any child who may be thought of as “chronically misbehaving.” The family’s pre-birth agreement may include the child’s behavior as opportunities for the parents to learn patience and other parenting skills such as accepting the child’s limited capabilities, nurturing his or her abilities and interests, and equitable treatment of siblings. Discomfort due to an undiagnosed physical condition could underlie a child’s rebelliousness; so could adverse reactions to chemicals in food, water or medications, and toxicity in vaccines may have produced symptoms similar to autism. If there is ongoing tension in the home, a child could be responding to the low vibrations emitted in that kind of atmosphere. A discarnate entity that doesn’t realize its physical life ended could have attached itself to a child during a period of severe physical, mental or emotional stress; if so, an experienced energy worker can help the entity understand its status and help it move on to a spirit world.

If there is no pet in the home, let us offer this suggestion: Let the child choose a companion animal and discuss at the appropriate age level the child’s responsibilities in caring for it. It is immensely heartening that many in your world, including in the medical establishment, are seeing the significant benefits of a close human-animal relationship for people of all ages—this is a significant step in a society’s advancement.

“If souls who are stillborn or die as infants chose that in their contracts, can they remember doing it or anything at all about other lives?” In the case of stillborn infants, souls leave the bodies with full knowledge that this is in accordance with the family’s pre-birth agreements, which are designed for the experiencing needs of all participants. As babies who die in infancy grow older in Nirvana—and they age there much more quickly than your calendar years pass—they remember their choices and purpose, to provide soul growth opportunities to others in the pre-birth agreements. And, like all others in spirit worlds, they become consciously aware of soul-level knowledge to the extent it was remembered or experienced in all other lifetimes.  
Our message about lost souls evoked the following questions. “Is a lost soul still an inseparable part of God?” It is as long as it remains in the basest part of a spirit world in this universe.  If it is deemed by Creator to be permanently light-resistant, or “lost”—and only Creator can decide that—the soul’s energy is reabsorbed into Creator’s cosmic essence, where it had its Beginnings. 

“Do a lost root soul’s progeny know what happened to them?” No. The instant their life force is withdrawn, they lose the ability to know anything whatsoever. However, that their energy and the root soul’s energy were reabsorbed by Creator is within cosmic consciousness, therefore within the mass consciousness of this universe; and when the progeny reemerge from Creator’s essence and regain their memory fields, knowledge of what happened to them is available.

“When people in lost root souls’ lineage are ‘redeemed,’ where will they start over? How will they explain to others what happened to them?” They won’t need to explain anything to anyone. When their lives abruptly ended, family and friends who believe in an afterlife assumed that’s where those souls are. And so they will be—they will regain conscious awareness and all memories in their civilization’s spirit realm. 

Of course we shall happily answer other questions you may have about the soul, and we hope that the information in this and prior messages has shown the infinite importance of each and every soul and the inseparability of all in the Oneness of All.   

Dear brothers and sisters, as you continue your Earth journey, know that light beings throughout this universe honor your steadfastness in the light and embrace you with unconditional love.  
Suzanne Ward
[email protected]

DNA changes

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The future of DNA - Kryon
6 November 2015 - 8:38pm |  Druid1111

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. My partner steps aside, as he must for a channel like this to be given. He knows what this is like and has done it many times. He's in a place, if you wish to call it that, and he is listening like you are listening. He has distractions, however, that are not the ones that you have, and he has spoken of this before.

He is not talking now. I am and, again, we say that perception must be clean for you in order to cognize what is being said. I speak of things that are beyond his knowledge and I talk about the real energy of this planet that is physical right now. We've spoken of odd physics many times, but we're not going to today. Instead, we're going to talk about physical, three-dimensional things that are affecting you through a multidimensional source that is changing that which you know and understand.

