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Andrea Elizabeth

Spiritual Seer


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The Queen and the Crown

Posted on September 12, 2022 at 3:25 PM Comments comments ()

The Queen and the Crown

So superfluous.- Something that is more than needed or unnecessary.

Having the understanding of the Crown inlaid within the Queen seem unnecessary, doesn’t it?. At what point does one say, oh, wait, I have enough, or I have enough, give me more.

On all accounts, there is no right or wrong answer, however in spirit, the latter is one of concern.

How can one supreme nation, or being always seem to need more, or assume the need to be privy to more?

We on the other hand (in form) or human, always feel that there is never or will never be enough.

As a queen with the crown, she single handedly held on to her commitment, through all, thick and thin, and in return, she has renounced her son as predecessor.

What has any of this to do with us? You might ask? I am being told it is the end of the cycle. The end of days, so to speak and we of command origin have paved the way to sanctity and or honor.

Those to whom have heard the call and proceed to act upon such call have heeded the warning and masterly felt better after all of this went down 2 or 3 days ago.

And in the middle of the heap of the challenges, came forward to better the human race. You all know who you are!! You are all part of the allegiance to better humanity and the feminine presence all together as one or WE.

Our WE, as we call it, formed a new alliance and the Queen is literally at the procession. She held space for all of those to create and to take form and now she is free to illuminate. Her fantasies were always of ones to be enlightened and sovereign. And she did just that, as she passed, she allowed her feminine reign consort to come forth and bring new light into the bitter old world of patriarchy.

She literally shattered the old Matrix in which she was told to hold onto the feminine Divine Presence. No more are any of the women held hostage, or prisoner, or even in slavery energetically. Thank you Queen!

Her passing formed an alliance or allegiance to hold space in awe of our new world order. The first page is ready to be written and her assuage is of a feminine expectation of divine war if you will.

We are begin catapulted into an existence of heaven where earth and the above life interact, and the WE of this is Golden.

Grab your capes and crowns ladies as we are already provided for, we no longer have to watch and learn, we already are. Know this. Abraham Hicks has been saying this for years; thank you for everything I have please give me more. So easy, yet so hard.

It seems unrealistically possible, however the bars are off the prison, and the queen has put the key in the proverbial treasure chest, and freed us. And all the treasures are OURS! ASK!!!!!!

A bout a month ago I channeled something about the divine matrix, read my previous blog.

At that time, I had no idea why, but now it makes sense. Also 2 days ago, I got a very loud blue beep in my ear, and I heard the words, “It is done”, or “it is over”. And I saw the page of a book turn with a clean page, and I knew at that time things were going to be difference and change. I didn’t know what, until the Queen and King George, her father popped in yesterday to school me.

I have worked with King George before on my What if you were God book, while in Australia, and my Creating Wealth Course, where he brings in a beautiful velvet blue frequency as we are working on creating wealth. I never really realized the significance of him with my until now.

So, ladies, put on your crown, ask for more and be part of your WE. Your We, will come to you in you meditation, ask who is with you as you bring down the presence of the Crown and sit with it. Write it down and have them be with you for the coming days, as we lay the Queen the Breaker of the Matrix to rest.

RIP – Queen

Blessed be.


Matriarchial Sacred Divine Matrix Energy

Posted on July 21, 2022 at 12:40 AM Comments comments ()

Hi all,

As I posted this today on FB, I began to recieve a channel to help assist those who are ready for a NEW RESPONSIBILITY.

Matriarchial Sacred Divine Matrix will begin a new chapter in your Sovereignty. It is up to you to bre ready and take the action.

Feel free to contact me on my website, or email or text. 

If you are looking for a sign, here it is!. It is time to get busy.


Ancestral Healing

Posted on March 9, 2022 at 11:05 AM Comments comments ()

I have been seeing this all over Social Media. And when I see it, I start gettting pings from my ancestors to bring forward my work to help heal society.

I have a 3 Session Ancestral Healing Session where I work from a couple of different angles.

First we work with each of your ancestors beginning from you and your mother and then you and your mother's  mother, then you and mother's father, etc.,

As we energetically clear what each ancestor has brought to you by way of pain, suffering, genetics, DNA, disease, we then go on to the next person. We also can have conversations with each ancestory to see what they have to say in order to bring light to your family history. You did not even have to know these ancestors, they simply show up and help.

