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Andrea Elizabeth

Spiritual Seer


Our New Life

Posted on December 19, 2013 at 9:51 AM Comments comments (0)

Greeting Dear Friends and Family of Light,

The new energies are opening up for you new qualities of being. You have been tasting these on and off for some time now, but at last the reformatting of your bodies, is for many of you front-of-the-pack awakened ones, reaching resonance with sustained experiences of these qualities.

With this availability emerging, we felt -- the Council of Light, the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light and the Archangelic League -- it was time to come together and speak to the New Human's qualities in way that is clear and will distinguish this for you, from previous versions of human expression.

5 Distinct Qualities of the New Human
The New Human has 5 essential qualities of experience, which are now available almost entirely sustained, for those capable of also generating sustained resonance. These experiences are:
  • Sovereign Energy Fulfillment
  • Neutral Perception
  • Loving Awareness of Eternalness
  • Passion, Creativity and what you call "Purpose"
  • Exquisite connections with life in all spheres of experience.

It is through achieving a regular experience of these qualities that one can confidently feel they have entered and step fully into the New Harmonics. So with this template in your awareness, you can practice and focus on that within your experience which opens up these experiences more, and that which helps you sustain them more. Each of you who are awake and participating consciously in ascension have tasted moments of these experiences in full bloom. I would like to describe them a bit now so you can have ample ways to recognize them.

Sovereign Energy Fulfillment
This quality relates to how are present, and how you feel energetically and how this is craeted. It speaks to your clarity. It speaks to your energy level. It is noticed when you feel energetic and in the flow throughout the moments of your day. When you find that you have a sense of being fully resourced from within for the energy you desire. You can recognize the difference in this approach from the old patterns in that when you don't feel good you pause. You go within. You see what is in need of your attention. You recognize that not feeling good and/or feeling tired, means you've somehow gotten out of alignment with you. When you are in alignment with you you have plenty of energy, clarity and your emotional state is quite uplifted. In the old energies when you didn't feel good there would be responses, that might have included (in no particular order): projection of blame onto others, reaching out to others to "get some of there energy and feel better," picking up the phone and calling someone to tell them you don't feel good (another way of using someone else to connect to source rather then going direct). Going direct is the essence of Sovereign Energy/Fulfillment. It means you are self-sustaining from within. You are now in such sustained alignment with all you are, and have built the energetic capacity to be in this state, so you feel good to great nearly al the time, have plenty of energy and clarity, and feel at peace with your life and capable of generating what you desire.

Neutral Perception
In this experience you have enlarged enough energetically to see all expression of life as perfect. You are not triggered by contrast or differences. In fact they strike you as quite beautiful. You can "live and let live" not by tolerating others, but by actually trusting sincerely in the diversity and valuing it all. Neutral does not mean not-caring, it means seeing the value in all forms of life, in all states of life, in all expressions of life, and not judging one as better than another. In this state of being, physical well-being is generated. Resistance is gone and the body begins to build and mend at deep levels. Physical radiance, balance and well-being are a by-product and the youth-ing of your physical form spoken of in anticiaption by those aware of ascension, is in large part, created by Sovereign Energy/Fulfillment combined with Neutral Perception.

Loving Awareness of Eternalness
This quality of being speaks to the way you understand your life and your reality and your relationships to the idea of time. It is a sustained consciousness recognizing this life stream as an emanation of your own wholeness, an illusion of distinctness emanating from All that is, and with this knowing, one is fully aware of the illusions of death and limits and all forms of distinctness. One is simply, primarily aware of their own essence-feel and their eternalness. This creates an experience of profound lightness and playful creativity. There is a deep sense of the impossibility of doing anything wrong. Ever. And this frees one up to live in a very light, carefree, open way.

Passion, Creativity and what you call "Purpose"
As you tend to yourself, loving yourself, paying attention to you, cultivating your feeling state into higher frequencies, more often, more sustained, you move into clarity of purpose. Clarity of purpose is simply being in the vibrational territory of passion. What you think of as purpose is simply experiencing passion for living and being and creating and having a strong sense of desire and direction informed by this passion in combination with your own essence and the contrast of life. What occurs in this state of being is that one feels great flow move through them and this flow, in combination with the perceptions and experiences of one's life, opens up creativity and clarity of activity. Meaningful ways of being are abundantly available and understood. One wakes up each day excited about their life and the opportunities to participate and flow, create and play. As one allows themselves to reach beyond contentment for enthusiasm, happiness, eagerness and with anticipation, one approaches passion as a state of frequency which then creates clarity of purpose and inspires creativity. The deepest harvest of this quality of being is a profound sense of self-made meaning.