Planetary Shift Has Been The Prophecy of Many

We have said now for years that physical change was coming to the planet. The prophecies have been clear in their own vague way, and they say that the consciousness of the planet itself is going to shift, and that the planet will become "softer" in humanism, and that unexpected things would happen. We even told you there might be a wild card coming and that you're going to get more of them. These wild cards would be unexpected or improbable things - world-changing inventions you didn't expect, actions from others you didn't expect and even benevolence you didn't expect. Softer energy is coming to you, and that is very sweet, and many have said that's a good prediction and a wonderful prophecy. I want to tell you what's really happening however, and I want to give you the ABCs of it, as you say. I want to give you the physical 3D reality of what's going on around you.

Some of this will appear to you as a review, but it isn't. It's a consolidation of many little pieces that I have given you before in order to show you what is going on today. The subject is DNA. DNA is not simply a chemical molecule in your body. It is a multidimensional piece of divinity. The very molecule that you call DNA is all over the galaxy, dear ones. It is life and it is the way life forms everywhere. It is the patterning and the geometry of life everywhere and you're going to see this someday as you are able to examine other life you find outside your planet. DNA can only change through physics, for it is physics that controls chemistry. It's about to change.

The Physics of Consciousness

Let me review some things I have said in the past so you can see how it relates to the lesson today. Twenty-six years ago when I started giving messages, I told my partner to write in his first book, that the magnetic grid of the earth would be shifting. Indeed, it did. This is now science history, and magnetic north moved a few degrees since that time. I gave the message that your magnetic grid is related to, or intertwined with, the physics of Human consciousness. Be clear on this: Consciousness is not a wispy esoteric thing that can't be measured. It's real physics that you just have not seen yet. Many experiments on the planet at this moment are aware that the strength of the magnetic field actually shifts with mass Human consciousness (a coherence with compassionate events on the planet). When you are eventually able to measure multidimensional fields in a clearer way, you will be able to see the correlation between the magnetic field of the earth and Human consciousness. Therefore, you might say, "As goes the grid goes Human consciousness." Now you know why I'm called, "The Magnetic Master".

The Magnetic Grid and The Change Coming

What you should be aware of is that the grid hasn't moved much in Human history and has remained fairly static through your many lifetimes. In 1987, however, it started to move a lot. The reason? It is moving so it can be positioned to receive something - something expected that is coming. Think of it as moving your furniture so that you can better view something you didn't know was viewable. The reposturing of the grid is for something coming that we are going to call "evolutionary energy" and it's physical. It is really physical! In fact, you can even see it coming!

Months ago and years before that, we told you that your planet is going into an area of space that it never has been in before. This is not esoteric. Ask an astronomer, “Is the solar system coming out of a protective bubble into a new kind of radiation or energy that you haven't seen before?” Is it possible that your solar system is losing a protective sheath that it’s always had because of where it was in space?

Let me explain this more to those who don't understand much about galactic movement and your solar system. All the stars in your galaxy are slowly moving around the center. Your solar system and its star (the Sun) has always been on the move as it rotates around the center of the galaxy. As your solar system rotates around the middle, you are always in a new period of time and space. It moves so slowly, however (millions of years to go around one time), that for all of humanity, it has basically been in one energy, like a protective bubble - and now it changes. Don't believe it? Do your research or ask an astronomer if there is something different. Make this channelling real to you, and you will understand more fully what we are saying to you.*

The Role of the Sun

As you move into this new energy, or what some have even called "radiation", you should know how it works, for it's very related to your Sun. Physically, it affects the magnetic field of the Sun (the heliosphere), which then in turn is blasted to your own magnetic field via the solar wind. That's the physics of it, but dear one, let me give you the esoterics of it. This has been the plan all along, that if you made it as a Human race past the 2012 marker, you would pass into this area of space and the magnetics would shift, allowing Human consciousness to change. Dear ones, this was always here waiting for you to pass the marker! This is why I came 26 years ago and told you the magnetics would shift. This is an evolutionary energy that is going to affect your Sun - the heliosphere of your Sun - which then will pass to the magnetic field of the earth, a field that has now been repostured for this new consciousness.

