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Andrea Elizabeth, RMT

Spiritual Medium and Spiritual Alchemist

chakras- centering

I have been on a spiritual path for about 20 years now. Prior to this, my life had become very small and empty, my negative emotions ran my life and I was a prey to misery and depression.

During my darkest hour, and through utter and complete despair, I simply asked God for help. I had asked him for help before, but this time, he knew my heart. I was desperate and ready to change. I would have done absolutely anything to change at that moment, and it worked. In this simple asking, I began a relationship with God and my life began to change. This however was not easy, nor was it quick. It was as though the pace of a snail, day by day, minute by minute. But I managed the courage through my utter despair. Such a paradox. It was with true love, faith and wisdom that I began to change and live a spiritually principled life with humility and grace. 

This was accomplished by rigorous action accompanied by learning to trust others and God, one day at a time. Then and only then did I begin to see and feel the presence of God working in my life. I am here to help those who feel like the hand of God has not reached out to them. I have been through the depths of an internal as well as physical hell and can understand just about any problem you may be facing. It is my job to reach deep into your soul space and allow the goodness in you to come forward and be acknowledged.


About 8 years ago, I had difficulty breathing and after going to the doctor approximately 8 times, having x-rays, taking medications and inhalers, the last doctor I saw told me I had a “dis-ease”. A “spiritual dis-ease” he said. And then asked if I knew what he meant, and I said yes. He said that he was a Reiki Master from Alaska and that I should go to see a Reiki healer.  

I do not know why, but I listened to him. I went home and I searched the Internet for someone in Sacramento and emailed her. She emailed me back and said she was out of town, but gave me an email address of someone else. I then email this other person. After doing this I went back to bed because I couldn’t breathe, I had no energy and just wanted to just die because no one was giving me any answers. Nothing helped.  

Then my phone rang, and at that moment I knew it was the person I emailed. Then and there, I told the universe that if I take this call, that it knew that I completely trusted it. The funny thing is, I don't know why at that moment, I actually spoke to the "universe". I usually talk with God. Anyway, I took the call, made an appointment to see the Reiki healer the next day.

After the healing session, I could breath. The healer said my energy was stuck and needed to be moved and that my past live issues needed to be let go of. I trusted this women from the start and asked myself to let these issues go. I left her house being able to breathe. It was a complete miracle because nothing had helped me prior to this day. That was in March 2012, and today, I am a Reiki Master Teacher. I knew being a healer or a helper was my true calling, not on that specific day, but soon after I heeded the call.

I enjoy helping others heal in whatever capacity I am called to be of service. In this process I have been able to tap into my inner most heavenly and universal resources. In becoming closer to God, becoming closer to myself and having my Kundalini raised as well as my third eye opened up, this allowed uncovered clairvoyance, clairaudient and medium abilities to arise and be very present in my life. I did not know I had these abilities prior to being attuned to Reiki by my Reiki Master Teacher.

I believe that Reiki is just a remembering for all of us. At one time each person on earth in one of our past lives was a healer. The reawakening of this at this time on earth to me is astonishing as the people I meet are total and completely miraculous in their own deep and individual way.

Today I live a life of joy and wonder as to what is going to happen next. Who I am going to meet next? Who I am going to become next? As I grow and change daily, I am so very different then who I was yesterday. Life is such an adventure to seize one day at a time. Keep coming back!  

In light and love,