Exquisite Connections with Life in All Spheres of Experience.
As you experience a more and more sustained awareness of your own eternal, divine, multidimensionality, you begin to experience exquisite connections with life in all spheres of existence. You experience moments of spacious Oneness with everything. You feel the presence of your own higher levels of being. You can access and sense the Angelic, Archangelic, Ascended Master and your Cosmic Lineage and Families of Light. You can sense the aliveness in all levels of the Earth, and you begin to relate to Earth with awareness that all life here is divine, and inherently to be valued. You feel an awareness that you are the Earth, the Galaxy, the Universe, the Cosmos, the harmonics of your own ascending energy inform you of the deep connection you have with everything and everyone. In this quality of experience one fully enjoys solitude and connection. Connection can happen through opening inwardly, and in the world. All experiences of connection are expanded and open up more fully revealing the multidimensional and conscious nature of everything. One has resolved the illusions of duality and separation and lives in unity and distinctness, perceiving it all in perfect balance and harmony.

These are the qualities of being that define the initial expression of the New Human. You can refer to all of these experiences, or qualities as Love, because everything is love and love is therefore expressed in many ways. You can refer to all of these qualities as qualities of Source Creation, or God, because you are All that is, and these are the qualities you experience as you open to this as your true identity.

Each of you knows intrinsically what these states of being feel like. You have complete capacity and wisdom for achieving these states. Your human energy system knows how to get you there, you simply make the choice, and persevere in this choice, following the guidance and inner nudges you receive. You trusting your own sense of what works for you, to lead you into greater and greater understanding of how to create your own Heaven on Earth.

We, the Angelic and Archangelic Realms are transmitting love and joy and clarity and very personalized energies to support each of you, throughout your entire existence on Earth. To receive this avalanche of abundance we are shining forth, you need only turn and ask for our assistance and support and then open to receive. Choose to allow yourself to be met easily and abundantly by life, and stick with this choice, and you will learn how to do so, how to feel your way into any release or adjustment to empower this alignment and be met fully as you seek
Cultivation and Learning.

Cultivation and learning are very important aspects of your life at this point. New potentials and more, new capacities! are now available to you. Each of you will access them as you cultivate your ability to tune to them, to interface with them, to trust your subtle senses and new modes of perception. This will mean choosing to practice using these new ways of tuning, perceiving, orienting and creating, until they work reliably for you, to your liking. This is the part of the experience you create through your active participation -- learning to work with the energies present in the material with this continually expanding fullness of YOU present here. It was your intention to infuse the material with great qualities of power, love, joy and beauty and now the opportunity is yours. It must, however, be claimed and cultivated.

Self-Trust is a Key to Using Your New Capacities
Realize you have a part in this beyond simply receiving. You have to learn to use your new capacities and one of the most significant experience in doing so, is learning to trust yourself, what you experience, what you feel and sense, what you are inspired toward, drawn to … letting your perceptions be real to you and letting your experiences matter most, be the authority in your lives. This is how you claim the capacity for being Creators that you wished to express and experience here.

2014 is a year of really orienting more to your multidimensional capacities and learning how to access them, tune your consciousness to various frequencies to interface with the qualities and templates you seek and even playing around enough to where what I'm sharing with you today begins to make sense.

Once you understand the landscape of this new playing field, you can really have fun playing the game, the NEW GAME, your way. And we are with you always, dear ones, with great love and support. And tremendous admiration and encouragement, for your continued adventures and your joy, being the most ever.

