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Andrea Elizabeth, RMT

Spiritual Medium and Spiritual Alchemist andrea elizabeth

Thank you for visiting!

I hope you find everything you are seeking and everything that is seeking you on my website. 

I have created this website to assist anyone who is looking for the unforeseen answers and have no idea why or even what they are looking for. I completely understand as I too had a giant push to seek, find and become something different. In doing this, I began assisting others in heightening their spiritual awareness of nature, energy, healing, spirituality and the universe. 

I bring forth new ideas and thoughts about healing from all aspects of time. I also bring forth the ability to heal your antiquity timeline and to pinpoint specific issues that may have manifested down through your family heritage and have been passed down through your DNA.n entering your own content. You can change my font, size, line height, color and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

I bring together various forms of pertinent information from all aspects of the universal mind to help open up or engage your mind, body and spirit and lift you up to a new level spiritually or even universally. What that level is, only you will know the answer.  

My job here on earth is to provide you with the necessary information that will allow you to open up to the depths of your soul so that you can finally know your path and your work. I am not going to lie, this work is tough, but so are you. How I know this, is because you found me. Great job. You found the first piece of the puzzle. This work is one giant universal puzzle and we are the finders of the pieces and our path is to help each other find where our piece fits. Make sense?

I am focused on providing this accumulated information to assist you in your transformation to becoming the person you were meant to be mentally, emotionally, spiritually and universally.

Take a look around my website, there is a lot to take in at first. Come back and visit as often as you need to. I offer various sessions, trainings, classes and workshops for your healing and your enlightenment.

Thank you for viewing my website. I wish you all the joy and so much happiness in your journey.

I hope that you return again and again! 



DivineSparkPractitioner andrea elizabeth RMT

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