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Get to know  Andrea Elizabeth

Andrea shares her Experience, Strength and Hope!

-My Goal

-to create a sacred wellness space where brilliance can be found

Andrea Elizabeth, Karuna Reiki Master teacher

In 2001, I hit rock bottom, I literally came to the end of my self, and knew that I needed a change, and as I spoke out loud, "Please God, help me", I had no idea at that time what I was calling out to or if anyone or anything would hear me. During the lowest part of my life, I surrendered to how I was living and stepped out with blind faith onto a path that changed my life forever.

I began a journey of self introspection, self healing and began to form a relationship with spirit. This did not happen right away but in time, I began to trust the universe because my life was getting better each day. I learned to turn my life over to the care of the universe and allowed to be guided, instead of pushing my agenda.

When I came across Reiki I was well into my 10th year of my spiritual journey and from the moment I had a session, I knew I belonged within this great immense healing space. The more Reiki sessions I had the more my spiritual gifts returned.

Today I am a Reiki Teacher, a Seer and an Animal Communicator for healing our precious beings. I call myself a Seer because I feel it covers all aspects of my gifts.

In my work I assist others while on a higher spiritual plane or what I have been told is Holding Space as God. When I hold space for you as God or Source, the layers are disintegrated and that old placated existence you once lived, is diminished allowing us to really work together on your uncovering your Soul's Brilliance. This is my calling and I feel so honored that I am trusted enough that clients come back month after month allowing me the honor of allowing and assisting them to achieve their highest calling.

A little about my Animal Communication-

While working with clients who have animals, I noticed that their pets kept sticking their face (in my mind's eye) right into our sessions. Then I realized that, they had so much to say. So I began allowing them to be part of the sessions and an entirely new world opened up to me and my clients. 

Our pets always love to tell their person how grateful they are for them and for taking care of them and loving them while they were here on the planet. They even come in from the other side once in a while just to bring in some joy. Our pets are so loving and so trusting and their unconditional love beams through in our sessions.

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