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Andrea Elizabeth

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So long resentment

Posted on December 27, 2014 at 1:09 PM Comments comments (0)

HomeSo Long to Resentment 27 December 2014 - 11:42am |  AcaanaChanneler: Julie MillerSo Long to Resentment
Message from Archeia Lady Charity
received by Julie Miller
December 27, 2014


It is quite apparent that forgiveness can be something many Bright Hearts have trouble giving to others. And yes, there are many reasons why it is so difficult, and one of the reasons is that if you forgive the other person for whatever harm they have done that you are condoning their actions. And there are some dear souls that truly believe that if they forgive someone, they will open themselves for more hurt by the same person and that they must reconcile. 

Forgiveness, Bright Hearts is neither of these examples. What forgiveness is, is your opportunity to let go of the resentment towards others that have wronged you in any way, regardless of the size of the wrong. Resentment if allowed to stay too long can become extremely toxic to your good nature, the more you carry resentment, the more you suffer. Resentment has been known to cause detrimental effects to your health, your state of mind, add stress to your home or work place, adds disharmony to your soul and distances you further from God’s healing Light and Love. 
Yes indeed, forgiveness can bring you to the door of reconciliation, but it does not make you. It is your choice to reconcile with the one who has caused you the pain and upset. Forgiveness will free you from the feeling of guilt that often plagues one’s mind, thinking the incident that occurred was their fault. There is much power in forgiveness and when one forgives, they accept whatever part they had played and forgive themselves as well and release this to God so God may replenish the precious energy you lost during any moments of hurt and resentment with His unyielding love. 
It is important Bright Hearts to not carry resentment and to let it go. We understand how difficult this may be, but it is vital to let your dark and negative feelings go and to develop empathy towards the ones you have caused you harm and grief. The sooner you forgive, the sooner you are able to restore your inner self and bring yourself into a place of gratitude. 
We encourage you to understand that it is true Bright Hearts you cannot change the past; what was done is done. Some people simply lack a conscience and don’t seem to realize the pain they cause or choose to not care. Don’t spend your precious energy wondering, what-if scenarios. All you are doing is prolonging your own healing by staying in the past to rethink what had happened on something that cannot be changed. What happened in the past is something to learn from, but not meant for you to stay in. You are meant to move forward, to eagerly await what is to come next with enthusiastic joy even if the next step on your journey is leading you into new territory. 
What is also important for you to do as you begin to heal yourself through the power of forgiveness is trying to comprehend how such a situation has honestly and truthfully effected you and how it may continue to affect you if you don’t put an end to it by letting it go. When you are recovering from a traumatic circumstance, you know your mind races with all sorts of possibilities, many times misjudging yourself and of your own ability to perceive the truth because of your focus on the pain and grief. You are not as unlovable as another person may have said. You are worthwhile, you are loveable and you do deserve to be treated with decency, compassion and respect. 
To judge someone for their actions does not benefit you at all Bright Hearts. When you judge another, even the person that had caused the grief and pain, what you are doing is allowing the cycle to continue and to repeat as you continue to live in the past where the incident occurred instead of moving forward in the here and now. As long as you see the other person as some kind of enemy you will be unable to forgive them or have any empathy for them. You will be unable to let the situation go. We want you to free yourself from replaying these harmful memories. Forgiveness will not erase them, but it will make their occasional re-emergence less painful simply because you understood the necessity to let the person or persons involved go and you released your dark, negative feelings to God in favour of His endless Love and Light that is able to heal and nourish every aspect of you, your heart, mind, body and soul. 
As you work with forgiveness, it is important Bright Hearts to identify what needs of your own that were not met by this event that became a memory of hurt. It is up to you when it is time to mourn the burial of any traumatic event, but when you do, you begin to heal. 
After you have processed the situation and understand where the wrongs came in, you then profoundly comprehend that you are more capable than you realized to move past any hurtful experience which being empathetic can help you with. To empathize with one that was hurtful and unkind, you identify with their own individual, unique needs, what their possible situation is, try to understand their feelings and put yourself in their shoes for a moment and try to envision what it would be like to live their life. This helps you to better understand the person that caused you to feel hurt and discouragement. Understanding is a crucial element to the process of healing yourself. 
When you empathize with the other person or persons involved with the situation that brought pain and grief, you bring yourself to the gratifying door of compassion. You may feel pity for the other person, maybe even sadness that this person could not find a better way to express themselves. In addition, you may even offer to help them in some way and wish them well as you let them go. 
Forgiveness helps you move through different processes to overcome your hurt and grief and of letting the situation go, including all that was involved brings you to gratitude. You find yourself feeling grateful for having this experience as it helped to cultivate a stronger, more capable you. You know you would not have learned how strong you were without such an experience. After you have moved past the situation, you can see clearly the purpose of the situation and what it brought to teach you and how it helped to further develop you from the inside out. You will always overcome your obstacles, you know this as you have done this before. It is just sometimes you have trouble letting them go so you can heal from them. 
You may have moments Bright Hearts where you look back to view all that you have surpassed, just to remind yourself what you have weathered. What sometimes happens when you revisit these memories that you put to rest, is that resentment will try to rise its ugly head. All you need to do is go through the process of forgiveness once again in order to regain the freedom you gave to yourself. 
As we have mentioned previously, as you forgive others and yourself, you find yourself being more grateful and thankful for what you have and gone through. Practicing gratitude and thankfulness is a wonderful choice and way of life as it releases profuse amounts of positive energy into your life that has the ability to filter into other areas of your life. Gratitude Bright Hearts, is one of the healthiest emotions you can feel and express. 
Instead of returning to the memory that you put to rest, steer yourself to focus on what you are grateful for so you may see from a fresh perspective which will help bring you to a brighter mood. When you are in a thoughtful, grateful state of mind, you are moving away from thinking negatively. You are able to inspire and motivate yourself through your new focus that is filled with gratitude and positive-ness that is able to nurture the things that you value most. 
Practicing gratitude and thankfulness daily on a consistent basis will help uplift your spirits when life produces a challenge for you to move through. Even while going through a difficult time, gratitude is able to help keep you from becoming discouraged. Thanks to gratitude Bright Hearts, you are able to recognize that you have a full life in front of you, and that every meal can be a feast, a stranger can become a friend. When you work with gratitude, you are able to bring understanding to what occurred in your past so you may bring peace into your present that will thankfully help you create a happier vision of tomorrow. 
Bright Hearts, if you are able to truly believe that regardless what happens in life, that there is a divine purpose underneath it all, then you are able to unleash the power of gratitude in great magnitudes. When you’ve been hurt, we encourage you to forgive the ones who have harmed you and to forgive yourself and see you have much to be grateful for, including the experience you just endured. 
There is a greater power at work Bright Hearts, and remember all things work out as they are meant to and that you have all the necessary means to break all chains of discouragement. It is when you believe you can overcome your hurts, when you can forgive, let go and move forward; you are able to see and appreciate the joys and peace life has to offer and give.
And so it is…
I AM Archeia Lady Charity through Julie Miller  Login or register to post comments  |  Tags: AngelsHealingLoveMore..promote this story, get code


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Posted on December 24, 2014 at 1:01 PM Comments comments (0)
Well we made it through 2014.  What a year of change both of  heaviness and light.  The paradox of life.  We must carry the heavy burden of this energy to release what does not serve us, clear our karma so we can life a life full of light.  This year for me has been a shedding of old skin, relationships, ideas, ancestral issues, and awakening to the light inside all of us.  The veil has been lifted and I am seeing through new eyes today.  What an amazing year.  I have met so many new amazing people.  I have made so many new friendships.  Have lost a few friendships, but have gained more than I lost, so that is a definite plus. Also,  I began taking piano lessons.  (WTH) where did that come from? 

I began channelling a few months ago and began channelling musical notes, then colors and musical notes, then I read that music is color. I began piano shortly afer that .  I have taken only one and a half months or 4 lessons so far, but have played my first song and learned 3 notes.  I can already read music since I played the clarinet for about 8 years in my childhood.  I did not know I could remember so far back. 

What is coming out of this, is not really so much that I am playing the piano, but that the left side of my brain reads the music at the same time the right side reads music as I play with my fingers, and the realization I have found is the wisdon that had opened in the middle of my head as each side is busy playing and reading the music.  A wealth of wisdom is being opened up in the middle of my head. WTH.  I believe it to be ancient wisdom from past lives and journeys.  I will say that now, but I will write more when I discover its true nature.  2015 is going to be a fantastic year of widsom, joy uncovering or recoverying  life or spirit or God or nature, I am not sure yet, but check back at the end of 2015 and I am sure we will all not be the same as we aqe right now.