This is a very fascinating process, as each time I do this, a few things pop up. They can  bring in healing, medicine, magic, recipies, and also answeres to alot of family "secrets". I am always surprised as what people hold onto that create angst in families. To date, the most difficult healing has been a person who was holding slave ships on her person. She was heavy, in deep depression, and pain. As we had those hard conversations, and I saw the hard pictures, however, she begain to feel lighter. After she left, I had to remove this very difficult energy from my space, as I did not realize the impact it had on me.

So again, we never know what a person is dealing with until we can energetically see it. I learned so much from that session as she also energetically had the chains around her neck and spikes on her skin. Ugh so awful. 

My point in bringing this up is to bring light to the human suffering. I carried my grandmothers heavines from the Holocaust, as she was in a concentration camp. I got to heal that piece of my lineage and help my other family.

If you are ready, check out my link to my website:

Messages from Matthew Covid

Posted on April 12, 2021 at 11:15 AM Comments comments ()

Vaccines, other covid-related issues; energy; lightworkers

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Of most concern to many of you is covid vaccines, so let us begin by addressing your questions and comments about them. Vaccines cannot separate you from Source or prevent personal ascension, the evolvement in conscious and spiritual awareness that continues until the immortal soul returns to its Beginnings within the pure love essence of Creator Source.


What does affect that journey is the energy of thoughts, feelings and intentions. When those are fear, greed, brutality, betrayal, dishonesty or any other low-vibratory sensation or intent of an action, the energy generated decreases light within the body. Light is bodies’ life force. It is what transforms carbon-based cells into the crystalline structure that strengthens immune systems and enables physical viability in the higher vibrations of fourth and fifth density planes where Earth is heading.


The society has been conditioned to believe vaccines prevent diseases. They don’t—what they do is introduce diseases into individuals with weakened immunity, damage bodies’ healing mechanisms, and cause autism-like symptoms in young children. Nevertheless, time and time again medical “experts” say Get him/her/yourself vaccinated!


Thus, solutions containing the virus that was laboratory-designed to cause the influenza called covid-19, nanochips programmed to track and control individuals, and foreign tissue that can change bodies’ DNA are claimed to be vaccines. Medical establishment members who are urging everyone to get vaccinated don’t mention it actually is experimental gene therapy with potentially dire effects that won’t be apparent for a year or two or more, and manufacturers bear no liability whatsoever for death or other harmful reactions.


Crystalline cells don’t interact with incompatible substances, and they leave via bodies’ elimination systems. However, even though scientists in extraterrestrial special forces reduced potency of the virus and decreased viability of the genetic material, bodies with weakened immunity and/or carbon cellular structure have much less ability to resist foreign substances. That is why some persons die after being inoculated and others develop serious health issues or their existing conditions worsen.


Those scientists also erased the chips’ programming, but it isn’t the chips that cause death and medical problems. They are in the solution for a different sinister reason and the rapid rollout of 5G is part of it. By intent, the devices’ emissions damage bodies’ electrical systems, but it is the technology itself that is of more importance to those who conceived the idea to inject bodies with programmed nanochips.


Not only can they transmit to a designated source individuals’ location, communication, purchases—almost nothing one does can be withheld—but they can send signals to the brain to perform whatever task is specified. We hasten to assure you none of that ever will come to pass because the programming was eliminated. The scientists also reduced 5D emissions’ impact on bodies.


The purpose of the virus itself and the substances in the solution is two-fold: decrease the population by billions and technologically control survivors and subsequent generations. The diabolical minds behind this crime against humanity failed to achieve the intended death toll, and they will fail in the other goal, too.


Light keeps intensifying throughout the planet and cells of people who are absorbing light are becoming crystalline, thereby gaining resistance capability, and many souls now incarnating came in with crystalline structure. Eventually all of Earth’s peoples will be of that makeup.


Foreign substances injected into a body do not affect the soul. The soul is love-light energy, which is indestructible and impervious to issues that affect physical bodies. The etheric body—the “light body” in which a person transitions from physical lifetime to a spirit world—is affected because the two bodies are attached until death of the physical.


Each person’s unique frequency relays notice of imminent transition and health condition to the recordkeeping section of Nirvana. Individuals with damaged etheric bodies or traumatized psyches are met by a medical team at special portals where they receive immediate treatment and constant attendance until health in body and mind has been fully restored. Then they join the realm’s other residents and embark upon an active life in Earth’s glorious spirit world.