I AM Archangel Michael

Emotional Healing thru the Creator

Posted on December 17, 2013 at 1:34 AM Comments comments (0)
Every day upon your Earth is a powerful energy day. In the past there have been noted days where powerful surges of energy flow into the Earth and your being, powerful surges now flow with each and every day you walk upon the Earth. You have moved into a stage of your transition where you are constantly open and there is always an opportunity for powerful and transformational surges of light to flow throughout your being and reality more frequently than not. The energy is building your energy vibration while creating purification and strengthening within your being. No longer do you need to wait for certain calendar days to boost your awakening, every day upon the Earth is a powerful awakening and ascension process for you. With such powerful and strong energy vibrations anchoring, this can cause periods of tremendous bliss and peace along side periods of chaos with both inner and outer suffering.
It is important to realise that any form of suffering in the past was a spiritual lesson or challenge for evolvement. Many people are still using old energetic patterns of learning as this can take some time to be observed, healed and released. The energy surges also have a purpose of bringing all that is no longer needed or that is causing hindrance to the surface for you to observe, heal and release, thus allowing yourself to step deeper into the new era focused primary and completely upon love. The new era is to love yourself, to love others and to experience the love of the Creator. Some energy surges also have a powerful influence upon your emotional body. Much focus is being placed upon the emotional body at this time as it is preparing and moving through transitions in order to be able to serve and merge with your soul more fully, this signifies that great volumes of light and energy are being poured into your emotional body and the Earth’s emotional body which can cause your emotional body to become very active in your reality, actions and reactions.
It is important to ask for the emotional body to be balanced, soothed and for its energy to be smoothed down in order for harmony to unfold into your emotional body and your entire being. You may wish to affirm, ‘With the support of my soul, guides and the Creator I ask for balance to be restored within my emotional body. Let my emotional body be soothed and calmed by the light, love and support of the Creator, merging in harmony and peacefully with my entire being. Please bring tranquillity to any over activity that is no longer necessary within my emotional body. I experience my most appropriate ascension emotional body, experiencing my emotion as beautifully flowing, peaceful and healed expressions of my being. ‘
Often the emotional body holds onto ideas of suffering and pain which you automatically draw upon as a valuable way of releasing the past, experiencing your true self but also experiencing your ego and feelings of lack or separation. Some emotional challenges, reactions and processes of release or learning can cause you to become unconscious of your reality and the truth within your being. Being unconscious of your spiritual path and the beautiful light being within your physical being can be a source of pain but can also cause pain, suffering and confusion as well as unneeded experiences. I wish to offer insights and reminders for you to use whenever you find yourself influenced by or trapped in your emotional body and its processes.
Your journey upon the Earth is a process of remembrance of the Creator and so your reality each and every day is a process of remembrance of yourself as the Creator. Tools and practices that remind you of your truth or bring your focus and attention back to being consciously aware of your truth, even if you do not understand your truth, will serve you in remaining in a space of balance, peace, love and bliss whatever is occurring within or around your being. Often when high surges of energy enter your being the body and energy bodies become extremely active, this can be projected into your reality in many ways. If there is something that needs to be healed, it can be projected into your reality for a powerful healing process and experience.
In times of suffering, pain, confusion, turmoil, chaos, fear or such like energies bring your attention, focus and memory back to these thoughts, I will be with you, supporting and loving as you read through my words of remembrance, supporting new star bursts of light awakening from within your being.
If you are experiencing suffering or pain in this moment recognise that the light is building within your being and reality, your current experiences are allowing for major blockages or unneeded energies to be released eternally so that you may recognise yourself as a greater being of love and light.
Allow yourself to be conscious of love, love is the essence of the Creator, it is the natural healing energy for your body, being and reality and will bring everything within and around you into perfect alignment, harmony and bliss. Breathe within the vibration of love.
Your outside experiences with the world, your reality, people and even yourself are all a projection from within your being. Your beliefs, opinion and understandings of yourself and the Creator can be projected into your reality. To heal any situation whether small or large first look inside yourself for the answer.
Blaming yourself or another will not bring enlightenment to any situation but simply cause more pain. Sit within your own energies and realise the source or purpose of your creation.
All energies are malleable and can be altered by you. There is nothing in the world that is permanent especially at a physical level, the divine flow of the Creator acts as a natural rhythm for change within your reality. This means that if you experience a situation or feeling which is not aligned to the truth of the Creator know that you can change it instantly if you wish to. You can change any energy and your reaction to it instantly especially with positive and expansive thoughts.
Imagine what you would like to experience or how you would like to feel rather than focusing upon an energy being permanent and unmoving.
Your emotions, thoughts and body can express the highest and purest vibration of the Creator, let yourself be conscious of this awareness.
Remember that you are a strong and powerful beacon of light and love, this is your truth more than any other realisation, thought, emotion or experience that may enter your reality.
Program your mind to instantly seek for a solution to all experiences and feelings which you may perceive as not being aligned with the Creator. Encourage your mind to enter deep into your soul’s vibration seeking for an outcome and inspiration to create a solution. Often many people focused upon spiritual growth can become sensitive to the energies around them, often many situations or experiences can come to a positive solution through energy work, whether it is sending energy, accepting energy, creating an energy exchange or creating energetic foundations such as bubbles of light to maintain, support or protect energies.
Transitions occurring within you often require you to be patient and compassionate with yourself and those around you.
Often you can take yourself out of situations and feelings by imagining yourself in a space of love, surrounded by love and love building from within your being. This can be achieved energetically and instantly, you can then enter back into your reality and allow the remembrance of yourself to merge with your reality thus, raising the vibration and possible outcomes.
Understanding the transitions and situations you move through is not always essential, if you become preoccupied with discovering and understanding then you may be distracting yourself from receiving valuable insights and ways to move back into deep spaces of love.
I am love, I am peace, I am bliss, I am truth, I am the healed perfection of the Creator. I trust in the truth of these words and allow divine remembrance to emerge with ease from within my being.
Emotions can entwine themselves deep into your being and energy systems, it can take loving observation of yourself with a remembrance of your truth to bring forth healing and freedom of emotions. The experiences of the past has caused emotions to be used incorrectly but now your emotional body is moving through a tremendous transformation which will allow you to use your emotions to fuel your spiritual evolution, connection with and experiencing the Creator in every present moment.
Take time to be aware of your emotions, send love, healing and support to your emotions as your emotional body moves through a powerful transitional period.
Please know that I Mother Mary am with you loving you eternally in truth and with divine remembrance of the Creator.
With love Mother Mary