Challenge for December - Help someone

Posted on December 12, 2014 at 12:59 PM Comments comments (0)

Yesterday we supposedly had a big storm coming, people stocked up on water and food, people stayed home from work, schools were closed and we were told to batten down the hatches.  And guess what it’s just rained hard.  

This made me start to think how we live in lives in fear based on someone else’s ideas, beliefs and authority.  I also began thinking yesterday as a friend posted on Facebook that everywhere she travels there is a television.  And that the TV stations are owned by a few rich corporations who publicize, you guessed it FEAR. 

What if everyone began to turn off their Televisions, quit giving power to fear.  Because what you focus on runs your life.  If you are watching Television and talking about the big fear that is going to happen you are missing out on the spiritual opportunity to help yourself and your community.  What if we actually took some time to help one another, to help the elderly, the sick and the homeless?  Or anyone in our community for that matter. What if we taught our children these values as a way of life, not sitting in front of the television and living in constant fear of what is going to happen next.  What if we trusted in our higher power, we helped our neighbor as we would our family and let things happen instead of forcing everything to happen in our life.

How about we begin today to do something for someone else without anyone else knowing.  That’s my challenge to you this month.  Because in turn, the other person may take it to another level of helping another person and so on.  Something has to change for the world to see the good, instead of seeing the bad. Are you up for the challenge?

Beyond Traditional five senses

Posted on December 12, 2014 at 12:30 PM Comments comments (0)
12 4 2014 ~The traditional five senses – sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch – are these the only ways to perceive the world, to gain information, to experience reality?
In fact there are more than five senses, taking different forms, in various types of organisms, including humans. For instance, humans can also sense balance and acceleration, temperature, and pain due to nerve damage. There are other types of physiological receptors as well, some found in humans, some found in other organisms. To cite just a few examples, directional awareness based on Earth’s magnetic field occurs in birds and bacteria, various species of fishes as well as dolphins can detect electric fields, and for many types of fishes water pressure detection used to maintain buoyancy is critical.
But is there something more than the sorts of physiological-based senses described in the last paragraph? The answer to this question is of profound importance, as it fundamentally divides the world into two philosophical and metaphysical camps.
On the one hand we have the “physicalists-materialists” who believe there is nothing more to reality beyond matter and energy as construed by classical physics and western science more generally. This position devolves to a dogmatic scientism (sometimes referred to as naturalism) that posits the so-called scientific method, involving empiricism, observations, and laboratory experiments (generally with a heavy emphasis on measurements), as the only way to gain knowledge.
On the other hand, in sharp contrast to extreme scientism, are found a wide array of “ways of knowing.” These include a diverse range of experiences with equally diverse labels: religious insight, ecstasy, spiritual knowledge, meditative contemplation, divine illumination, aesthetic and symbolic revelation, visionary trances, out-of-body experiences, soul travelling, channelling of supernormal entities, and so forth.
In sum, scientism is often contrasted with spirituality, religiosity, and the preternatural, supernatural, or supersensitive in all of their disparate forms. Another way of putting this is that scientism denies any inner or beyond this material world aspects, such as the concept of consciousness, that are divorced from or in addition to physical matter and energy as perceived either directly or indirectly (using appropriate instrumentation) via the five senses. Those following the dogmatism of scientism often make a sharp distinction between the objective and the subjective; based on my research, this is a false dichotomy that often blurs under close scrutiny.
In terms of the mind-body problem, scientism essentially denies that consciousness is anything more than an epiphenomenon arising from physical-chemical processes taking place in the brain. The alternative extreme view is that consciousness exists outside of and beyond matter, and it is consciousness that in fact infuses the universe and makes matter manifest. Based on his understanding of modern physics, Amit Goswami (author of a standard textbook on quantum mechanics) has written:
“I propose that the universe exists as formless potentia in myriad possible branches in the transcendent domain and becomes manifest only when observed by conscious beings.”
It is not only from a quantum mechanical point of view that one can reach the conclusion that consciousness may be prior to matter. Erik Verlinde (Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Amsterdam) developed a new theory of gravity based on the concept that the universe is essentially a holograph where the structure of space-time emerges from information. Elaborating on Verlinde’s work, I came to the following conclusion:
“The most fundamental aspect of the universe… is information. Information can be equated with thought or mind or mental constructs independent of any material everyday conception…. The universe of mass and energy and forces, as we experience it on an everyday practical level, may have had its origin in a thought that inserted information into an otherwise blank (data free) holographic system…. Inserting more thoughts, more information, expands and changes the system…”
For me the bottom line is that not only can consciousness exist independent of matter, but consciousness – thought, information – is prior to matter in a most fundamental sense. This position is diametrically opposed to dogmatic scientism and opens, even demands, the acknowledgment that not only is there more to reality than can be perceived by the “five senses,” but in order to gain a complete picture and understanding of reality we must gain knowledge in ways that go well beyond the five senses, beyond the simplistic so-called scientific method. We need philosophical, religious, transcendent experiences and the genuine knowledge such experiences bring. Those who limit themselves to their material physiology can never aspire to understand the ultimate nature and meaning of the universe.
This assertion that consciousness is beyond matter is not just an empty statement for me. We have latent powers to exercise, and such powers have been expressed in a variety of contexts through the ages. Various forms of paranormal and parapsychological experiences elicit and highlight these latent powers, most often expressed as telepathic interactions (direct mind-to-mind, direct consciousness-to-consciousness, connections) or psychokinetic interactions (consciousness directly affecting matter and energy).
Make no mistake; telepathy and psychokinesis are genuine. Remote viewing, which is essentially telepathy and clairvoyance dressed in modern terminology, has been successfully demonstrated over and over again under controlled laboratory conditions.
Indeed, telepathy may be the most fundamental way to connect directly with the universal consciousness, with the numinous, with the divine. What is silent prayer but telepathy put to action to communicate with one’s god?
Numerous techniques can be used to cultivate and elicit paranormal experiences, experiences that scientism either dismisses or fails to take seriously, and these have been developed within many different religious and cultural contexts, from the rituals of tribal African societies to the yogis of the Indian subcontinent to Zen practitioners to classic shamanism to séances in all their diverse forms to western occult and esoteric studies. All, at their core, elicit different but complementary ways of gaining access to legitimate knowledge that is beyond the five senses.

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5 Vital Signes of Spiritual Transformation

Posted on December 2, 2014 at 1:54 PM Comments comments (0)

Spiritual transformation is a harrowing experience. When spiritual energy shifts and comes to a peak, forcing human consciousness to expand, it challenges the body to play catch up. The physical feeling is described in two words: off balance. You might feel like a teeter-totter swinging between the hope of new change and a force of counter-will pulling you back, which is fear ignited in the face of change. ‘Counter-will’ is one tough customer and also one of THE most prevalent signs of spiritual transformation. ‘Counter-will’ is also known as the big ‘R’ of Resistance. In many ways, spiritual transformation mirrors the journey of a flower. The tiny seed’s energy, that quintessential invisible essence, forces the hull open. From the soil’s darkness, it grows rapidly upward into the light. Into full bloom. It sways with the wind for a while. Then, the essence lets go and the flower’s body returns to the Earth. The flower doesn’t have a choice in the matter. It grows because it’s alive. Its purpose is to bloom. Humans evolve on a similar continuum. Our vibrant magnificent blooms are consciousness awakening, expanding, and opening up. Opening up into what? Into full conscious understanding of the spiritual self. Through an integrated connection between the soul life and the human self. Integration is a complete understanding that human life is an achievement (or actualization), through the soul’s fulfillment. When spiritual transformation happens, spiritual matters come into focus and we realize the soul’s existence. Tucked like petals, within the human experience. So, what is that force, pushing us, urging us to grow? How do we harness our soul’s spiritual energy bubbling up, begging to be acknowledged, into conscious awareness within the body, without falling apart?