It is by intention that vastly bloated covid statistics and claims that only worldwide vaccinations can end the “pandemic” have been front and center of daily “news” throughout the past year. The individuals who planned and devised the “pandemic” control mainstream media, where information is fabricated, factual happenings are distorted or omitted, and fearful information is emphasized because they know fear weakens immune systems. They control the Internet, where truthful information about all happenings is taken down as soon as it is discovered. They know how the universal law of attraction works, that thoughts and feelings about something bring back more of the same. They know nothing can last without energy to sustain it.


Energy is what everything is about, and attention focused on covid-related issues produces it in abundance. Fear about contracting the disease. Bitterness about forced separation from loved ones and grief about those who died. Stress about masks and depression about isolation. Anxiety about loss of income. Anger about closed businesses. Resentment about the proposal that authorization to travel and enter specific areas requires a “vaccination passport.”


Let us say a bit more about the passport. The concept came from the dark ones who caused the “pandemic” and profit handsomely from the sale of vaccines, but only governments can mandate the requirement. While it is possible that some may do that, in this moment the concept doesn’t have enough momentum to become probable; however, that can change abruptly if sufficient energy is directed into what now is only consideration.


The passport and other aforementioned situations are factual. Not everything related to the “pandemic” is, but they are gathering energy from your thoughts and feelings about them. That tests for covid contain fibers of morgellons disease is but a dark concoction to cause worrying. The baseless claim that people who have been vaccinated will “shed” the disease and infect people who haven’t been inoculated adds to the worrisome mix. Another of those claims is, the virus is mutating, vaccinated people aren’t protected from new strains, and waves of the disease could go on for years.


Some scientists now contend that covid did after all come from an infected bat. The implication is that humans have no way to prevent pandemics because they start by means that are uncontrollable. The coronavirus-19 is patented—how did a sick bat manage to do that?


Many people are rebelling by refusing to wear masks and not staying six feet away from everyone else, and the numbers who are vehemently denouncing “the shot” are growing. But millions are eager to get it. They are relieved and grateful when it is their turn, and with that comes the satisfying feeling of being a good citizen by fulfilling what they have been told is their “public safety responsibility.”


And last, if we knew when the truth about the “pandemic” will come forth and when it will meet its end, we would shout it with such exuberance that you might even hear us. What we can tell you is, the end is assured—rising vibrations will see to it.


Dear ones, the energy of the mind-boggling number of reactions, positive and negative, to everything related to the “pandemic” is what keeps it going. You are divine sovereign beings and need not be subservient to this heinously-contrived scourge. Now that we have answered your questions about it, make it more quickly run out its course by switching your thoughts and feelings to what you do want for yourself, for persons dear to you and for your world. Visualizing Earth in golden-white light, remembering to breathe deeply, living from your heart, and asking for protection from all darkness also will add immeasurably to your wellbeing and the world’s.


Now let us send encouragement’s high vibrations to all of you who are feeling disillusioned because days are passing with no indication of action. When what would have been a dramatic public demonstration was preempted by a slower, safer course, actions that would have come incrementally during an extended period following that demonstration now are integral parts of “Plan B.”


Happenings out of the public eye include arrests of individuals in numerous countries, preparation for tribunal trials and prosecution of principals involved in the fraudulent United States presidential election, planning sessions to establish that nation as a republic, rescue of captives in underground tunnels followed by the tunnels’ destruction, seizure of gold, plans to end impoverishment by redistributing the Illuminati’s ill-gotten fortunes, and high-level negotiations on environmental restoration. Those and other international efforts are major steps forward in the monumental undertaking of transforming life on Earth.


While you await public acknowledgement of various steps, be assured that everything is unfolding in divine order and timing under the watchful eye of universal family members in advisory and action capacities, both off-planet and in your midst. Dear brothers and sisters, the patience, indomitable spirit, and knowing the light already has won that have served you well will continue to do so.


All light beings in this universe honor you for staying the course during this tumultuous era on Earth and support you with the power of unconditional love.





Suzanne Ward

[email protected]

Current Planetary Influences

Posted on July 8, 2020 at 11:06 AM Comments comments ()
Current Planetary Influences
July-August 2020

   We live in times of potential great shifts of consciousness and change. As the outer planets Saturn and Jupiter edge closer and closer to the sign of Aquarius we feel connected with our concern for justice and the common good for all.

   It could feel as though we are meant to do something big, something significant and not ordinary. Every decision and choice we make seems weighted down these days with the outer planets Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto at later degrees of Capricorn. We are feeling a push to get things right and in alignment. Yet, we have maverick energies going on while divisive and reactionary energies are rampant. We must find the balance and peace within before making choices and decisions.