Presence of Angelic realms; Grace, Light Love & Christ energies

Posted on December 15, 2013 at 3:52 PM Comments comments (0)
As the solstice approaches and comes into effect, humanity is lifted higher and higher in their energetic fields and each is being gifted with the presence of the Angelic realms more pervasively than ever before. This is enabling each individual to receive the grace of the Angelic realms which assist in opening their hearts and souls to the higher frequencies of light and of love. As each being receives a greater influx and download of Christ energies into their own heart, a profound and subtle change takes effect in their daily lives. This will begin to show itself in the expressions between each member of humanity as they interact and connect with each other. The attributes and qualities of peace, loving kindness and goodwill will become more often expressed, one to another, as humanity begins to understand the greater purpose of many things that were not available for their discernment before.

All across the planet, a movement of love consciousness will rise up and humanity will be lifted into a higher perception of their true purpose for being here in the history of this planet at this time. Many revelations will begin to take place within the consciousness of each individual and it will be reflected by the mirrors of love and unity consciousness in the greater expressions of life upon the Earth. People will no longer be afraid or feel constrained to fully express the love they feel within their hearts at any given moment. All the beauty of the higher qualities within each soul will rise to the surface in joy and happiness in their outer expression. Each individual will make the effort to redirect their thinking processes into avenues that bless others and themselves by their actions, thoughts and deeds. Paying it forward will become the normal expression within each individual as they comprehend that by giving to others they in turn, give to themselves.

The laws of the universe will be seen to fulfill humanity’s higher intents with greater frequency and people will find it much easier to receive the fulfillment of their deepest and dearest dreams than ever before. The understanding that each soul is responsible for the good that manifests in their lives because that is what they have given out will become a reality. This law was always in effect but with the density upon the planet was one that was much slower to realize. All of that is now changing rapidly and the wonders of the world in which humanity lives and breathes will be seen, recognized and valued. Truly, this is a most beautiful and wondrous planet in the universe! Humanity holds great potential within their cells and in their DNA system and these will begin to unfold naturally and joyfully.

All across the planet, voices will speak in peace and harmony, decreeing a better life experience for all souls who choose to incarnate in a physical body so that they can bring completion to their life’s plan and purpose. The energy of love will manifest with greater frequency and intensity than ever before and because of this, there will be a transformation within each person, the likes of which has never before been imagined. Each person will feel humble as they realize what a great opportunity they have been given in their incarnation upon this planet during these times and this will attribute to a resurgence of the higher qualities of expression within each individual and within the systems that have been operating upon this planet.

Humanity will rise in unison with the Earth as they become uplifted in the energies that are pervading all life upon the Earth and there will be a huge effort to rectify all harm done to the Earth and her kingdoms in the pursuit of wealth above all else. There will be better ways sought to provide the essentials to all humanity that will be in harmony with all life upon the Earth. This will facilitate the implementation of new technology which was suppressed in times past and this will make life upon your planet much simpler and easier than previously experienced. All who receive this new knowledge are those who have agreed to share it freely in order to bring the transformation into the higher dimensions of consciousness more quickly into effect. This is a most exciting development in the process of ascension upon your planet.