Vital Signs of Spiritual Transformation1.   Fatigue and exhaustion, an overwhelming feeling of tiredness. 2.   Intense dreams that are frightening, provoking symptoms of fear, anxiety, or depression. 3.   Life is literally falling apart (loss of job, marriage, home, or finances). 4.   Increased empathic awareness, feeling other people’s feelings. 5.   Sickness or strange symptoms that have not been remedied through modern medicine. You know you are in a Spiritual Transformation when the body, including emotions, is in discomfort. This happens because although the mind’s logic will do somersaults to negate a spiritual experience, the body never lies. During times of increased intra-psychic-spiritual stress, peeling back the layers of the human experience is exhausting. A lot of energy has to go into this integration. Because the brain acts like a filter, to reduce massive amounts of information down into the physical, sifting through impressions on the conscious mind, the power being used increases fatigue. When an uptick of spiritual energy floods consciousness, the brain works hard using all its power to make sense of it. The senses overwhelm the mind resulting in confusion, frustration, and exhaustion. The shifting self is elusive and the adjustment, called integration, can wreak havoc on a body if not supported.

Spiritual Remedies During a spiritual life transition, without a spiritual practice, sometimes the language of the soul is lost or buried. The remedy is in putting the pieces together, or fusing the soul’s way of processing language, back into consciousness.

Increase Daily Practice: Doing soul fulfilling exercises daily is a commitment to the process. Recognizing the soul’s journey is an important part in the transition, not only trying to rid oneself of the difficult symptoms. Although often times that is what gets our physical attention!

Priming the Mind: A good question to start with: ask yourself before going to bed at night, “How does my soul come into form?” Does it imprint visually, kinesthetically, or auditory? What symbols does it use to express its language? With what words? Set your intention or prime your mind to receive an answer. Make sure to keep a journal by your bed. If you wake up at an odd time during the night, write everything down about the experience for later reflection.

Detoxifying Baths: Using the healing power of water, incorporate detoxifying elements into it that are pleasing to the senses. This is an ancient way of cleansing the body and relaxing the mind. It is a process about letting go, not trying to figure anything out. Take a relaxing bath to ease tension and stress on the body. Use Epsom salts, fresh flowers, dried flowers, essential oils. Light a candle and close your eyes. Try to let rapid thoughts that come into consciousness flow down an imaginary stream that carries them away from your bath.

Increase Grounding Foods: Grounding and healing foods are another great way to clear out the old and support the body with foods that ground the body more firmly into the physical reality. Ancient grains like oats, barley, quinoa, amaranth, spelt, and rye are excellent grounding foods. Eating these cleansing grains instead of white flour can aid the physical transition immensely. Using Celtic or Himalayan sea salts are also healing and help detoxify.

Environmental Feng Shui: Get rid of old clutter and emotional ties in the environment. Anything that serves as a symbol of times past needs to go. Just try it for a week. Clear out everything you currently have, photos, statues, and objects that represent something from the past. Keep a journal about your reality for the next week with these objects removed. Write down your observations of what happens. Work from inside of each room and notice the difference. Especially take notice of your bedroom and office areas. Anywhere you spend a great deal of time. 

Diving Deep Learning how to connect with oneself on a spiritual level, one must open all the senses and listen to the self, which speaks through a myriad of ways. Be open to receiving the message of healing. Everyone is different and reliance on the spiritual self will reveal or your own individual remedy. This is the best way to transition through the discomfort, by holding your own counsel. Hearing your own healing coming through is empowering and leads to a quicker transition and ultimately, less symptoms.

New Magickal Planes Now Created

Posted on November 30, 2014 at 3:31 PM Comments comments (0)

 30 November 2014 - 3:06pm | anarchistbanjo
Here is an important update on astral events. But first I would like to summarize what has happened to this point. In October the new 3D crystalline hologram became activated and Gaia’s stalled ascension resumed. This new crystalline hologram made short work of the astral sewage blocking further progress and soon integrated with the other already ascended levels creating a new 10D crystalline hologram. Humanity finalized its split into either new elves or new humans. Most recently the energy connection the new humans had with Gaia was completely severed leaving them only their spiritual connection. The severance of these earth connections resulted in an intensifying of “collective bonds” and the further empowerment of “social institutions” that have no basis on organic reality. The world of the new human is ruled and empowered by rules, regulations and laws. It is the world of the hive mind.

This period from the November new moon till now has also seen new energetic connections being made among the new elves as they try to find their Divine Counterparts. This is seen as a grace period that will last until the energies of the new year begin coming into Gaia’s Unity Grid after the full moon of Dec 6 and reaching their peak at the winter solstice. This sorting out and making new connections has been taking place on the spiritual planes as life lines are created that will act as bridges between Divine Counterparts.

Last evening Nov 29,2014, this process completed and the new blueprint for the connection of Divine Couples passed from the spiritual planes to the magickal planes for physical manifestation. This involved the creation and activation of an entirely new magickal plane that was completely severed from new human clutter and interference. The solutions require Divine Counterparts to thread their ways through this new human clutter and become free of it before they can unite. This will take some time and will not be easy but the astral itself is empowering this effort.

To be honest some solutions have indicated that some Divine Counterparts will only be united after the death of their physical bodies and they are united in 4th density. Others have found solutions that will allow them to become united within this lifetime in crystalline 3D. In any case solutions have been found and all is in readiness for the global activation of the new 10D hologram at the winter solstice and Christmas. And this is to be launched with a massive display of light and love.

The ascension process is nearing its completion with 2015 being the first year of the new 10D hologram and marking the completion of the “new elf” pattern for Divine Counterparts.

A final note on the new humans. This will mark an extremely difficult time for those new humans that have difficulty conforming to the new societies rules and regulations. It will see many souls begin to fragment in their inability to fit into these new energy pathways. It is vital for everyone to not get pulled in to the emotional and mental crisis of others during this time. There is nothing they can do. The time for all that is now past and we are emerging from the birth canal.

Metatron 2014

Posted on November 24, 2014 at 1:23 PM Comments comments (0)
Greetings Masters ! I am Metatron, Lord of Light! 

As 2013 enters its final weeks, we ask each of you to take pause and consider the powerful progression of events you have experienced individually and cumulatively over the past year. Whether or not you fully recognize that the Planetary Ascension has occurred is truly a moot point, for time moves faster now than ever before.

Masters 2014 is a year of extreme change, and these changes logically occur in primary nodes you term as astrological events. Yet these are far more than you currently comprehend.Within each node are codes that affect your auric field through induction. These codes serve myriad purpose.
A coded astrological event is like an animated energy fountain, an organic cascade that affects you on a very deep level. It is an infused conscious and purposeful coordination of sacred frequency. Within its own arrangement of particalized light, it is just as alive as you are, the difference being that it has no individual agenda and its evolution depends upon its environment as well as the environments of all other star gates. If astrological powernodes, specifically solstices, equinoxes and eclipses were to be truly understood as the devices of induction they truly are, you would then define them more aptly as an aperture in the space time contingency, an insert succinctly purposed & governed by the organic geometric nature and framework of resonance of their entry into your plane and their expansive essence. Nothing stands still, and regardless of how time and dimensionality are measured, change continues to reveal and express itself astrologically….and logically so.
And so as we begin this discussion of 2014, we encircle each and every one of you with a nurturing energy and with the field of self empowerment, for each of you are truly Masters on your path of individual Ascension. It is our purpose to offer you inspiration and clarity, but indeed it is once and always requisite that YOU, as a sacred and sovereign BEING, practice discernment with this and any such ‘channeled’ message.

Dear Ones, in these radically transitional times, always remember that Spirit speaks of LOVE. Spirit does not attack. Every current religion on your Earth has its truths and distortions. Discernment is the key. It is requisite of you to decide what is true and what is not, based on heart and NOT FEAR. No true sacred expression limits its truth, its beauty, to one grouping.

The current time offers each of you an opportunity to choose to live free, to choose to release worry and fear, and create your own well-being. Respect and Nurture one another, and embrace LOVE. It is the science and frequency of God. It is the way that the Nation of Humanity will UNITE, it is the way humanity will Ascend, and 2014 is a key phase for allowing you to coherently create the Earth you desire. Year Two of the New Earth, 2014, energetically initiates the true phase into what is termed the ‘Age of Aquarius’, the true beginning of the Aquarian Shift.