   At the time of George Floyd’s murder, the Moon, Mercury and Venus were all out-of-bounds which added a strong reactionary and cause and effect (karmic) event. We are currently in a moment of history when our collective karma must be purified. It took 500 years for Saturn and Pluto to be conjunct in Capricorn and over these 500 years we have plundered, taken advantage of others, we have mis-used personal power and whole governments and countries have been corrupt with greed and power. These behaviors are being seen for what they are because of current planetary energies.

   Pluto is going to help us to penetrate to the truth, Saturn is teaching us to be realistic and to be wary of deceptions. There are a lot of inequalities but once Saturn is fully in Aquarius starting in January 2021, we will make important changes for all walks of life, all cultures, races and religions.

MLK and Maya Angelou Speak

Posted on June 15, 2020 at 10:18 PM Comments comments ()
Good morning any words?
Forbidden zone of silence

Removing the matrix from our black slaves
A controversy quite unknown to the human man
As I write and channel  this I feel impoverished, unorganized, unhealed, lynched, beaten bruised, enslaved, reciprocally divided, harmed, latent, yet free
From a controversial idea that all men are created equal the unknown identities of the black man or ideal is a farce
I enjoin in today with the past leaders of solidarity to begin in a written choreography of our past leaders of leadership and how they had best begun the fight in which you are now completing
The revolutionary undoing of man
In the revelation books Christ was depicted as man and as relatable to any and all religions we once took upon yourself to be a read of said book
And as an arbitrary undoing of an idea, we almost or helped with these proceedings
 all in all the man made scene was arbitrary but all in all they felt different from us a black men in general
Ideals or idealistic are far cry from what the real world is
We always felt uneasy or distant or confuses as to why this was our only way of preaching
Upon the backs of or fellows we offer here on this day a revelry for hope
A new idealistic way of breaking the chains of harms , resistance no longer as to who we are as humans
The realization that we have been chained for as far back as we have been made into slaves
It mattes not who, what, where, when etc., But it matters that we are historically
Breaking the manner of times in which the matrix of man has lead us to hell or extinction of our own
Greed upon greed is the white folk idea of humanity for our color or our race
And as much as I do not wish to create a divide I must speak of it
As most ideals create a barrier of they say white folk and black folk
We offer a way into anew existence
Human theory lacks the idea of How to honor god
As man we are taught that one man is god, but in essence we are all god within

So the color of skin is a deity united if you will
 This universal matrix of slavery has gone on way too long
It is not only us black, it is us white, Asian African Chinese, Hispanic; any and all races divided

All are slaves to a system that is totally and socially broken
It is a national heresy of time
As we march and as we are no longer silent
We come and unleash our wealth from the forbidden zone of silence.
We shall no longer be silent
We shall form a new way of time placement and stigmatic of society
We offer a new way of life

For most is seems dim and pointless

But let me tell you from the stories what will be coming, you will find hope and you will find Jesus if you will

We are literally having to have come to Jesus time in and bring in all lords of heaven to assist many a man

Kindly understand that this is not a black folk book but a book for humans . if we to strip off our bodies we wou look the same and we all know that there have been times when we all have been judged by the color of our skin but today I bring in a revelry of hope, ideas, thoughts and mind altering creators from our past presidents, leaders, hope restorers and the like

We will or shall never offer our souls over to the parliament again.
Make it so.

Your revolutionary ideas are a part of our new revolution life

Blessing on and on and on.


Redacting time is difficult

We were the pain , the hurt the martyrdom. Unnecessary for thought proceeds back fulling in our society. Or race

Yes were hurt, and  yes were were enslaved yes it is is our genes

Our time now is to fight this oppression and to revitalize our goodness . the goodnees is restoring our faith in humans

And if we can change our honing in of our oppressor to a universal timeline  we might change our throughts about our present  society of our past lives and open our ears and eyes.