Oh, there are those intellectuals who would say, "Well, what if we had destroyed ourselves as the prophecies said we would? What if there were no Humans to receive this?" It's simple. No Humans would have been here, but the planet would have still moved into this new area of space and the same energies would have been there, but you would not have been. Simple. But indeed, here you are!

So now you can see that the prophecy from the indigenous is also being fulfilled, for they told you about the changes coming after the precession of the equinoxes (December 2012). How could they have had this prophecy about your movement into a new place around your galaxy? Think about it! These things are not new, and even the ancients told you it was coming! They may not have known the specifics of science, but their prophecy is the same one I have: New consciousness is coming.

Dear ones, I want you to continue to put together these pieces physically in what you can see. As we told you, these changes affect your Sun. The heliosphere of your Sun changes you magnetic grid. Now, for this all to work, the Sun had to be quiet for this. I want you to ask an astronomer about the Sun and the cycles of the Sun. Ask about what period of radiance the Sun is in at the moment. The astronomer will tell you that it appears to be one of the quietest cycles that the Sun has ever seen. Solar flares and sunspots are disturbances in the multidimensional field that surrounds the Sun, so these had to be gone while the new energies were starting to be implemented. For this all to work, the Sun had to be as quiet as possible, and it is. The Sun's quiet time is also affecting your weather, and we told you that, too. Due to its quietness, you're in a cycle of weather that we also predicted [a cold time coming] that also has a lot to do with the energy that's coming. That's physical. Ask an astronomer, “Are they worried about all this?” Some of them are and others are not. But it is affecting you and the planet right now. Now you know why the magnetic grid was changed when it was changed and why. That's physical.

The Esoterics of It All

Now, at the same time that all this above physical shift was happening, we gave you esoteric information about the Pleiadian nodes and the nulls.** Is it possible that the Pleiadians themselves, having been here at the beginning and knowing about this coming change, actually helped with the prophecies (influenced the ancient calendars and prophecies)? Indeed, this is true, but it appeared to the indigenous as "intuition from the ancestors". The nodes and the nulls left by the Pleiadians are fast-track engines that are affecting the grids of the planet.*** Consciousness is related to the grids of the planet, remember? But not just the Magnetic Grid was involved. It also includes the Crystalline Grid (Human emotional remembrance) and the Gaia grids - all of them. These are all being worked on at this time in combination with the new evolutionary energy from the Sun. These grids are being fed, if you want to call it that, by the nodes and the nulls. What is it all doing? What is the real bottom line of all this? The answer: These confluences of energies that are shifting and changing are all directly affecting one thing - your DNA.

The DNA Evolution is Coming

The DNA of the Human Being is ready to shift and change. You'll never see it in a microscope because it's not chemical; it's physics. Listen for a moment, for you have already seen how this works. The 90 percent of DNA that heretofore was junk is now understood by your science.**** Science now understands that this 90 percent is information - a manual - a control panel for the genes. But it's still a mystery as to what it actually contains or how it gives out the information to the genes. What is not acknowledged yet is that it is a multidimensional transmission. To most biologists that would be a stretch, but there actually is a bit of quantumness in your DNA, and this has also been scientifically seen (Garaiev and Popoinin experiments with DNA).*****

This 90 percent of DNA is like trillions of antennas in your body, ready to receive information and then rewrite the manual via the changes in your grids. The DNA is going to receive information and shift. It's going to affect genetics. Mothers will receive it first and pass it to their children. Mothers, you don't even know you've got it, yet you are passing it to your kids right now. Are you aware of the books of my partner from more than 10 years ago about "The Indigo Children"? These children were precursors to the new energy. The kids are different! It started before 2012 - way before - since the potentials were very high that you would make it, and you did. Mothers of grandchildren, do I have to ask you if they are different? Very different!

Changes in the Kids are First

A Human baby comes into the planet today, but what is going on today is different from when you were born. You're in a new place in space, the Sun is quiet, you have the nodes and the nulls feeding new information into the grids, and the paradigm of consciousness is different for them than it was for you. Their Genesis cells, the "how a Human works" cells, are changing.