Current Frustration and Chaos

Posted on December 15, 2013 at 12:26 PM Comments comments (0)
Many of you at this time may be in total frustration and chaos. The overlay of the New Earth working to pull you into your heart space AT ALL times whilst the old 3d earth maintaining or trying to maintain its hold on your LOGIC. It is vital that at this time you find and try to maintain BALANCE. This is found by being in your HEART space AND your logical mind but allowing one to reference the other. By this I mean you allow your logical mind to reference the HEART space and NOT the other way around. If you try to anchor that which your logical mind is trying to teach you then you will lower your energetic signature and may descend into the hall of mirrors of the old 3d earth once more. This is not supported by the New Earth and will not therefore manifest fully, so you may find yourself in a sort of see-sawing motion where you attempt to move forward but may feel that you are going around in circles and actually getting nowhere.
It is NOT TRUTH to believe that you are getting “nowhere”, all is energy and energy CONTINUALLY moves, it never stops, it is the perception of the human logical mind that will try to teach you that you have not moved. Many times during this process the process has APPEARED to slow down, experience has shown me personally that when things in my life APPEAR to be slowing down they are doing the exact opposite, the “slowing down” the perception of my logical mind. Again I have blogged on this previously, any of you who have been in a traumatic situation or accident will be able to resonate how the incident APPEARS to slow down as it is happening, this is the way that the human logical mind has been TAUGHT to interpret the overload of information that unfolds around, through and within the human vehicle at that moment.
At this moment upon planet earth there are energetic frequencies that are flowing both within and across the planet that have never been experienced by the human vehicle at this level. So perception takes some “time” (to use a human expression) to find balance and be anchored within the cellular structure of the human vehicle. There are NO reference points for this part of the unfolding of the New Earth, your HEART is creating them and your human logical mind is referencing them at all moments, this is the opposite from what you have been TAUGHT within the old 3d earth. TAUGHT to allow the human logical mind to reference and the heart to follow. I have often asked people “if you had to make a decision to choose HEART or HEAD which would you opt for?” The answer is not as easy as it first appears, for when EMOTIONS are running intensely around, through and within you the human logical mind will begin to assert its position, but this position is DISTORTION.
Many of you at this time may be trying desperately to make some sort of “sense” of your outer waking reality, with many scenarios perhaps birthing around you, through and within you that challenge your logical mind. You may find yourself using the phrase “this makes no sense”, “this is insane”, “what is going on?” repeatedly and if you are attempting to share your thoughts and anxieties with those around you who are still within the old 3d earth frequencies this may be ADDING to your frustration and anxiety. For you will be able to FEEL TRUTH long before you can SEE it and identify it. For ALL is hidden in plain view, all that obscures your vision are the teachings of the old 3d earth. It is no longer enough to work only with the teachings, you must now align yourself FULLY with the New Earth and focus SOLELY on the New Earth.
I have always guided and stated that YOUr SOUL is overseeing this entire life experience and many people filter out the depth of this statement. At this moment upon and within planet earth YOUr SOUL is triggering you deliberately to “flush out” the hidden residue of the old 3d earth teachings. Personal experience has at times taken my breath away as the New Earth has shown me the DEPTH of distortion that is in operation upon and within this planet. How my logical mind will at ALL times attempt to teach me that what I see is what is actually real and this is NOT TRUTH. It has taught me to process each moment the energies that are presented to me. MANY upon and within planet earth are running karmic dimensional distorted frequencies (see websites for further info) and they may at a very human level APPEAR to support and understand you but unless YOU check the frequencies that they are running personally through your HEART then you may get drawn into the reality they are trying to create. This is an overlay from the old 3d earth and more information about this will be placed upon the Crystalline Sanctuary and Whispering Universe websites. It is not enough to anchor that you are CREATING your OWN reality within the New Earth, YOUr SOUL is trying to show you how to move fully into this moment whilst detaching from the karmic residue that others are allowing to run unchecked within their energy signatures. Remember the old 3d earth teachings attempt to BLIND YOU at all turns, if you believe that you have dissolved all that you need to dissolve I would guide you to look again and to look deeper.
TRUTH JUST IS and YOU ARE. ALL is not as it APPEARS upon and within planet earth at this time.