History is our best teacher

Why not cavalier a new way of designing our present as oppression is no longer an option

Where are free to do and to be and to be heard that is what this revolution is bringing forward

And in our blood and in our cells are our ancestor screaming hallelujah to all who step into the new paternity suit if you will

Unharmed freedom has been other issue and we are oppressing our oppressors

Kindly generously and with love
We don’t have to be them
We can better together

Just as Dr King brought out in Atlanta the soul has a way of being renewed thus bringing in a  new way of being but he was taken out because of his oppressor

We now bring him in from Atlanta to speak bring in a new speaking tongue of light

Dr king reveals from the other side  a new thought process to extinguish our old ideals

Of pain and to process a way out into light streaming

He offers an alternative to hate bringing in from the other side and revelry in  Christ or the holy one

You can be in the stream of light and become a holy one as gods child it s not an over the top theme but a simple offering from god to you
Singleness or single out - that is our options
the latter is more painful

So step in and enjoy your new race for enlightenment not hate for hate or sad for sad but life for life love for love

A new world order encapsulating our lineage to be full of light love and an astounding presence

Once we shed the old paradigm our presence will be known and you will know and be on a new way to life
Freedom was not free before but it is now
Our lineage has a great profound systematic part of life here
We know hell, . now lets know heaven

Heaven brings part with it as well as a new struggle for some as they feel less or needy. The strong will have to overcome that thought process of not needing help. Everyone needs help, even god needs help

So show your vulnerability to he who may assist your cry or pain or hate or abuse then frequently abolish your thoughts about all this and seek reparation and disarm the old armed and feel the harmony of our and sisters

It is our duty as black man to fill our community arms with love not guns to hate

This is a disarming of our past. Let us all together form a creator link as one god to one god, man in man women in woman arm in arm

 To finish off the old lineage of hate and to create a new lineage of love
It is all of us together as one thought process.
Imagine the strength that comes from that one thought of harmony
We are one in arms brothers and sisters alike

Drowning out the old ideas of our past lineage as slaves, linking us now in love, not pain

As we drop the lineage of pain , the old matrix of our society, dims that part of us, and our lights of our soul shine brighter through the love of our fellow man. Be more that those who oppress, be more that those who shun you,  be more that those to keep limiting your expectations as man by being god in skin. Flourish in such a way that there can be no limitations for your  soul light

Dimming it does noting, but keeping it lit with harmony and brotherly love moves mountains

The more we bequthent to earth, our soul light  it is no longer limited

It is mountainous and magnanoumous and we rise and we shine regardless

Our children will not have to feel the pain, it is over and redundant

Our children will be love lights from now forward

 Breaking the chains of the old matrix is a plenty and dutiful task for some of us who took it on

We are now diminishing those chains and creating freedom at last

It is over and with and we are now free.


Shine on you crazy diamond


Our soul lamp light Maya Angelou

Good morning Ms. Angelou

How are you on the other side this day?


Bequtehed? Yes

Blessed  gifted and with a division of soul lighters

We here on the other side bring in remnants of solidarity hope and religion to the nonsense of the oppressor of our time

It is by our own fruition that we assist you each to shall rise and become one above the chains links of hate.

We Offer up a new version of lineage in terms of keeping your light so bright that one cannot undo them

We beseech to bring in a new frontier of limitless ideas for some and awakening for others

Showing up is half the battle

They have kept us down with drugs, alcohol, bambozzooling and the like
It is over!

Our oppression is non existence and we see it on the battle fields of the USA


Enjoin in today the fight between the say good an evil by offering to your soul this primary idea

The cage is no longer our oppression
The cage is no longer our friend
Renegade spirituality lights the path way into the unseen
And injustice brings courage

Flourish amongst the plenty who will rise and allow for them to help you up until you can stand up as well

Offering your bountiful strength to those who have none and are incapacited
We have been in hell and we know it
We can get up and out of by oppressing our oppressor
By standing tall in our own soul light as god in skin
Think not of the color of our skin
But of the pertinent ideas of your honor

By honoring yourself as a person of god you seek to know more of your establishment of say home

Being of the new horizon you stand tall in your light and diminish all past evil that have been around for centuries
We are not the devil we are the light

 That is the true reason of the hate for so many years

We have so much power and are powerful strength that we have been oppressed and forced to be  silent

We are now speaking from that forbidden zone of silence to offer you a way up and into your own  bountiful endavor

See to it that you show not your pain or envy but your bringing of your soul up and out and into the planet. Other brothers and sister need that now

You be the one we call, You be the one who stands, You be the one who sings hyms and praises

Do not wait for others they may not flow, but begin somewhere and be the light

There is someone who needs your call
Stand tall and stand proud and into an inferno of light from above
All blessings are pouring in for you from the other side today and shining upon your own revelry of your faith

Be open- Be aware and Be free - You are the leader

The re-lighting of the joys key
Undoing timespan of old frequency will be difficult

Try out some new anomalies
Rediscovering you abhors god within is a definite game changer