A Key Time

Accordingly Masters, you are in the folds of a key sojourn. Indeed there are specific lifetimes that are more highlighted within your vast sojourns, certain vectors in space-time that offer succinct quantum leaps. Within these are crucial crossroads of decision that define you. This is one of those lifetimes. Energy and time are moving fast, much is happening on your Earth as you continue to adjust and calibrate to the Crystalline transitions of the New Earth in 2014. It will not be easy, nothing truly worthwhile occurs without focal effort … but it will be a joyous accomplishment and credential. For you are among the souls that are collating to create the planet of harmony.
Accordingly 2014 is an incredibly important year, in many ways more so than 2013. For in 2013 you were in the early phases of adjustment to the New Earth. You were exercising the utility of new chakras that extend into higher dimensions. In 2014 you will begin stretching new wings and trying out flight into new spectra. You will be working in theta coherency to visually create a world of harmony ! It will take time but potent tools are now in place. What happened in 2013 was a new beginning. That new beginning is the New Template of the New Earth. The Ascension of the Earth has allowed for the dimensional revision and expansion of the planet. The Earth is expanded to a Crystalline Field, expanded from the 5th to the 12th dimensions. In 2013 you began learning the ropes, and in 2014 you will progress further in this exploration. It will take concerted effort.
2014 will be a year in which you continue to experience many subtle shifts on your levels of awareness. Your expanded chakric system is still adjusting to operating in new manners and indeed in new dimensions. The layers of your CEF (Crystalline Auric Field) are still somewhat in flux, still stabilizing for most of you. The expansions can and do effect to varying degrees your sensory systems & emotional field.

Mental Focus

In Year Two of the New Earth, you are required to make a greater effort in your mental focus. It may at times feel to you that you are struggling to maintain balance, to keep focus. This is a combination of the new energy influxes and the requirement to not only adjust & calibrate but to crystallize your purpose and intent. The Aquarian shift with its change in ionic ratios (from the past 2 decades of Solar Radiation) now surrounds the planet and is compelling each of you to put your spiritual life in order. The ionic ratio change is up-shifting the ‘code-wiring’ between the mental fields of the conscious and subconscious, between physical actuality and divine pattern. Because of the coronal mass ejections jet streams of anionic plasma circulate the earth and pocket around specific ‘sacred sites’ . These allow for easier access into theta coherent consciousness, and it is within theta coherency that you are able to more effectively create the New Earth.

There are certain timings in 2014 in which you will feel and focus on those areas of your life stream that need to be addressed. You will be required to confront the self and prioritize what actions are needed. Redefine your inner contracts and determine how you wish to utilize your remaining time on the planet. You will be compelled to seize the moment , and make a bucket list !
You can no longer sit complacently on the fence. 2014 is a time to determine the missing pieces of your puzzle. It is time to make your mark, to contribute your part, to consider the legacy your life will be. And yes it involved putting the pieces together … assembly is required! The Crystal Frequency is becoming even more powerful in 2014. This is a resonance that increasingly will influence each of you into more ‘ impeccability ‘. This is simply an aspect of understanding who you are and becoming true to the highest standards. It requires you each to take your power and walk in integrity, to truly become impeccable.

Each of you has an opportunity to be impeccable every day. The scenario in which you recognize your own failings, your own conflict with integrity, is the day you more fully encompass Mastery, and indeed it is a journey. Likewise the day you stand in your truth with willingness to recognize another person’s truth, you achieve the compassionate aspect of integrity. This truth then applies to individuals and nations as well, it applies in macro and micro.

In 2014, the aspects of inner conflict will move into the crucible phase for purification. Any dishonesties, any flaws that were hidden, any shadows will come into light in order to be faced. Align your actions to highest goals. Prioritize ! Examine your path..and plan your journey consciously.

Understand then that it is the energy of the Earth in the Ascension in parity with the 144-Crystalline Grid that enabled and continues to drive the crystalline energy expansion of the Earth into greater and more lucid dimensional reach. And take note Masters, the energy from 5d to 12d that is accessible to you now is only the beginning. For the aspect you term zero field is the aspect of crystalline dimension. It expands into energy dimensions that indeed exist within you, but have been dormant, inaccessible to the masses of humanity, yet these crystalline dimensions are your true impeccable origin, and you exist in higher form within them.

An Essential Understanding

We will first tell you once again that the Ascension of the Planet did indeed occur. It is essential you understand this and not lose faith. There are ever the naysayers and will continue to be those that question, even among those on the path, that any real changes took place after December 21, 2012. The Ascension did occur, those of you of light made it so. But we want to clarify it is the graduation of the Planet Earth, an expansion into 12 Dimensions that has taken place. And it is the ascension of the planet that has made the coming ascension of humanity possible.

So we will tell you that the Ascension is a new beginning. And in 2013, the Earth entered into the new format that will allow for humanities ability to rise lucidly, further ascend consciously into higher dimensions. The New Earth now carriers a matrix through the Crystalline Grid that is absolutely enabling humanity to be more aware of their true nature within multi-dimensionality.
We assure you that in 2013 a new sun dawned, and it is indeed the sun of change. It brings the light of the magnificent New Earth. And Dear Ones, we do mean magnificent. In this new era, it is incumbent upon the seekers to project joy, to project light, for in the expansion to Crystalline Harmonics, every photon of mental light you project is exponentially amplified. And this occurs more rapidly in the New Energy of 2014. So your roles take on a new importance, a greater benevolence, as your creation powers increase in that termed the Aquarian Shift. So we speak in specifics of 2014 !

2014 Power Dates & Activation Phases

The energies of 2014 will be less intense than the obstacle course of increasing frequencies experienced by humanity in 2011 and 2012, but perhaps more intense than 2013 in specific periods. But the intensity phases of 2014 can be managed with awareness of the influences occurring. for these are taking place purposely. However that does not mean that the periods of high intensity do not have specific purpose, for indeed the frequencial ‘bar’ is still being raised and specific energetic codes will be aligned to download during astrological openings

The 2014 quadric of equinoxes, solstices, and quadrangle of eclipses are extremely powerful, each presenting unique coded octahedronal portal openings of the New Earth. During the equinoxes, solstices, and especially the 4 eclipses of 2014, a surge of ‘new’ coded energies will flood the planet.
Key Focal Dates:

  • April 15 – Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse
  • October 8 – Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse
  • April 29 – Annual Solar Eclipse
  • October 23 – Solar Eclipse (Partial)
  • March 20, 2014 – Equinox
  • June 21, 2014- Solstice
  • September 22, 2014- Equinox
  • December 21, 2014 – Solstice

It is absolutely a natural synergy that these astronomical dates provide downloads of coded influx. For these events (solstices, equinoxes and eclipses) truly open gateways, apertures that have always been unique events for such transfers. That is why they have been revered as days of introspection, prayer and meditation in ancient cultures and in many current spiritual sects.

Now the 2014 eclipses take on an even more unique quality, in terms of offering catalystic energy triggers of change both individually and for the planet. In 2014 the 2 lunar eclipses are ‘Total’ the eclipses occur on the full moon apex both in April and October. . It will be the perfect time to change course in your life by meditating toward self direction and calibration. In 2013 many of you discovered a renewed purpose, experienced a renaissance, and are on newly creative paths that will continue and gain momentum in 2014. Others have chosen to remain on the same path but with a renewed vigor, new perspective or new group association. Many of you will yet discover a new purpose in 2014 and bring to the surface a prolific talent that was previously dormant or unrealized.
In Year One,2013, the Green Flame reactivated bringing you greater ability to commune with the elements and kingdoms of the Earth. Year one also brought in the Portal of the Renaissance that aligned your current time hologram to the three prior Golden Ages. This was coded in the navals of

Delphi and Rapa Nui.
2014 provides the energy to complete the ‘rebirthing, and alignments by recharging your willfully to the uncompleted points of your ‘soul contract’ that had not yet been achieved or acted upon.
In 2014 they are even more multifaceted than the potent ones that have taken place since 2009. Each of the above listed dates in 2014 offer the following:

Time for deep introspection toward self discovery in the New Earth and alignment of goals
Time for self purification and establishment of impeccability – ‘walking ones talk’
Opportunity for healing relationships, individually & globally ‘ planting the seeds of Peace & Harmony”

Enhanced energies within power nodes, enhanced visioning and lucid dreaming.
A window for recharging & balancing energies, renewal of determination & courage.
Reception of codes that allow for greater utilization of the full 33 chakras in Crystalline Mer-Ka-Na.

The Grand Trines of 2013 are also still in energy influence through the mid-term of 2014. Three coded ‘Portal-Influx’ phases will occur and reach an apex in March-April, May-June and again in September & October of 2014..