The perception of Truth

Posted on December 9, 2013 at 2:03 AM Comments comments (0)
Master Lao Tzu ~ The perception of Truth ~ Excerpt of a readingchanneled by Méline Lafont
My fellow traveler of Light, it is with so much power andappreciation for your being that I am bringing you this message. Feel my wordsflow through you as a gentle breeze and a flow of energy that allows you topick up the essence of your being. You are Love, for Love is you!
In many Earthly incarnations you have been transforming into everyway of your being and that brings along a requirement of adaptation every timeyou do so for your embodiment is one of a vast formation that is not sofluently moving along as it is a stiff energy that needs time to melt, so tospeak. As you transform yourself into a deeper Divinity of your being in suchtrapped light energy that has formed your Earthly creation; the human body, youchallenge frequencies and creations that are either soothing or hard for yourbeing.
It is merely the perception of it that challenges you through itall, for in true honor and in truth all is just a flow of energy that floatsthrough All That Is, including you! The way things are perceived forms thecreations in life and that reflects in your reality. The reason for you feelingstuck in this lifetime has merely to do with the perception of your own truthand the truth of others. Once you see through this all and truly see what'sbehind it, you shall acknowledge it to be a simple perception that is thereforenot your truth.
Perception is what gives so much confusion in lifetimes as whatyou perceive you take as truth and there are many perceptions, therefore manydifferent truths. What is seen or felt by another you does not have to be yourtruth or you. And because you also take another one's truth and perception foryour truth and reality, it drives against your own and that makes you feeldoubting and feel stuck. You start to think that your feeling and truth is nottruth because another one perceives it differently, but in true honesty thereis only truth. It is only perceived and experienced in so many different waysand levels.
Now you can set aside those perceptions of others, including yourown and start to just feel what you are. Feeling does not mean the forming intowords what you experience or do, it does not mean to think with the mind or tryto grasp all of it. It is a state of being where you are the stillness insideof you and where you can connect, tap into energies and states of being withoutany word or formation that comes from you. It is pausing the mind and the youin this formation and to just accept, embrace and to enjoy all that is, tosurrender and to really BE.
It requires a lot of Self Mastery which by the same token means toreally be the balance with not too much of this or that. To really express youin all the infinite and in the freedom that you are without any lack of,
control of, limitation from and creation of... It is the way ofbeing where all can be all at once, you can be all at once.
Now, do set aside your fears or worries about your Earthlyproblems, they are not problems but self created distortions that are perceivedas problems. You have free will to create and be whatever you wish to be. Soset your focus and energy to that what you wish to achieve and be in life andbe confident, strong in this so that it will be your reality. Than surrenderand go with the flow without any hesitation. Don't hold on to the feeling ofbeing stuck, as is said before it is only the perception of this that allowsyou to experience and create just that.
What you worry about is what you hold on to and what you hold onto will exactly be that what is brought on your path. Always be positive, belove and be joy! Every now moment is a blessing in life, so embrace it and makeit a new one every single time.
I am Master Lao Tzu,I embrace you!

Healing grief

Posted on December 6, 2013 at 3:21 PM Comments comments (0)
I got to make a house call on a freinds childhood home where her father and mother both passed away in.  The home had sold and the family was concerned that if they sell this home, the will lose contact with their grandparents.  With this newfound quickening energy, spirit has been working faster than ever,  prior to getting this phone call, spirit had already contacted me, so I knew somethige was coming, but I did not know who or what was going to happen.  Earlier in the day, I began to smell a powdery "old-lady" perfume.  I don tknow how else to describe it.  lol
When i called this person back, it made sense that the spirit had already made contact, and they needed to talk with the family.  As I went the next morning and walked through the empty house, I could feel their presence very strong, especially in my heart area in the master bed room.  So I did two healings in this room. 
So Prior to coming, I asked the persons name.  I did some distance healing, and wrote down a bunch of stuff, about 15 things based on what the spirit was telling me.  I had to literally get out of bed to write it down, so I wouldnt forget thats how much there was to convey.
The first healing I told this person the things I wrote down, and she was completely blown away as I was becasue I had not even touched her yet.  I was amazed at how clear and consise I actually was, and THEN, the grandmother spoke vey clearly as to what she as to do next.  The grandfather also came through, on the way there with some messages.  It was a beautiful healing for this person as all her fears and anxieties were put to rest and she could move on.  I did another person who basically had the same detatchment issues, and she got a great quick healing as well. 
My point is that everything is moving so fast, the communicatin with the other side is amazing and I feel as though the veil is lifting and I can see so much more clearly.  I am very greatful for this gift. 
More later,