Showing your light to others is the next step and the bringing in more action as god in light is the final entourage

Your hope, faith and courage are a landslide of emotional bidings to bring forth our lineage

Dig deep within and see to it that you are queen or king

Open you heart space and really mend those old ways of forgiving those whom have harmed you and our lineage even if they  are not sorry
It is opening the cosmic breakage of the ties a new dawn of time

A universal undoing of lineage through a new timepiece ; You

You are the timepiece

Sir Isaac Newton  once wrote that:

All beggars as god indicates a key to keep their secrets as a folly. He wrote that in time, each beggar shall omit his folly and stand up and upon the lineage of hope to redesign a new paramount idea of time a paradigm of international and create a paradigm of hope for so many.

The strong are the untitled or the beggars in the past. So now drop your old beggar lineage to become one with all that is opulent in grace. Feed this and lead our nation to an international redesign of prayer and hope for oh so many who cannot.

You be a leader in form

Gods in skin is our old source that has atrophied, but light as god in skin is our new paradigm

Step out into the morros of an illustrious endeavor for your family, your ancestors and your light.

Begin now

All old is forgiven and a new forgiveness paradigm begins today.
All a plenty are rising and stepping on the backs of their oppressor.  Be one with many to inform the masses of your new lineage rising
It is done.

Over and omitted from our psyche, our cells, or dna, our bloodline and atrophied muscles of hope. We now purposeful adapt to a new paradigm of muscle building. Regaining  hope for our future and for our children of our future we are pumping iron of hope to bring in a new mass electromatic idea of roundness. Eliminate all old square ideas we now bringing in  love, strength and kindness by and though hope deeply grounded in love and returning to a paradigm of light.
Blessing to all who come reading this

Maya Angelo has a new outlook for our future;  allow your cage to be opened, set yourself free. No one is coming, you must do it.
Free yourself from the cage , sing and be the light of heaven within as sanctity of heaven as a lineage of light. Christ is born and reborn again as in you in the old enslaved castle. We now relight that held bounty that has been hidden in caves for so many longer years

 We now open the box and relight your lineage of peace love and joy

It is over the past of closed and a new paradigm is rising.

Blessed be.

The old stories of our tribes by may anagelo

Each person has their own grace and in turn remedies their own sorrow
We bring in sorrow as unnatural form of grace
So the human undoing of this is performing in grace
Grace has its own fortress and keeps us sane
Sorrow brings in a new idea of sanity but lack grace
The more the wo work together as one solitary light

Being home within our own bounty of safeness or belonging if you will contradicts our science as man
As we form bonds within our sanctify house within

We each bequethe a bounty from our lineage of grace portrayed as forgiveness

Yet that piece of unforgiven or sadness still follows

So we have found that
The remaining grace undivided brings in a wholeness to our being
Singing even in a cage. Because as a bird sings, it relights our candle of hope

Straight forgiveness brings catharasis

As you may feel a dividedness between right wrong, or  good evil

But this knowledge of being open your heart to  new way of being, as you now know both sides

You can chose now to become anew based upon your past ideals etc.

It is I who come to hold you to them, I am me, Free from the cages of old
Blessed be the bird who flies regardless of her chopped or broken wings
All imprisonment is over and we shall forever sing the praises of halellua as my joy
No longer kept, But freed by my own key of willingness of joy

The more I am willing to bring in joy the more I am fee

That key  is joy

Forevermore be bountiful in this light and sing the praises of joy through your openness

Keep nothing hidden any longer as you are seen

Being seen takes courage my dearest

Be likened to the solitary stream of lineage left, be the strong one here we all need your courage

Be in joy and free us all from the cage, this is your history and family linage work

Be open to a new beginning. It may not be pretty and it may be painful but it will bring joy like you have never known, and it will be passed back down your lineage to those who have had no freedom and they will somehow reawaken their joy and so on.

 That way you are freeing your family from their own cages a well

The joyless life is over and the joyful life is in beginning

You are the key

Be the key of joy today, Unlit no more

The re-lighting of the joys key


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Updated Info:

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My newest updated info:


Posted on August 20, 2019 at 12:26 PM Comments comments ()


I keep posting on FB and telling anyone who wants to listen about this Spiritual Master Program.

Not to toot my own horn, but to get the word out and help others realize it is time to make that spiritual move. It is time to level up so high that you dont have to live in the suffering of the world, and its "contents".  