2014 Key Portals of Coded Influx

The three Coded Portal Phases of 2014 are as follows:

  • Portal of Harmony : March 20 – May 8
  • Star-Gate Portal / Violet Ray of Truth :May 14- June 21 – ( Peaking May 22-26)
  • The Platinum Ray Portal : September 21 – October 23

The first coded phase occurs from the March Equinox to the Total Lunar Eclipse, Solar Eclipse, Grand Cross and into the Eta Auarids Meteors of May. April has a solar eclipse, lunar eclipse and a Grand Cross sandwiched between the eclipses involving Mars, Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter. It is a hallowed & opportune time to seek harmony, to project harmony collectively. There are codes that allow for a spiritual rebirth on a Global scale and a redesigning, redefining of relationships. It offers an opportunity for the seeds of World Peace to be planted in areas of conflict, especially in what is termed the Middle East. On an individual level, it is a time to bring greater troubled relationships. To reconcile what has been severed. It is an influx of compassion. In a very true sense it is a download of what may be termed ‘Unconditional love’ the Kristos Energy’.

The second is between May- June with its initial trigger flowing forward from the Harmony Portal of April. This phase also includes the energies of the Grand Water Trine which began in 2013 and remains in force through June of 2014. It is a time of completions. In a very true sense the Star-Gate Portal of May 2014 is the beginning to the Age of Aquarius. It is a time in which the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance will move into a greater influence, and greater presence. This is absolutely an embellished phase for Global prayer a time to gather to meditate in unison for it marks another phase of the ‘Return to the Dharma, the Great Nobler Truths.

The third phase occurs between September 20 and October 23, 2014. It is perhaps the most inward reaching. It is a phase containing the codes of the embellished Platinum Ray, the Energy of the Earth Goddess. It harmonizes all 12 physio chakras. In this phase an opportunity of self calibration, and the release of all obstacles that do not serve you as an individual, and as a collective of Humanity on the New Planet Earth. It is a time to shed old remnants, release hidden obstacles. The Platinum Ray represents a time for individuals to manifest the new self, the new purpose, the new partnership, association or direction. It is a time of intense re-energizing, re-vitalizing of life force. It is a time to install the new codes and take action toward a better self and a better collective force. The Platinum Ray is a nurturing energy; it may be termed Feminine in nature, for it allows for a sense of support, as each soul seeks greater light.

The 13-14 Couplet

2014 is in one aspect, coupled with 2013. In the neoteric sequencing of the newborn expansive earth, annual pairing will become the norm. Astro-codes that initiated in 2013, complete in 2014, the true contemporary span then is a 24 month phase. This base 12 doubling will be evident in your experiences in many arenas, especially your calibrations and reformations of relationships. We have told you that 2013 & 2014 are times of change. Consider this advice as a gentle tap on the hand – a ‘wake up call’ from we who love you deeply. Look first in the mirror, and trace the reflection of your life’s interactions. Reflect upon the footsteps of every year of your life that have led you to this moment of ‘Now’. Explore deeply the compassion expressed within & without your heart and see what has been gained, and what has been forfeited. Have you traveled so so far only to find yourself in the same place?

Dear Hearts, if your present situation does not suit you, then make the concerted effort, take the action of change .As we have stated, the energies of 2014, offer you enhanced opportunities for such action. Relationships will need to be defined and re-determined. An effective exploration of such employs a requisite of total honesty in all forms of companionship from ‘ A to Z’ …in allies, acquaintances, lovers, brothers, sisters and even what you may consider ‘enemies’, antagonists, and adversaries. The 3 core code phases of 2014 afford energies that peculate trapped feelings, hidden emotions to the surface. These are actual frequencies that can create crucible effects for those choosing impeccability. And it is always a choice, whether to achieve clarity or remain in conflicted projection. Greater cleaning, greater consciousness of “Integrity” is absolutely achievable for the serious seeker in the harmonic phases of 2014.

Uranus-Pluto Triggers
Dears Ones when you are not fully in integrity, you are in conflict with self. In truth this crucible purging began last year and will indeed will surface again in 2014. Particularly during the span of the two Uranus-Pluto squares:

  • **Uranus Squares Pluto April 21, 2014 at 13° 34′ Aries/Capricorn (Uranus direct, Pluto retrograde)
  • **Uranus Squares Pluto December 15, 2014 at 12° 35′ Aries/Capricorn (Uranus retrograde, Pluto direct)

You may use these energies wisely by completing uncompleted feelings, exploring unexplored emotions and expressing unexpressed opinions. In doing so you can indeed lift a burden that has dimmed your inner sense of self rectitude. Complete honesty can lead you toward not only fidelity, but a greater light-quotient of consciousness. And this year is triggered for such virtue.
And we tell you that those of you in what may be termed ‘senior’ phases of your physical sojourn, may indeed feel very driven, compelled within the energies of 2014 to ‘make things right’, and Dearhearts, there is no better time for this, no better energy for this, than the ‘Harmonic’ phases of 2014. Take advantage of this opportunity, and keep in mind that you are in a temporal setting. Change is the nature of physical reality, and things can change in an instant. People come and go, and often when you least expect it, someone is here and then gone. Find forgiveness ! Look deeply within and without as these words find a foothold in your heart, and lead to action.

Closing We tell you that 2014 is a time to flow, a time to flower. It will be for many of you a year of great change. There is a new energy on the planet. You have created it. There is much yet to do. Use this time to find your roles.

Those of you who have been sitting on the fence, considering taking more committed roles of leadership, writing your book, expressing your inner artistry.. now is your time of actions, finalizing the seeds planted in 2013. 2014 is your year of fruition. The energy will support your highest good.
In 2014 you take your second wind and polish your ability to operate in the New Earth. You take on new missions. It is time to gather together and meditate in coherent union for creating the Earth that you want, a Planet of Peace and Spiritual well being. It is time to utilize the enhanced creative abilities offered in the Aquarian Shift.

I am Metatron, and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved.
…And so it is…and it is so.


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Personal Note:
What I am explained is that the days leading up to the portal which will occur on the 22
of November, we are to focus on releasing as much as we can that has come up for us recently. Many of you are already familiar with how to do this, as I keep talking about this over and over again. For those of you who are new to my channelings, I ask that you please look up the Letting Go article here:
I truly recommend The SUN disc during these though times that we’re all going through as it acts as an accelerating device and an attunement instrument to cleanse your DNA from remnants and frequencies past which are affecting your body and your consciousness in a way that is against the good of your higher self. And as such allowing the ascension process to move forward without delay. Using this disc will allow the energies to be magnified and applied directly to the one in question, and tune the body of the beholder and attune the DNA of the beholder with the frequency of THE SOURCE entering GAIA. Know that this disc comes directly from the mother father god, representing itself in a GODDESS Vortex of your creator selves, the feminine energies held therein. Yes indeed the design comes from the father/mother god. Directly from THE SOURCE. Aligning you with your higher self and your mission here on earth. Yes indeed for it opens up the solar plexus of creativity channel of your being and sends the vibration throughout your whole physical and sub structural bodies. Visit.
We are asked to cleanse our palate and prepare for incredible activation which shall take place on the 22 of our solar plexus. Please keep in mind that only those who are ready to have their solar plexus activated, and those who are ready to step into their power will experience this activation. For those of you who are not yet ready, or have not fully let go of the past, you are going to have a fantastic opportunity to do just that! The portal which opens her gates on the 20 – the 25 of November will allow us to not only let go of the past, not only welcome in the new, not only open to our creative energies, not only activate our solar plexus, but also allow us to heal our wounds. Therefore if there is something in your life, or your body that you wish to heal, that you feel you truly are ready to let go of, this is the time to ask for this to occur.
A gemstone of choice for this particular portal is : CITRINE, SMOKY QUARTZ, RUBY, CALCITE, EMERALD, GREEN AVANTURINE
If you have The Goddess Vortex or AA Michael Tool by Natalya Ankh they will come in handy as well:
WHAT TO DO: The days leading up to the portal, please follow the guide on how to let go of the past (You can find it on my blog here a short one, or a lengthy guide in my book Mission to Earth). Then concentrate on everything that you wish to see manifest in your reality in the month that is coming up. Call on the deity of your choice, or your higher self and ask for your solar plexus to be activated. Then simply listen to your inner voice, to your intuition and watch as synchronistic events unfold before you.
UPDATE: I wanted to share this with all of you. As the portal is coming up in just a few days. I found myself being pulled out of a healing session by Baast & Serqet toward an Atlantis pyramid. Atop the pyramid I saw the “morning star” which I took into my hands. Swirling it around it turned into a sun disc and from there I descended into the pyramid.
As I descended I saw myself floating through the air hovering above what appeared to be a group of beings all standing around a giant robotic spider. A spider who was weaving a web. There were many of us there, and if any of you reading this message had anything similar happen please let me know by posting below. I want to know if you have experienced this as well. The spider was weaving a matrix. I found myself shooting laser like violet flame beams at this spider, and then another and another. There were so many of them, and we kept destroying one after another. Finally it was over and I was pulled out of this experience rapidly.
What I was explained later is that many of us are working with earth matrix. The matrix that was set up in order to experience this 3D world, a matrix that was interfered with by those who wished to bind human souls onto the wheel of karma. This matrix is presently being destroyed, or rather the machines that keep influencing the human psyche to direct their energy to keeping this particular matrix in tact. The thing is that there is no longer a need for this matrix, because another matrix which allows for light and love to flourish on GAIA has been created, and is presently being interlaced into our present daily reality. That is why the portal that is coming up is going to be very important as it will allow those of you who are ready to be guided by your guides to disconnect from this matrix and connect directly to the Source. Right now I find myself doing this for many who come to me for a session, but am told that those of you who are ready to let go of all the old energies will be able to be switched over to this new experience of a new life. You will be assisted by your guides in releasing the matrix of your own creation. Because, once again, with our thoughts we create reality, and moved into a new direction.
This particular portal will be presided over by Arch Angel Michael, Uriel, Jophiel and Arch Angel Raphael