The presence of God 2013

Posted on November 26, 2013 at 12:28 PM Comments comments (0)
I have been home from working for about 9 months.  It has been a spectacular year spiritually.  I have been to so many spiritual places, and have had the pleasure and honor of getting in touch or being in or living and touching and feeling the presence of God.  More than once.  I have done this in meditation during my Divine Spark Healing Classes, during my times in Shasta, Colorado, and Sedona as well as Scottsdale.  I feel so blessed to even be able to talk about this becasue I know that I have been in touch with some extraordinary peole places and spirits.  Oh, and dont even get me started about the John of God meditation healing clinic or the many people who have trusted me with their spirit as well as their children to be a part of their healing needs this year.  So, so, So. many many gifts have been bestowed upon me.  At do not even let me begin to talk of my two beautiful daughters who trust me. 
So many profound moments in 2013:
One of my healings, I beganto speak with a womans deseased husband, and they got to make peace through me.  Wow! no words for this!
Shasta where I was told by the violet flame, and the teal flame, which I believe to be the Lemurians that I was now "activated".  Didnt know what that meant at the time.
At my job where I got to take an entire band of native american indians home to grandfather. No words for this either!
Divine Spark Healing Classes, where I was taken up to God, or spirit, and learned to let my spirit, my sold and my body, each heal each other.  Absolutely no words for this.
#2 Divine Spark Healing Classes where I was taken up to God, and brought hime down into my body and could feel this presence and beginning to vibrate gold and knowing that I am the universe and notihing is impossible.  incredible
#3 Divine Spark Healing Classes where God/spirit healied eache and every painful feeling, thought, memory, hurt done to me, hurt I did to others every single painful experience in my life was healed and I was taken to a place in my current life before I was able to realize what this life was about. The place was when I was about 4 years old, it was a hot summer day in Bryte CA, and my brother and I were playing in the circle we lived in off Bryte Avenue and we were just happy getting wet with the hose outside our little duplex.  That was the happiest time of my life before everything "got real".  I go to this place when I need peace now..
John of God - I was touched by an angel, literally, this lady healer was the honest to god vibration of god, but how did i know this, becasue we are all that vibration I belive when we get here, but we jsut get lost.  I sat in the healing cirlce and my karma of my past lives ere literally taken off of me, and i was healing.  I also felt the mother mary presense as well . 
Sedona/Scottsdale, AZ - In Sedona I met my spirit guide, and huge presense of a native american navajo, very very huge.  he met me as soon as I drove in, and conselled me and schooled me on how I need to use a shorter verson of the 12 steps and the 7 arrows for healing and to read more about native american indian healing.  I also downloaded information there from shasta.  In Scottsdale, we stayed on an american indian burial ground and was able to take many women and children home to Grandfather.  I also held the energy and let them go through me to God.  OMG, absolutley no words for this at all. 
I met a sound healer at the ancient future center.  Kelly Ann , she is a reincarnation of st. terese.  he pictture next to the saint is so uncanny, she is wonderful.  the uses sound and bowls and lights to heal you.  this is literally out of this world. 
Reiki healing cirlses by Elizabeth Andrea Fulmer - we have the same two frist names.  This incredible woman has worked hard to put together circles, workshops and just get togethers to bring reiki healers together to help learn and fellowship.  Next year I am taking Reiki Teacher from her to be able to initate people into reiki.  So excited. 
If I have left anyone or anythinge out, I aplogize, my hands are hurting.. lol.  more to come. 
Happy Holidays

Resistance - Victimhood - EGO acknowledgement and release

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The resistance has been tough, the ego does not want me to be god, it wants me to be a victim, or have pain or be sad.
 Ego says you suck and do notdeserve anything that is good.  And I say oh contrar mon friar, today I am god.  Iam truly the epitome of god’s love grace feeling and power.  I have the power of god. 
When the ego says you have no worth  know that you do not have to take on thet ruths of others, you are the truth, instead of following many paths, be the path, this is so profound.  You are no longer the victim. 
Until you have the inner knowing of the truth that is not attached to love approval or acceptance of anyone else do not take on others beliefs. Know that you are everything else than what you say to yourself.  Know that your being is love, approval. Andacceptance.  From this place see themagical synchronous world you have created as depictions of you.  Step out of the story to be a witness to this life.  Accept your inheritance and innateconnection as reality.  From the place of witness, admire the creating in all its magnificence.  Acknowledge every detail that has been put in place.  Accept your divinity as right inthe story of creation.  When you lift your own veils of disillusionment, fear, and falsehood, you “will” what is real into your world.  Dissolve the stores and just be present, be the present and know that you are the present that has beengiven to this experience. getting to the root of who we are is the answers.  Knowing there is magic in the midst and thatthere is no separation, is the best news in the world.  Taking advantage of the beautiful magic is the key.  Falling into the resonant melody of life being your love song, love story and a romance of the soul is extraordinary.  Get away from the shadow of the victim and step into the light. Break the self created veils. Because self knows I am everything, the vastness of space.  I am complete in my ability to create everything I desire.  See you light, knowyour magnificence, represent!  Never settle.