So far, each meeting with each student, becomes a channeled informational universal matrix healing, within a healing. Just prior to each meeting, I begin to get channeled information as to what will take place. At first, I just thought that I would have a set curriculum with specific handouts and specific outcomes of the sessions. But NOOOO! seemingly all heck breaks loose, and the nosy universal guides poke their heads in and say, this is what is going to happen and this is how you are going to do it. And by the time the person leaves, we are both in AWE! and or AWESTRUCK as to what has taken palce. 

Folks, if you are tired of being sick and tired of your old life, check out these documents which lay out the sort floor plan. But if you sign up, be ready for Nirvana, literally. 

Peace and love to you all!

Messages from Matthew January 2019

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Indictments of Illuminati principals, reactions; lightworkers’ expanded mission; symptoms of intensifying energy, relief; popes, pedophilia in the priesthood; past, current and future extraterrestrial assistanceWith loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. 

The combination of positive and negative responses to ever-rising vibrations has kept Earth’s energy field of potential in too much turmoil for any activity to achieve unstoppable momentum. However, energy streamers around the effort to indict all Illuminati principals have been gaining strength consistently and, of the multiple activities behind the scenes to end dark control of your world, it appears that the indictments will be the first to reach fruition. If the current pace of strengthening continues, action already underway can become known worldwide within months.Well-known individuals being charged with crimes against humanity will come as a shock to most people, and it’s reasonable to anticipate reactions ranging from “fake news” to vehement denial, anger and fear. Lower-ranking Illuminati will try to jump ship rather than go down with it, wrongfully accused individuals will want to prove their innocence, and if there is strong resistance in some quarters, very likely military troops will be called upon to keep the public safe. Confusion will be widespread until the society understands the far-reaching benevolent impact of what is happening.

Dear ones, before much longer your mission as lightworkers will rachet up a notch or two. Your fearlessness and exhilaration can calm persons around you, and that will be immensely helpful, but you will need to be mentors, too. The peoples will need to be told that removing those individuals from their influential positions is leading to a peaceful world with wise honorable leaders and the end of warring, corruption, deception and impoverishment. You can substantiate your explanations by referring doubters to pertinent information compiled by researchers and published on the Internet or elsewhere, and if individuals believe telepathic communication is real, tell them about channeled information from sources you trust.

A number of you are asking if the incoming energy waves could be causing the conditions you are experiencing and if so, what can you do to relieve the discomfort. In previous messages we have spoken at some length about this important matter, but it bears repeating and we offer a condensed version of that information.Primary symptoms of bodies’ adjusting to intensifying energy are fatigue, weakness and general sense of unease; episodes of memory lapses, headaches, mood swings, aching muscles and joints, ringing in the ears, blurred vision, cramping, nausea and itchiness are not uncommon. To lessen their effects, get sufficient sleep, engage in age-appropriate exercise and drink a lot of water. Avoid sugar, alcohol except a sensible amount of red wine, and foods with chemical additives. Of all foods, fruits and vegetables have the most light, and if you are financially able, choose organic produce. If your diet is not vegetarian or vegan, choose seafood certified free of impurities and eggs, dairy products and meat from animals that have not been given antibiotics or growth hormones.Reducing mental and emotional stress is of paramount importance—stress is the root cause of all dis-ease—but do not take pharmaceuticals as sleep aids, to pep up or calm down. What will be most helpful to you in stress reduction is as unique as each of you is, but the following suggestions can raise your vibrations, thus beneficial to all. 

Change negative thoughts and feelings to positive. Avoid situations that drain your energy. Feel grateful for the goodness in your life. Let go of bitterness and forgive those you feel have wronged you. Be in Nature as often as you can. Spend time with animals. Reserve time for solitude and introspection. Meditate. Listen to your favorite music. Read uplifting poetry or prose. Watch amusing TV programs. Write down the source of frustration, then let go of the feeling. Communicate with like-minded people.  Smile often and love yourselves as much as we love you.We caution that the symptoms mentioned above also can indicate the onset of illness; if a condition persists, consult a healthcare specialist, preferably one who has a holistic approach to diagnosis and treatment. The more conscientiously you care for yourselves in mind, body and spirit, the more light you absorb; light raises your vibrations, and that will enable you to more easily adjust to upcoming energy surges.