Here is the channeling that I have received: 
Recognizing the purpose of being, the purpose of creation, one walks into the abyss of the heart.  Recognizing the purpose of being, and the creation of the soul, one shall begin to examine the ever present reality, of eternal creator within the matrix of creation.
For the matrix of creation lives within the creator. Creator is the creation, and the creation is the creator. For one originates from the other, and the other originates from the one, through the torus field of creation, and so it goes. Ever expanding consciousness of being. Ever expanding creation of the creator. Ever expanding creator of the creation. For it is so and so t is.
The magnifying energies of the solar plexus which shall be unleashing their effervescence of being, shall begin to be activated from the consonants of the highest octaves of being, from the consonants of the higher order of creation. For the creation that hath and shall and does reside within the solar plexus, shall begin to activate through the tones of ascension, the tones of the creation, the tones of oneness and recognition of that which indeed you are.  The tones of benevolence standing before you in all its might and all its glory.
The tones of the creation and the tones of the creator intermixing and interweaving into one wholesome whole, bringing forth the continuous cosmic energies of light, the continuous cosmic  energies of love, abundance and understanding thereof.
For the creation of that which you are, shall spring anew, shall birth a new cognition of the cosmic energies flowing freely into your vehicles of choice. Into your vehicles of ascension. Flowing freely into the sacred space found within the solar plexus of your very being.
For within the solar plexus is the channel to the energies of the creator, whereby said energies shall allow the creation to become the creator. Awakening the secret knowledge of the ages, awakening the sacred wisdom with which you have all entered the earthly planes of GAIA.
And as such, the awakening of said energies shall propel you further still through the ascension corridor allowing you to play with your newly found freedom of manifestation, allowing you to morph said energies into your chosen pathway of creation, allowing you to create, to manifest the reality of the magnitude which you wish to experience in accord with the sacred tones of ascension.  
What we are trying to say to you dearly beloveds, is that upon your new moon, the entrance into the golden corridor of creation shall find you as children with play dough, organizing, and morphing said play dough of energies which you shall be radiating rapidly from your vehicle of ascension, into whichever route you will wish to launch such energies.
Allowing you to bypass the duality of your being, connecting you directly to the source of all that is, and allowing said energies to manifest the type of experience you wish to see in your daily activities. No longer shall the creative energies be lying dormant therein, for those of you who have indeed emptied your vessels and made room for such an experience. For those of you who have fully and truly let go of all that stood in your way to understanding the true potential of your being, the heavenly doors of your creator shelves shall allow you to bathe in the effervescent energies of the golden particles of god, the golden particles of the creator, the golden particles of the source.
That is all that we have for you now, we love you we are with you good bye for now.
I would also like to draw your attention to an article that I have written before about how to manifest anything that you want into your reality, attract abundance and much more. Please click here to read it:
Here I would like to draw your attention to the article that I saw recently posted on with a fantastic video that explains exactly how our consciousness creates reality.
“Consciousness creates reality,” a statement that has gained a lot of attention across various alternative media outlets around the world. Make no mistake, consciousness has (and has been for quite some time) studied by numerous scientists, especially in its relation to quantum physics and how it might be correlated with the nature of our reality.
What is consciousness? Consciousness includes a number of things. It’s how we perceive our world, our thoughts, being aware, our intentions and more.
“Looking for consciousness in the brain is like looking in the radio for the announcer.” – Nasseim Haramein

The statement that “consciousness creates reality” comes with a number of different questions. Does this mean we as individuals (and on a collective level as one human race) can shape and create whatever reality we’d like for ourselves? Does it mean we can manifest a certain lifestyle, and attract certain experiences? Does it happen instantly? Does it take time? How do we do it?
Although we might not be able to answer these questions with absolute scientific certainty, we do know that yes, a correlation between consciousness and our physical material world does indeed exist in some way, shape or form. The extent of that correlation (again from a modern day scientific point of view) is still not well understood, but we know of the correlation, and we know it must have some sort of significance.

“A fundamental conclusion of the new physics also acknowledges that the observer creates the reality. As observers, we are personally involved with the creation of our own reality. Physicists are being forced to admit that the universe is a “mental” construction. Pioneering physicist Sir James Jeans wrote: “The stream of knowledge is heading toward a non-mechanical reality; the universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter, we ought rather hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter. Get over it, and accept the inarguable conclusion. The universe is immaterial-mental and spiritual.” – R.C. Henry, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Johns Hopkins University , “The Mental Universe” ; Nature 436:29,2005) (source)
The Science Behind The Statement “Consciousness Creates Reality”
The quantum double slit experiment is a very popular experiment used to examine how consciousness and our physical material world are intertwined. It is a great example that documents how factors associated with consciousness and our physical material world are connected in some way.
One potential revelation of this experience is that “the observer creates the reality.” A paper published in the peer-reviewed journal Physics Essays by Dean Radin, PhD, explains how this experiment has been used multiple times to explore the role of consciousness in shaping the nature of physical reality. (source)
In this experiment, a double-slit optical system was used to test the possible role of consciousness in the collapse of the quantum wave-function. The ratio of the interference pattern’s double slit spectral power to its single slit spectral power was predicted to decrease when attention was focused toward the double slit as compared to away from it. The study found that factors associated with consciousness “significantly” correlated in predicted ways with perturbations in the double slit interference pattern. (source)
“Observation not only disturbs what has to be measured, they produce it. We compel the electron to assume a definite position. We ourselves produce the results of the measurement.” (source)
Although this is one of the most popular experiments used to posit the connection between consciousness and physical reality, there are several other studies that clearly show that consciousness, or factors that are associated with consciousness are directly correlated with our reality in some way. A number of experiments in the field of parapsychology have also demonstrated this.
Sure, we might not understand the extent of this connection, and in most cases scientists can’t even explain it. However they are, and have been observed time and time again.
Below is a video demonstration from the film “What The Bleep Do We Know.”