Things will start working that are unusually different for standard Human nature. The intuitive self, the barrier between innate and consciousness, will start to improve. The barrier starts to become less. Be ready for children who have very accurate intuition about what's wrong with them. If they tell you something's wrong, take them to the doctor! Immediately. Don't tell them, "It's your imagination, honey", or, "It will be okay later; it's growing pains." Do you hear that? There are those listening to this right now who need to hear that, because their children are saying, "I feel funny; something’s wrong." Mothers who are used to raising children are also used to an old energy paradigm that has a certain health template. This is changing. The kids are starting to awaken to being intuitive about their own health. The bridge isn't built yet to innate, but it is closer with them and they're feeling something. Innate is talking to them for the first time. Listen: You didn't have it, but they do. Listen to them.

The Akash of the child is starting to become clearer. These children are going to tell you many things about who they've been and what they've done. If you're a parent and you are listening to this now, the worst thing you can do is suppress it. The best thing you can do is to tell the child the absolute truth, the absolute truth: "I believe you." When you say things out loud, it helps the child. That's truthful and the child will get it. Listen, parent: In these things, be an ally to your child, and it will change your relationship with your children. Be honest with them about it all. Tell them not everyone will understand, so there are times to be quiet about it. These are instructions for kids in the New Age. These attributes are going to get even stronger, and your instructions will make sense.

Instinct is going to work better than it ever has. Instinct is not something that you are used to seeing much in Humans. You see it in animals mostly, because the offspring of animals have a very strong survival instinct. It is passed to them so well that they can actually walk within hours of birth! You don't have that. However, this same mechanical passing of instinct is starting to become stronger in Humans, and especially that which will come from the Akash. It is chemical as well as being esoteric (genetic and Akashic). As it is in animals, you should have it also and you will. You're going to see children remembering how to walk and how to eat much earlier, without training. It will be faster than the older paradigm, and faster than the doctors who know about child development will have seen. It will be "off the scale". Get ready for it; it's instinct. It's simple chemistry. It's the DNA working better.

If you look at the DNA cell itself, you might ask, what is happening? The truth is that DNA is becoming more informed, some say "enabled". Now, there is a buzzword in esoteric belief called activation. Please don't change it, but know that it's not accurate. You are not activating anything. Instead, you are releasing DNA from a prison. If you have somebody who is crippled in a chair, shriveled and not able to move, yet suddenly they are released from this bondage, and the fingers untangle and the hand starts to become whole again, it's because something that has happened to the DNA. It hasn't happened to the hand, or to the muscle, or to the fingers, not even to the arm, but to the DNA. It's a release. I want you to hold this vision. All the changes I have talked about are about being released from a prison of crippled DNA! And (get ready), it happens to ALL DNA in the body at once. It's a "whole body experience", not a local "hand/arm" one.

Your DNA is crippled in this old energy, and it's your own free choice that created this. Your DNA, your lifespan (aging), your diseases are all where you wanted to take the energy of this planet, and your DNA cooperated. This is what you've lived with, and what is now changing. It's not DNA activation, it's DNA release. Release!

The profundity of it all: Do you realize the help that you have? Did you think for a moment that all of this was going to be you just doing these things? It involves the galaxy, the part of space you're in, the nodes and the nulls, and the creator of the Universe. It involves the Pleiadians, it involves your timeline, and it involves love. All of this is for you to sit in a new energy and release the bonds of your DNA. Now, dear ones, old souls, there is something you ought to know. You don't have to wait to be reborn for this. The old soul has the equipment inside right now, just like the newborn.

DNA Templates

Your DNA is filled with information and templates. Now, templates are patterns and paradigms of life. Most of these templates are ones that you have that are not complete. Now, what you don't know about a template is that is has what we would call a patterning of its own. If you have a portion of a template already, that is to say, a piece of the design, it draws to itself the rest of the design, if it can. Did you understand that? If you have a piece of the picture, that piece has an attitude - an attitude of desire - wanting the rest of the picture! As soon as it's possible to get that missing piece, it's like magnetics. It literally flies to itself and the template snaps into place and you get the whole thing. All of you have pieces of the template and the ones who have the most profoundly "ready" pieces are old souls (the ones reading this). Your earth experience has waited for this! You are then going to complete the templates that are missing, old soul.