“For ages the Vatican has known about pedophile priests. Why didn’t a pope take action long ago to end that abomination?” For centuries popes were members of the wealthiest families, the forerunners of the Illuminati. They controlled the masses via “papal infallibility” and “God’s laws” while the popes’ families reaped more riches through tithing, taxes and “servitude to God.”Devout believers provided the virtually free labor that erected opulent buildings on Vatican grounds and master painters, sculptors, and creators of stained glass and intricate tile murals produced the art that so grandly decorates the buildings. Even if the popes during those years and down through the centuries may not have been pedophiles themselves, most assuredly they didn’t want anyone to know that pedophilia was rampant in Catholicism’s hierarchy.When the first accusations were made, the offenders claimed innocence and that was the end of it; but as the light intensified, so did the resolve of more and more abused individuals to speak out. 

When the same claims against adults in trusted positions in secular society led to admissions and convictions, accusations against priests no longer could be swept under the rug. Although papal acknowledgement has been given to those offenses of longstanding, the extent of unconscionable acts that have taken place in the Vatican is yet to be revealed. As shocking to the public as the announcement of indictments will be, disclosing the truth that the Vatican is the international headquarters of Satanism will be more so.

“I don’t think that Matthew has a good grasp of what can happen when ET’s step in to this world and try to make changes. Once they cause change with their technologies, then we’ll be dependent upon them. Once that dependency has been established then control takes place. We have a planet of many resources and likely those resources are valuable to outside civilizations. The cabal are the bad guys and we can rid our world of them over time as more and more people become enlightened. We don’t need outside sources for that, particularly when those outside sources are interested in our planet for trading and profit. My intuition tells me that any outside source that visits our world will not be good for us in the long term.

In numerous messages we have talked about the importance of trusting your intuition, guidance to the conscious mind from soul level, where truth is known. This is a case whereby belief is blocking intuitive awareness—what one believes, whether it arises from fact or falsehood or assumption, is the individual’s reality. Dispelling the concerns of that dear soul who wrote is necessary because she is not alone in being wary of other civilizations, and crews in crafts surrounding Earth cannot land and ETs living in your midst cannot introduce themselves until the society is ready to greet them without fright.So then, let us address the two issues that are relevant here. One is Gaia’s desire that life on her planetary body be according to her vision of everyone living peacefully in harmony with Nature and sharing the world’s abundance. The other is a universal law: No civilization may impose its ideas, however beneficial those would be, upon any other civilization. 

Accordingly, pre-birth agreements were made by the souls who chose to live on Earth so they could complete third density karmic lessons and the myriad souls who would help them become enlightened so they could co-create the kind of world they, the peoples, want—it’s the same world that Gaia wants for them. And, God authorized civilizations advanced in spiritual and conscious awareness to help their Earth family rid the planet of the darkness that has prevented them from manifesting that kind of world.It is too late to think that you can rid the world of the cabal on your own. The massive light beamed from civilizations 80-some years ago interrupted the cabal’s pervasive darkness that was controlling life in your world. Members of those civilizations who volunteered to go to Earth anchored that light and generated their own, thereby bringing to light the cabal’s long-hidden heinous activities. Crews in your skies have prevented detonation of nuclear warheads launched by the cabal and are reducing the toxic elements in their chemtrails. Some of the many extraterrestrials living among you have thwarted the cabal’s efforts to start pandemics, some have exposed their other illegal and immoral activities, some are working to wrest from the cabal their control of the global economy, some are in the international group whose efforts eventually will hold the cabal legally accountable.

ETs also erected the light grid around the planet that prevents the entry of any source with low vibrations. Therefore, only beings with high vibrations can come to Earth, and those who have been waiting to join you have no intention or interest in profiting from your world’s resources or controlling the populace.Yes, their technologies will indeed change the planet. With swiftness that will astonish you, they will dematerialize nuclear waste; eliminate the toxicity in your soil, waters and atmosphere; turn deserts into arable lands; and expand the rain forests; and your scientists will work side by side with the extraterrestrials in all of those endeavors. The populace will neither want nor need to become dependent upon other civilizations, and after the visiting helpers teach the use of their technologies and gift them to you, they want to return to their homelands and families.Feel grateful for these “outside sources”! While your governments deny their existence, your entertainment industry gives them reality as monstrous creatures who will eat, annihilate or enslave you. That is more than enough for the society to overcome without adding concerns that people from other worlds intend to profit from your natural resources—that is what the cabal has been doing for centuries. Other civilizations have been helping Earth’s peoples in myriad ways for millennia because the souls who embody there are beloved members of the universal family.We say farewell for now, dear brothers and sisters, but in every moment we and all other light beings in this universe are supporting you with the power of unconditional love._

Suzanne Ward
[email protected]