Other examples that we’ve written about are government sponsored psychokinesis experiments, the global consciousness experiment, intelligence agency remote viewing experiments, thoughts and intentions altering the structure of water, the placebo effect, teleportation studies and more. You can find more details about those specific experiments HERE.
How We Can Incorporate This Information Into Our Lives & Use Consciousness To Transform The World
Change requires action, but the place within which that action comes from is most important.
Modern day science, especially quantum physics, has been catching up to ancient mysticism and concepts that are/were so deeply ingrained in various cultures throughout the ancient world. One great example of this is the fact that everything is energy , and nothing is solid. You can read more about that here.
“We are what we think, all that we are arises with our thoughts, with our thoughts we make the world.” – Gautama Buddha
“Broadly speaking, although there are some differences, I think Buddhist philosophy and Quantum Mechanics can shake hands on their view of the world. We can see in these great examples the fruits of human thinking. Regardless of the admiration we feel for these great thinkers, we should not lose sight of the fact that they were human beings just as we are.” – Dalai Lama (source)
A great example of quantum physics meeting ancient wisdom is seen in the fact that Nikola Tesla was influenced by Vedic philosophy when pondering his ideas of zero point energy. You can read more about that here.
So why is this relevant? It’s relevant because new physics, as mentioned above, is pointing to the fact that the observer shapes the reality. The way we think and perceive could be responsible and play a vital role in the physical construct we see in front of us.
“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” – Unknown
If we look at the world and examine it on a collective level, what do we see? How do we perceive it? Right now, the masses perceive it as being born, going to school, paying bills, raising a family and finding a “job” within the current paradigm to support yourself. No judgement here, but many people on the planet are not resonating with this experience. They want change. We’ve been repeating and perceiving our reality this way for a very long time, with very little information about what is really happening on and to our planet. It’s almost like we are robotic drones that are trained and brainwashed to accept things the way they are. To not question what is happening in our world and to continue on with the status quo, only caring for ourselves and our own lives. As Noam Chomsky would say, our consent has been manufactured. If we continue down this path and continue to perceive and view reality as “this is just the way it is,” we will, in essence, prolong that type of existence and experience for the human race without ever changing it.
In order to create and manifest a new reality for ourselves, our thought patters and the way we perceive reality must change. What changes the way we perceive reality? Information does. When new information emerges it changes the way we look at things and as a result, our reality changes, and we begin to manifest a new experience and open our minds to a broader view of reality. Not to say that we can’t manifest a new physical form in the blink of an eye, and that we are not capable of doing that, but it appears to be something that takes time, something gradual, something we don’t quite understand yet.
What’s also important about teachings from new physics is that, if factors of consciousness are associated with the creation of our reality, that means change starts within. It starts with the way in which we are observing the outer world from our inner world. This touches on the earlier point of how we perceive our reality. Our perception of the external world might very well be a reflection of our inner world, our inner state of being. So ask yourself, are you happy? Are you observing, perceiving and acting from a place of love? From a place of hate or anger? From a place of peace? All of these factors are associated with our consciousness, with our observation, the one (or the many) who are doing the “observing” might play a large role in what type of physical world the human race manifests for itself, what do you think?
We are indeed the observers, can we create change and break patterns to open up new possibilities, change our direction, all through the way in which we observe ourselves, others and the world around us.
I believe that the human race is in the process of waking up to a number of different things, simultaneously. As a result, the way we perceive and “observe” the world around us (on a mass scale) is starting to drastically change. So if you want to help change the world, change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change.
“Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Ghandi
“There is nothing new to be discovered in physics now. All that remains is more and more precise measurement.” This statement (worldview statement) was by Lord Kelvin in 1900, which was shattered only five years later when Einstein published his paper on special relativity. The new theories proposed by Einstein challenged the current (at that time) framework of understanding. This forced the scientific community to open up to an alternate view of the true nature of our reality. A great example of how things that once were regarded as truth have changed.
“Lord Kelvins statements bares with it the voice of paradigms past…We knew that the Earth was flat, we knew that we were the center of the universe, and we knew that a manmade heavier than air piece of machinery could not take flight. Through all stages of human history, intellectual authorities have pronounced their supremacy by ridiculing or suppressing elements of reality that simply didn’t fit within the framework of accepted knowledge. Are we really any different today? Have we really changed our acceptance towards things that won’t fit the frame? Maybe there are concepts of our reality we have yet to understand, and if we open our eyes maybe we will see that something significant has been overlooked.” – Terje Toftenes (source)

P.S. To help you on your journey I have written and published a book. It is now available for all of you in both hard copy and digital form. It is called “Mission To Earth – A Light workers guide to self mastery”. In it I explore topics such as: Why you are here and what you are doing on earth. How Starseeds get to earth to begin with. Why you feel the way you do. How to communicate with your guides. How to discover your life purpose. How to release everything and let it go. How to reprogram yourself in order to fully connect with your true essence. How to release old thinking patterns and institute a new reality into your life. How to change your life and make it what you want it to be, and most importantly how to find a link back HOME! There’s a lot more that I discuss in this book. I invite you to join me on this journey of self discovery as we explore together the “HOW”, the “WHY” and the “WHEN”. For more information please visit :
~Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing or Pychic Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEILhttp://sacredascensionmerk

Butterfly Magic -

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The Magic Rises and the Butterfly Emerges Opening the Portals of the 6th Dimension to Earth Reality
21 November 2014 - 2:43am |  WaterWings

Celia Fenn
The Magic Rises and the Butterfly Emerges
Opening the Portals of the 6th Dimension to Earth Reality
November/December 2014
Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

This year of 2014 has been a powerful year of change, and yet more change, and at the same time it has seemed as though the choas intensifies daily. But, Beloved Ones, while you may see this intense chaos, you will also need to look deeper and see the Divine Pattern that is emerging through this tumult of creative energy. You will need to look further and deeper and see how the Magic is Rising all around you, and how the Butterfly that is the emerging New Human is beginning to unfurl its wings.
In February of this year, on the 2nd of February, which was a 2 : 2 portal, we alerted you to the fact that the Earth was about to undergo a major shift and transition. At that time, you shifted timelines, and there was a temporary drop into lower vibrations, and you acclimated to the new timeline and began to lift the energies. This was the plan, that by dropping a little and then raising frequency you would be able to gather such momentum that you would burst open the portals of the 6th Dimension and make this part of the Earth Reality once again. This process was achieved, and on the 11: 11, the 11th of November, the portals were opened and the 6th Dimensional energies of Magic began to be anchored on the Earth. This process continues at full power until the 12 : 12 on the 12th of December, and will be fully activated by the Solstice on the 21st of December, when the Earth aligns with the Galactic Center and energizes the Earth's 6th Dimensional plane with the Light Codes for the New Reality.
You are now truly existing in a Multi-dimensional Reality, with Reality frames ranging from Third Dimensional through to Sixth Dimensional all co-existing within the Earth's New Reality Grids. The Earth as a Planetary Body is anchored in the 5th Dimension, which is the Dimension of Oneness and Inter-connection. There are many who still perceive themselves as bound by the laws and reality of the Third Dimension, and are still living their lives within this framework. Those who have raised their awareness and frequency, have mastered Time and have taken charge of their own lives and destiny, thus moving beyond the Fourth Dimension and into the Fifth Dimension with the Earth herself. Now, there are those of you who are ready to take another step and move into the 6th Dimensional Frequency of Magic and Dreams, and to make this a part of your lives on Planet Earth.
Beloved Ones, as these new 6th Dimensional Portals open, they raise the vibrational frequency of the Earth, and this intensifies what is perceived as "chaos" on the Earth. As you may know, the higher the frequency, the more harmonious and peaceful the energy. But, when lower frequencies encounter higher frequencies, then there is turmoil and imbalance for a while as the energies find a balance. So it is , right now, that the increasing turmoil is an indication of the raising of frequency on the Earth and the tumult that occurs as each of the interconnected Dimensions of Light comes into balance with the others.
It is also true, that the energies of the Higher Dimensions work their way downwards, so that when the 6th Dimensions is opened to the Magical Creation of the Garden of Eden on Planet Earth, this will begin to manifest until it is anchored on the 5th Dimension and the illusion of the Third Dimension with its duality consciousness and conflict will disappear from the Timeline.
So, in this next month, between the 11: 11 and the Solstice on the 21st December, you can expect that the chaos and tumult will intensify, but that at the same time you will begin to see the Magic arising in your lives, you will see and feel the Earth Magic once again, and at the same time you will begin to perceive the changes in your Light Body and your Physical Body as you align with 6th Dimensional Frequency and Light.

Solar, Galactic and Cosmic Energies supporting the 6th Dimensional Portals Activations

In this period of time, starting with the 2nd of February, you have experienced intense Light Code activations from the Solar, Galactic and Cosmic levels of Divine Creative Intelligence and Love.
Beloved ones, let us begin with the Solar energies and their role in your Evolution and Development. We know that you understand the important role of the Solar energies and the Solar Flares in transmitting Light Codes to the Earth and to you. But, some of you may also be aware that this is a two way process. The Sun transmits energies in response to the Earth as well. When the Earth, through the Earth Councils, indicates that she is ready for an accelerated process of transmutation and change, as in February of this year, the Solar Council of the Sun, those Light Beings entrusted with the transmission of Solar Codes to the Solar System and to Earth, responds with what is needed. And so, apart from very powerful Solar and Lunar eclipses, there have also been immensely powerful Solar Flares that have bombarded your planet day after day, week after week, bringing the Light Codes and information necessary to open the portals and incorporate the 6th Dimension of Magic and Dreams into the Earth Grids.
Then also, the Galactic Council Beings of Light, working with the Earth Councils and the Solar Councils of Light, are preparing for their contribution to this process. In late November, the Earth begins to align with the Galactic Center, and by the December Solstice she is in perfect alignment for the transmission of Galactic Light Codes through the Diamond Light that will anchor these portals and ensure that they become part of the New Reality of a Multi-dimensional Earth. This will indeed be a Magical time, when the Earth will be recalibrated and great showers of Magic and Love will rain down on the Earth in waves of Abundance and Joy available to all who can see and feel the blessings of this Field of Love and Light!
At the same time, the Cosmic Councils and the Star Nations are also assisting this birthing process. There are several Cosmic Radiatation Rays from "deep space" that have been transmitting information and assisting with the new alignments. The Star Nations of the Andromeda Galaxy have been very active in assisting with the anchoring of the Magical Creative energies on Earth, as the Twin Flame Galaxy of your Sacred Rose Galaxy.
All these powerful transmissions of Light and Light Codes will help you to feel and perceive the great changes that are happening on the Earth and all around you, and the great changes that are happening in your lives and in your bodies.