Genesis Cells: The Starting Template

This term I'm using in this message is a Kryon term today, not a medical term. There may be a medical term similar, but this is different. One of the templates that always exists and never goes away is part of the Human manual. It’s not as linear as in this explanation, but it will work. Think of it this way: I want you to think of the manual of birth. When you came in, what was the manual like? What page were you on when you were five days old? What page were you on at six months? What page were you on when you were 30? You all know that all the pages are different because of the chronology of growing up.

The pages are still there, and the template is still there for what I call Genesis cells. Genesis cells, as I will define them, are the cells of a newborn that accelerate growth and learning in a special way. The child absorbs so much of the world around him/her in six months. This includes speech, language, the beginning of standing and walking, and much more. The antennas of the Genesis manual are so big! They are listening to the attitudes and the consciousness of everything around them. You already know that. It's active for a newborn Human, then it slows down and you become the adult. Genesis cells are magic. They are used at first, then they are not, but they're still there and never go away. The template is still there, the instruction sets for how they are made, if you want to call it that, are still there. This is all physics, for the chemistry of how it all works is physics. What you should know about the children of today is that the antennas are up to 10 times as long as they were for you.

Now, old soul, what if I told you that you could release these cells now, make them active for you? They could be available for you now, just go get them in the manual. Do it with affirmations, do it with consciousness change, do it with meditation. However you communicate with innate, it's ready to release the Genesis cells from their time prison to be used again! What that means to you is fast-track growth to enlightenment! They work with the Akash!

It's for any situation you might have. Don't limit it to what you think you need! Always ask, "Dear Spirit, what do I need?" State, "Dear Spirit, this and something better." Use this potential! Genesis cells are ready for the old soul. I keep saying old soul, did you notice? In other words, a number of lifetimes gives you the template information that a newbie would not have who has only been on the earth a few times. Old souls have hundreds of lifetimes, maybe thousands in order to develop experience and the template of knowledge. Every one of you in this room can say to yourself, "I know that I've been here before" and your innate will vibrate with the truth of it. You know too much! You feel too much! You're in this room listening to channelling! This message is accurate and it's true. You're an old soul. Everything I've just told you is about the enhancement of the Human Being in an energy that you have expected.

I close with this: The secret to mining your Akash, or releasing the template, is by having a compassionate consciousness. Does that surprise you? That's what has been missing all along. If you are going to mine your Akash [pull upon the things you have learned in the past] and start rewriting who you are, you're going to have to come to an agreement of compassion with yourself. How are you doing with lack of anger, care for others, purity of God inside? The physics of consciousness to create compassion creates what I call compassionate action. It's for everyone in the room and those reading. An old soul knows how to do this. Listen: I know who you are. You wouldn't be listening or reading unless you were an old soul, even an uninterested old soul. You are one, and you know you are. Compassion is the king of all emotions at this point on the planet. It's going to lead you into an evolved state of love, and without compassion and caring for others, it is not going to work. In fact, nothing will work.

Very slowly there is going to be a split of consciousness on the planet, and we have talked to you about it before. There will be those who are compassionate and those who are not, and it's going to be obvious, so obvious! Caring and uncaring. There is a dark army right now on this planet. What is its "compassion factor"? Do you understand? It's a free choice state of mind, but that's the split to come. Don't worry about this, compassionate one. When you take the attributes of the master, light surrounds you. No more fortressing or protecting yourself from darkness. It will retreat from you automatically. No more catching the diseases of the day, they won't be able to touch you with compassion. It's physics; it's real; it's physical and it's happening now. Your society will reflect this sooner than you think. When you turn on your news and you think I'm crazy, just wait. There's some wild cards coming. Benevolence is a new energy!

I'm Kryon, in love with humanity.

And so it is.