Hold onto Nothing

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Hold onto nothing.
I found this today, and thought it wonderful as we let go of things, we ascend.
There is a massive cosmicportal opening up just in between Jupiter and the earth, which has been closedfor millennia. It looks something like a wormhole, and it brings for the firsttime in millions of years the return of a mass cosmic consciousness which isembedded in certain star gates in this solar system.
The mechanisms of thismassive field of consciousness is that of the ancient beginnings when the firstgalaxies were formed, the first 12 master galaxies, and then, when the wars ofheavens started, this massive portal was closed down, and moved towards thosenew galaxies forming in the outer reaches of the cosmic whole.
What is will be doing isaffecting the pyramids and pyramids grids inside, on the surface and thoseunder the sea, and bring about the acceleration of the rising of consciousnesson this planet.
It will trigger immensememory banks in our inherent DNA and molecular memory banks, and bring aboutthe a massive shift in the way we perceive our material world, as a lot startdisintegrating which once held form, while other forms of life, which have beenliving alongside us, in different dimensional states, and also inside theearth, will now for the first time be visible to those who are tuning into thecosmic impulses emitted by this massive portal.
This portal is directlylinked to the Bear constellation, for it was one of the first galaxies to trulyevolve to the Super consciousness which brought about a massive shift in thegreater cosmic whole, and later then influence life on Sirius, on Andromeda,the Pleiades, Arcturius, Orion and Milky Way Galaxy, as well be Pegasus, Taurusand Leo.
It will start affectingus, and the earth energy grids open up. It is very high frequency energy whichcannot be detected as yet by human measurements, as it vibrates at a frequencyrange which is out of our orbit. It will bring in the activation of thesynopses within our latent brain – in others words those parts of our brains wehave not used for thousands of years.
It will bring about asudden opening up of talents, faculties and abilities which will enable us tomake a total shift of consciousness within a very short span of time, as theplanet is now ready to step up in consciousness and is thus pulling us into amuch higher frequency band.
It means that electronicequipment will suddenly start malfunctioning and satellite communications willbe affected. It will hone in on the lower frequency bands which will slowly andsurely start disintegrating and thus cannot function any more in that very slowfrequency rate it used to function in.
It will bring about amass movement into the heart energy spaces which will then in turn disintegrateold patterns, which are also ancestral patterns and most of all old thinkingpatterns which no longer serve this planet, as this energy field is nowpenetrating the existing energy matrix and it is now shifting the whole field.
As this brings tremendouscosmic fields of new energies in, which together with the cosmic solar flaresemitting from sun – which is also now more and more affected by this portalopening up – it will affect our daily lives in the subconscious field as westart understanding more and more that the old structures, the old lies, theold control mechanisms now fall away and the new start forming which is of suchhigh frequency, that the old cannot move into those fields.
As we move into thehighest truth and integrity of our own soul and its inner guidance system, wewill receive help from those in the higher dimensions to incorporate thechanges and thus to move with this field and move into the higher states ofconsciousness.
It is therefore imperative that we continue with the clearing of whatever comesup in our memory banks, whether this be personal, family and collectiveclearing. One will only feel immensely disorientated if one is not willing todo the inner clearing and go with the cosmic flow.
What will most beaffected is the way of thinking and way the science will finally understandthat all thinking without incorporating the heart centered living and anholistic approach is but wishful thinking.
As we step higher in thefrequency bands and consciousness we step more and more into the co-creatorrole. Yet, this can only be done when we start adhering to the cosmic laws andare in harmony with this and thus learn to flow with the cosmic frequency bandsand become one with these.
Expect then for changesto escalate and for more changes to come in. Nothing is settled anymore. All isin a tremendous flux, and all is busy dissembling and forming something new.
Hold onto nothing. Attachto no-one and nothing. That does not mean you cannot love someone – just do notattach. Learn to go with the flow and not to resist it.
You will only feelintense pain if you resist this massive cosmic wave of disintegration so thatintegration on a vast cosmic scale can occur.
It is time for the NewAge to make itself felt, and none more so in these higher cosmic frequencybands.

Multidimensional viewing

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I am just wondering if anyone else is experience seeing other demensions.  The other day a friend was over and she is obviously working with spirit,  becasue I as I saw her, I saw a house in the country with dry grass, and somewhere in vacaville, or maybe Napa, and I also at the same time, saw an old road, with cars from the 60's, like an old police car, same town, like the back of a building with a cellar going down with he doors on it.  they were both kind of in black and white, but mostly they were a cream color. 
Anyway, just wanted to see if anyone else notieces anything similar.  so cool..