The Butterfly Emerges : 6th Dimensional Human Energy

The accelerated transitions and changes on the Earth have also had a parallel accelerated change and transition in your bodies. Many of you may have felt the tensions and anxieties as your Light Body and Physical Body went into another recalibration to higher frequencies of Light. You may have found it very difficult to cope with the perceived density of life around you, and the drama and manipulation of the old emotional and mental paradigms of life. You may have yearned and longed for real heart centered relationships and a real family or community to be part of your life.
These are all "symptoms" of moving beyond the old templates of life on Earth and emerging into a New Reality where you are able to manifest and create on Timelines in a Magical manner. Your Heart is the center of this reality, and you feel within yourself the Magic arising all around you, the Divine Creative intelligence, waiting to work with you to shape and create a New Reality.
As the Butterfly emerges, you are reborn to a Higher level of Consciousness, and you are entering another level of Reality that is a natural preogression or Evolution of the process of Light Body Activation that is being guided by the Gold Ray of the Christ Consciousness, the Galactic Diamond Light and the Platinum Ray. If you are ready to move with the incoming Light Codes and move through the 6D Portals, then you will already have been through the previous phases of the Ascension Process:
1. Full Activation of the Light Body with the 13 Chakra Vortex system. This includes the activation of the Christ Consciousness through the Gold Ray, and the activation of the Twin Flame energies through the Magenta and Turquoise Rays. Then the Diamond Light will activate the Galactic levels, together with the Platinum Ray. This Light Body activation will open the High Heart Center and will also enlarge and adapt the Throat Chakra and recalibrate it with the Brow and Crown and Soul Star Chakras, via the Pineal Gland, and to a lesser degree, the Pituitary and Thyroid glands. This can cause intense anxiety, intense dreams and heart palpitations, as these new "super chakras" come online. It will be a temporary process.
2. Mastery of Time, the 4th Dimension. Those who break through the 3rd Dimensional levels begin to see Time/Space as a fabricated illusion. They percieve that Time/Space can be created or manifested through Timelines, and that when they emerge as "Masters of Time", they are not imprisoned within the Timelines or narratives of others. They are able to generate their own timelines and their own stories, and create and shape Time and Reality accordingly.
3. Mastery of the 5th Dimension of Unity Consciousness and Inter-connection. Here you will have moved beyond the simple "survival" mentality of the individual to a wider understanding of how all life forms are connected in a single conscious organism or being called "Gaia" or Earth, and how each one of us is an expression of that Reality. As you create your timelines and stories, you will do so with an awareness of the Creative Center, the Divine Heart, and an awareness of all the other stories created by others which are also expressions of the One Heart of Love and Creation.
4. You will have already grounded yourself and connected to the Earth Heart through your Earth Star Chakra. You will be ready to activate Earth Magic and to work with the Elemental and Fairy Realms, and with all the beings of Light that work and create in the Dimensions of Earth.
5. You will have mastered the processes of Conscious Transition, within your life, and from different dimensions and realities, as part of your mastery of timelines and creation.
6. You will be ready to incorporate the relams of Dream, Magic and Archetype into your Timelines and to create Reality using these powerful and primal energies. You will be ready to move between timlines, between dimensions and between realities in a Conscious and purposeful way as a Conscious Creator.
As you emerge fully to this level of Consciousness, you will understand that it is time to unfurl your wings and become the bright and beautiful butterfly of Light that you are! An Infinite Soul in Human Form, and Angel of Light in manifestation, a powerful creative energy working in a Conscious way with the Divine Creative Intelligence to manifest a New Earth and a New Reality!

Colors of Music

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Emotional Energy in Music

The Colors of Music

In the true power music I have listened to I have found only a small number of power types. Seven, in fact. And they have qualities that match the seven evolutionary steps, the Soul Emotions, outlined in the first chapter. The seven rainbow colors constitute a very convenient vocabulary for discussing the energies. I don’t believe that power music conveys color in a literal sense—the Hallelujah Chorus probably doesn’t bring the color orange to mind in most listeners—but most people associate certain traits with each color and those traits correlate nicely with the emotional aspects of the music energies.

Actually there may be a literal aspect to the color-energy correspondence after all. There is a belief among metaphysical seekers that the color bands repeat in each higher octave of the electromagnetic spectrum, but our eyes are sensitive only to one octave of the spectrum, the visible light octave. Kay Gardner quotes from the 19th century scientist Dr. Edwin Babbitt:

When one musical octave is finished, another one commences and progresses with twice as many vibrations as were present in the first octave, and so the notes are repeated on a finer scale. In the same way, when the scale of colors visible to the ordinary is completed in the violet, another octave of finer invisible colors, with exactly twice as many vibrations, will commence and progress on precisely the same law.

In the color violet, we can see the spectrum returning to the beginning, red. One can imagine the color bands repeating in higher and higher octaves of vibration, all the way up to what is known as the “emotional plane”. If that plane of existence consists of one octave of vibration (a 2 to 1 frequency ratio) then we have a reason to think that musical power may really carry color in an esoteric way. There are a lot of “if’s” in all of this and it is still hypothetical conjecture but it makes sense in a certain simple and elegant kind of way.

In any case, here again is a brief listing of the energy types, with some of their qualities. There will be a fuller discussion of each energy in Part 4. An important point is that each energy admits of more than one kind of interpretation.

: separation, beginning, alone, fear, stimulation, aliveness, adventure, danger, challenge, vitality, courage, strength.

: independence, freedom, newness, celebration, gratitude, praise, boldness

: self-identity, personal power, self-fulfillment

: awareness of the world, compassion

: appreciation of beauty and truth in form

: appreciation of beauty and truth without form

: return, home, completion, rest

The relevance of the key
Most listeners agree that different keys have a different quality or “feel”. The “sharp” keys (G, D, A, E, B major) are bright and lively. The flat keys (F major, B flat major etc.) are more solemn and grounded. C major has a bright quality but is more stark and bold than the sharp keys. If you listen to enough music and are aware of the tonic key and the color energy, it is easy to conclude that there is a natural key for each color or energy. Indeed the key of C major is used for marches and other Red music so often that it cannot be coincidence. We will see later that the key of D major is unmistakably a favorite context for power music of the Orange variety. E is bright and joyful; F is the “earth tone” and has solid feel to it, and is a natural context for the Green energy.

Does this mean that C is a red key, or G is a blue key? Not in the sense that the key determines the color, for it is the emotional quality of the music, primarily, that determines the color. But it does mean, for example, that C is more suitable to red energy music than say E flat or A. The most powerful music is music that is written in the key that corresponds to its color energy.

Lending credence to this principle is the fact that colors have long been associated with individual notes, and the most common association is red with C, orange with D and so on.
Other color-music correlations
Among composers, the Russian Alexander Scriabin associated colors with keys, but in a different way. Oliver Messiaen, a French writer of contemporary music, associated colors with chords but not in any systematic way. The musically intuitive author Corinne Heline, in
Color and Music in the New Age
, is on the right track when she ascribes a certain color to an entire work, according to the “feel” of that work. She ascribes color nuances to specific sentiments, for example: carmine with strength; bright brick red with anger; scarlet with pride; silver-green with life; greenish-gray with pessimism, etc.
These assignments, however interesting they may be, seem a bit arbitrary and unsystematic, and we are not given any good reasons to believe that the music actually carries these colors inherently.

Healing with Music and Color

by Mary Bassano
begins to explore the music-color correlations systematically in the context of healing. That little book uses only the seven fundamental colors; the attributes presented for each color are ones that you might come up with on a first attempt and some are partially correct; unfortunately in general they fall well short of the full truth. Many of the examples that are listed for the particular colors are correct, but not all of them. The section of that book not dealing directly with color offers wonderful wisdom.